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Adama – the work of the pineal gland, June 1st, 2023

Adama – the work of the pineal gland

The work being done today with the pineal gland is global, and all people on Earth are experiencing an increase in intuition and a nonverbal connection with other people and realms. For some, this shift is troubling; for others, it is the answer to a prayer. Now valuable contact is readily available with the whole self and the various forms of spiritual information found in the Akashic Record, and in the living libraries found in the etheric worlds of the planet.

In fact, the term channel or medium will soon cease to exist, as everyone will have the ability to communicate and connect with all worlds. Imagine a life in a world where everyone is spiritually awake. We are grateful to those who have volunteered to serve humanity as true channels of light; this service greatly contributes to the spiritual awakening of humanity.

Channeling, which has become increasingly common in recent decades, can be compared to a beacon that lights the way for a sleeping humanity. Despite this, we see this service as a temporary phase in humanity’s spiritual awakening. The time will soon come when everyone will become their own “beacon”, regaining the skills and gifts already in the heart.

In a few years, those who remain incarnated on the planet will be fully telepathic. Those who have helped humanity as channels will continue their service in another way.

This increase in activity in the pineal gland corresponds to the increase in vibration in the sacred heart chakra. These two energy centers working together allow the increase in pineal gland activity to continue in the vibration of Divine Grace. Without the balance of love, compassion and true respect for the sacred in others, the increased amount of information could be manipulated by the human ego, and the course of evolution could be hindered once again.

In all civilizations that communicate non-verbally, total support and surrender to the highest good of the whole is necessary. It must be the highest levels of interpersonal care and truthfulness. All must honor the integrity of the individual heart, for this level of communication to be truly open and effective.

The information that the pineal gland receives must always be confirmed by the heart. Thus the true mind is the servant of the true heart, and the possibility of society and Divine Grace on the planet is nourished.

The pituitary gland has another role in the development of the human body. The human endocrine system has been a repository for many of the limitations placed on humans during the experience of duality and separation. The truth is that the emergence of autoimmune diseases is directly related to the prolonged grief that many souls have experienced through these feelings of separation.

But the pituitary gland is now released from its limitations, and the physical body will once again be able to fully regenerate and repair itself through the energies.

Again, the energy of conscious intention provides the starting point for these changes. The enhanced organs of the human body will continue to respond very powerfully, when informed by the consciousness of the individual. The human system is complex, and no two organs can be kept separate from the others. A lot of work needs to be done on an individual basis to detox and nourish all the organs of the body.

Communication with organ function to determine what is best for each individual is a recommended step. Consultation with an energy specialist, healer or body therapist is highly recommended. There are new energy tools coming to the surface that will change the way you deal with physical, mental and emotional imbalances. Find these and use them. Now is the time for everyone to acknowledge at the deepest level what a true gift the human body is.

Your ancient scriptures referring to the body as a temple of the Divine were correct. Your conscious participation in the body’s healing and transformation is what allows you to create the bodies you wish to live in.

From Telos Book 2 by Aurelia

And it should be added that the important pineal gland is calcified again by FLUOR.