Love is our new reality

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Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, June 2nd, 2021

And so time passes and it is June of 2021.  How time has changed for you our dear ones, our dear Lightworkers, our wonderful representatives on planet earth today.

Frequently now you lose track of time.  For you are so into doing what you enjoy that you no longer watch the clock.  You are finding your purpose, your purpose is doing what you enjoy.  Your purpose is finding your highest excitement.

And yet you, dear lightworkers, starseeds have an even greater purpose than that.  You are often told to just be, just breath.  That is because your just being here on planet earth is a great gift to the world.

You are transducers of darkness into light.  Your high vibrating energy takes the negativity, the heaviness of thought and deed from others, forgives it and so raises the frequency of your brethren and your environment, up the scale of vibration, from fear to love.

This earthly life has been a very great challenge for you.  For you have suffered pain and rejection.  You are of a higher resonance, a greater frequency of love, than those around you.

They cannot relate to you.  They are younger Souls with fewer Soul aspects, with less light frequency within them.  This is the way the universe works.  We are here to help each other.

You too, in the earlier days of your hero’s journey through the material realm, were aided by souls who were further along the ascension path.  They helped transmute, to heal, what was then, your negative energy up the scale of vibrational resonance.

What and who are lightworkers?  Lightworkers are a group of souls that have incarnated on earth during this great awakening time to help humanity and the planet transition onto a new level of awareness and into a new and loving reality.  They are shifting humanity to a higher consciousness.

Let us look at the qualities of a lightworker for there are many things that distinguish you from your brethren that you are here to help.

Firstly, as a  child you did not fit in with other children.  You were different.  You tended to be alone and lonely, you felt you did not belong.  Your thoughts, your ideas about life were not the same as that of your peers.

You did not feel at home on earth.  You felt uncomfortable from the start.  Your environment, the dissension and the arguments depressed you.  You could not understand why people could not get along with each other.

For you felt the emotions of others.  They could not see how you felt and what your agenda was, but you could and did feel what they were feeling.  Often, at the beginning, you took their dark emotions as your own.

Throughout your life you were considered to be strange.  You had a longing for communion and camaraderie with your brethren.  Yet you could not fit into society.  You felt lonely and misinterpreted.

You did not have a lot of friends.  There were few people who you could relate to, for you were at a higher level of vibration.

Throughout your life you have found it hard to understand people.  You felt alienated from your family and friends and yet you were so kind that those around you felt safe.

They felt safe enough to poke and prod at you.  For you did not respond in kind when you were attacked.  You were an easy mark to be controlled and denigrated by those around you.  Your family may even have told you that they didn’t know where you came from.

For you were more aware of yourself and conscious of your fears and the fears of others.  Your objective was to be of service to those around you.  You were careful of your speech, careful of your behavior and you set very high standards for yourself.  Throughout your life you have been greatly concerned if you felt you had said or done something to upset your brethren.

And, as your life developed, you were seen to be meek and mild, and were easy fodder for the blame and negativity that others projected at you.  So, you found it hard to step forward and assert yourself for you had past memories of harassment.

You blamed yourself when others took advantage of your meekness, your humility, took advantage of your empathy.  What you wanted, what you longed for was true intimacy, authenticity, honest connection.

You, our dear ones are extremely good listeners.  You, from your higher dimensional standpoint, can see other people’s point of view.  You understand that they come from a limited perspective.

And now you understand that they are at a different level of vibration and they cannot understand your point of view, for they cannot see beyond the constraints of their vibrational resonance.

You, especially in your later years, are a hunter, a seeker of spiritual knowledge.  You have always been interested in things of the spirit.  You research spirituality.

You are mostly thinking about spiritual issues.  You are fully committed to self growth.  And, as a consequence, you have been through a powerful spiritual awakening.

And so you are honest and ethical.  You are constantly questioning yourself and your motives.  You are aware and awake to the power of your thoughts and words and how they create your reality.  And, you see how the thoughts and words of others create their reality.

On your awakening you have made immense life changes.  You have now left many of your lower vibrating third dimensional brethren behind. For you are on different vibrational level and you can no longer communicate with each other.

You are attracted to the therapeutic arts for you are a natural healer.  You believe in miracles, for as you reach new and higher levels of vibration, what would have been a miracle at a lower level of vibration becomes a natural occurrence.

Religion and religious dogma are no longer important to you.  Love, compassion and universal law rule your life.  Unlike mainstream religion, which would have you worship Jesus, or a specific deity, you do your best to behave as Jesus did.  You are now a being operating at a higher level of consciousness.

You have always had a knowing that you are here for a greater purpose in life, but, until now you have not know what that is.  You love people, you love company, that is when you can connect with them.

You love nature and have a deep connection with animals.  Busy places with huge crowds overwhelm you.  The low energy and negative interaction of your low vibrating brethren affects you deeply.

You look for angel numbers.  You look for and see specific numbers repeatedly and know they are messages from your angels.

You have forgiven, or are in the process of forgiving, all that happened to you.  You have dropped your victim story.  You know there are no accidents.  You planned this life and its negative and positive experiences for yourself.

 So, as far as you are concerned, nothing wrong ever happened.  All that happened, all the fear, all the pain was for the growth and raising of your consciousness from fear to love.

Soul growth through forgiveness and transmutation of the victim story, is the lightworkers mission for for the self and for others.  By healing yourself you heal the world.  You are transmuting negative energy and changing the vibration of the world. You are creating the new world of love and light.

It is the gift of contrast.  We can see what we prefer because we have experienced what we don’t prefer.

You, our dear ones, are a radiator of love and light.  And so you are beneficial to all around you.  You may not realize it, they do not realize it, but you make a huge difference in their lives.  You are here to assist and heal your brethren.  You encourage them, uplift them, praise them and show them enthusiasm.

This is so needed in the world today.  As humanity awakens to its Divinit, as the time of the great revelation proceeds, be of good cheer dear friends, dear brethren.

For great times are ahead.  You lightworkers, you starseeds are connecting with each other.  Consciousness is raising in those who are to ascend to the wonderful new and heavenly world we are all about to inhabit.

Yes indeed, as we always say for we so want you to integrate this into your reality.  The best is yet to come, yes indeed, the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.