Love is our new reality

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Aita Channels Her Higher Self, March 14th, 2021

And so we are in the midst of March 2021 and the Ides of March and Spring are fast approaching.  And what a confusing, perplexing time we are in.  Over the past year so much has been promised, so many dates have been given and time has passed and nothing appears to have happened.

We were told there would be a solar flash, dates were suggested.  We waited, we hoped, we expected.  We thought we would move fast and spectacularly into the fifth dimension.  Little did we think that the dark alliance, the shadow government would increasingly appear to be in control.

In fact, we are living through a long drawn out revelation process, where the dark appears to be in charge.  One of our major alternative media sources, Juan O Savin calls this the collective dark night of the Soul.

And so it is indeed.  Our political situation, our medical lockdown, our financial constraints, are showing us the alternate, dark version of reality.  As the individual dark night of the Soul shows each of us our delusions, so the collective dark night of the Soul shows us the dark delusion, the dark reality we have lived in and what it would lead to should we continue on this path.

What it would lead to is the subjugation of mankind, and his conversion to artificial intelligence.  For this is the agenda of the dark alliance.  As the Georgia guidestones proclaim, the primary intention is to “maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

The intention is to make automatons of humanity, automatons that will serve the dark alliance as virtual slaves.  Automatons that will not be able to think for themselves, but rather will have their desires and emotions controlled by computer activated chips inserted in the human body temple.  Thus no longer would the body be a temple for the Soul.

And this is the reality that is being shown to us.  As we have often said, planet earth and its inhabitants are acting out a great, monumental stage play.

The good actors and the bad actors are coded to behave as they are behaving.  The events are strategically organized so that they conspicuously bring the dark actors, the corrupted players, the fraud  to the light.  And once clearly seen, they can be removed.

So, our dear Lightworkers, Starseeds, be of good cheer, this is a well orchestrated ascension with the actors coded to play their parts.  The majority of the actors,  the majority of humanity are not aware of their Divine mission, yet they are playing their roles as designated in their pre-life plan.

And we dear Hearts, Dear Souls, are playing the parts we variously planned for ourselves.  Many of us are still in our own dark night of the Soul.  The dark night of the Soul, the spiritual crisis in the journey towards God.

The whole perpetual framework of our life has collapsed.  The meaning we have given to life and living no longer works, our expectations, our understanding have been overturned.

What seemed to be evil is good, what seemed to be good is evil.  We  enter a dark place as we wipe clean our slate of understanding, and reorganize and rewrite our individual morality.

We are in a cocoon of transformation.  But unlike a caterpillar turning into a butterfly it feels more like a drug addict detoxing.  It is hard mentally and physically, but just as planet earth will emerge from this dark place with a transformed reality, so will we emerge with a transformed consciousness.

It is the death of the ego.  The death of our believing the thoughts and ideas imposed upon us by those amongst whom we were born.  It is the formation of our own thought through belief system.  And it is the beginning of a deeply fulfilling relationship with our higher self.

Yet at this time many of us are not yet continuously in the love vibration in a peaceful frequency or in bliss.  This is confusing for we expect ascension to make us happy.

We are looking for flowing, knowing, glowing agape, unconditional love, peace and joy.  And we are looking for communion and camaraderie with like minds.  Yet here we are in a long drawn out revelation process, both in our collective reality and in our own personal journey.

And this is all to the good, for this journey, through the seeing of the darkness that has reigned over us for eons, is showing us two versions of reality and asking which we prefer. And many, many of our brethren are awakening as they see the dark world the evil ones would design for us.

The objective of the light alliance is to have as little violence and mayhem as possible.  It is to prevent the catastrophic disasters, violence and mayhem that have been predicted for this time.

And to a great degree we can be grateful that the light alliance has succeeded.  For this time of the great awakening, the great revelation is not the disaster it could have been.  We lightworkers, starseeds have succeeded in lifting the world to a higher vibration and so we have a gentler, a kinder ascension process.

As to you our dear Lightworkers, you are variously in the midst of your own transformation cocoon.  You all coded yourselves to awaken by this time, some of you earlier some of you later.

You always knew, even when you were deeply embedded in your third dimensional fear journey, that you had an important purpose for being here on earth.  You did not know what that purpose was, but you knew it was important and this gave you the power to carry on.

And now, you have largely left your third dimensional friends behind.  It is a lonely place you have been in as you have twisted and turned in the turmoil of ascension to find your higher selves.

You find now that the company of your still fear filled friends is almost intolerable.  Their words are antagonistic, hostile, as they parrot the negative phrases they have adopted as their own.

Being with them, hearing their whining and complaining, their dictatorial insistence that all behave as they behave, is no longer tenable.

But all is well, for lightworkers are coming together.  We now recognize each other by our frequency.  There is fire in our eyes as we gaze deeply into the eyes of the Soul that has learned to shine freely within each of us.

There is deep and wonderful peace and unconditional love flowing through us and round us as we commune together, like minds in communion and compatibility and in the love vibration.  How wonderful is our new life.

Where two or more commune together in the love vibration they are lifted in unity to greater love and peace and joy.

And yet it is not all preferred events that are happening to us.  We jump to perform as the wishes of our intuition indicate.  And we often find that the decisions we are prompted to make have unhappy results.

We are in revolutionary times, we must  clear our old karma.  We must be made aware of all the delusions, illusions we are still living under for we cannot enter the fifth dimension with them intact.

And so we are presented with many not preferred happenings, with mistakes, that we might clear ourselves of our indoctrination.  For we do not learn so much from our successes as we learn from our mistakes.

If we learn one thing from the negative events that are still occurring to us, we have achieved the objective.  The event has cleared you of another false belief, another entrained negative idea.

Fear not, all your dreams will come true.  We are closer to ascension than we know.  Our ascension is inevitable.  Nothing can stop what is happening for it is by Divine Decree that mankind is moving into the fifth dimension, returning to love

The solar flash will still occur.  The flash that will move us totally out of the third fear dimension.  But this will be the end of our ascension journey not the beginning.  It will presage the activation of our light bodies, the true entry into the fifth dimension.

The date cannot be accurately prophesied for mankind must reach the appropriate frequency before this will surely occur.

How wonderful to be part of humanities awakening from the great deception planet earth schoolroom.  This is what you planned for yourselves.  This is why you are here at this time.

Life is good and getting better, for we know, the best is yet to come.  Yes, the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.