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Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg June 4, 2023

Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg
June 4, 2023

I am Ishvara and today I thought I would talk a little about how people end up in a habitual way of thinking and how difficult it can be to change, when they are faced with a new perspective that they are not used to.

Habitual thinking stems from several years and perhaps even several lifetimes of knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation. They sit in the spinal cord as you usually say when you repeatedly think and do the same things, even though your intuition was something different from the beginning.

It is safe to relate to the same things and the same way of thinking as you have always done. It can feel like an abyss has opened up when you venture into unknown waters and have left the safe harbor behind.

Many people are actually experiencing this phenomenon right now. They feel lost and at the mercy of the familiar and secure, which noticeably starts to crack in the joints when much of the emotional stuff that has been locked up until now comes to the surface.

New insights and new thoughts are coming in and a deeper understanding and compassion is now being born in connection with it. What you thought was resolved and finished ended up on a deeper level and can now come up again with completely new insights and a new understanding of yourself and you now have the opportunity to heal far down at the cellular level which can also include past lives.

You do not need to go into a past life to heal it, but the insight and understanding of the emotional wound you carry is enough for you to be able to free the body from the patterns that you carry from time to time.

Let go, dear friends on Earth, and let the energy that surrounds you take care of all the junk that you have been carrying for decades or from generation to generation. You then not only help yourselves but also those who have left the earthly life and crossed over to the other side and they now help you reach your goal.

You support and help each other whichever side you are on, the earthly or the other
spiritual. It is the case, dear friends, that you are often born in the same family and develop together. However, it is not as small as it can sometimes be when you are on Earth, rather it is quite large and extensive and can include more countries than one. This means that you can be born in different countries and that you have many brothers and sisters everywhere on Earth.

This thought can be confusing for many as they were quite sure that they were only born in this country and have a large family tree behind them. Equally, you may have been born in another country and have an equally large family tree there. Now it collides for sure and the habitual thinking that I don’t believe in this, creeps ever so slowly forward.

What you don’t want to believe, you don’t believe, and by now you’ve probably stopped reading this message. Those who find themselves at an abyss and find it difficult to get firm ground under their feet can get help from Mother Earth, who is happy to give you a stone or several stones to jump on, so that you see clearly what is important in your life.

It can increase trust in yourselves, so that you understand that what happens happens for a reason that takes you deeper into yourself and awakens your gifts, which in turn take you to a higher dimension of love and light. Out of chaos, the light can suddenly shine brighter and you can feel a rebirth within yourself. You get a completely different perspective and see through what you previously failed to do because your fear of falling into the abyss, the unknown, has been too great.

Yes, the ingrained can be safe, but it can also be a brake on your own development. I would suggest that you all jump into the abyss, towards an unknown goal and let trust carry you over unknown waters. Stand still and observe what is happening without any preconceived notions or habitual patterns. It can lead you deep within yourself and a rebirth of your consciousness can take place. You are carried by many wings, dear people on Earth, you are never alone even though it may feel that way at times.

Now I thank you for the word.

Great love