Love is our new reality

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Michael Jackson via Erena Velazquez, March 14th, 2021

Good Morning,

I am Michael Jackson and I am very pleased to be channeled by this channel. I am here to tell my side of the story, the real truth and not the truth all of you know. My life was very controversial as many of you know. Yes, I was eccentric, maybe sometimes too much to handle and understand.

Since, I was a little boy, I was performing on the stage. I never had a chance to be like the rest of the children, by having a normal childhood and being a kid. As a result, I took to my adulthood a lot of insecurities, which eventually became obsessions.

When I was growing up, I felt lonely and unloved even though I came from a big family. Having a rough and abusive father, it effected my life, that is why I got addicted to the plastic surgery. I was accused of being ashamed of who I was, which is not true. I did not try to change my skin color, instead I had a skin disorder called vitiligo, and I needed to cover up it with makeup or bleached it.

In the industry in which I was surrounded by, it was very judgmental, so it was impossible not to given in and become consumed with your looks. Dancing and singing made me very happy, so I put all of my energy into writing music, dance movements and into my creation of my stage clothes. I was blessed with all of those talents. All I wanted to do was to sing and have a semi normal life, which was not possible being a famous singer, plus with all of the negative experiences I had growing up.

I didn’t have a good childhood, so in many ways, I continued to be a boy in an adult body. I was successful in my singing career, but at the same time, I was very lonely as a human being and in my personal life, I was not happy at all.

One day, I almost died on the stage, where my hair got on fire during shooting of a commercial. I believe that the fire on the stage was not accidental. I was never the same after that day, when an attempt on my life was made. A lot of people don’t know this, but there were many times the Negative Side wanted and tried to eliminate me, because I would not join their cult, and I wanted to bring peace to world.

My mission here on Earth was to bring together and unite people with my music. I was suppose to spread Light and Love with my songs, like “Heal the World”, or “Black or White”.

After, I got severe burns on my head, I never truly recovered, that is when my drug addiction to painkillers started, which effected my career and my health. I also couldn’t trust anyone after what happened to me during the filming of that commercial, and I became fearful, I was even sleeping with the lights on all the time. I always needed to watch over my shoulder and be aware of my surroundings especially on the stage, as it was easy to create an accident there.

Later on, I got accused of being a child molester, which is absolutely not true. Instead of being just a kid, I was performing on the stage from my early years, this is why I liked to be around kids. I didn’t abuse anyone.

I was a lonely soul with many insecurities and addictions. I also suffered with insomnia, so I used to sleep by being induced with anesthetic, and in the end I was killed by my personal doctor.

I build Neverland for children and myself too as a part of me longed to play as a child. The accusations about me abusing children were not true. I wanted to help children and have a place for them to be happy. The media created that negative image of me. I just wanted to bring joy with my music to the world and keep creating great songs. I was not interested in gossips and affairs, which were going on in the music industry.

The Dark Ones who are in charge of the entertainment industry love to enslave you and control you. The media only looks for how to put you down anyway they can. They make sure to paint your image in a negative way like you are a monster not a real person. As I said earlier, I was eccentric with a lot insecurities. When you are on a spotlight all of the time, it’s not unusual to change your appearance.

My father always criticized how my face looked. After breaking my nose that pushed me to get addicted to plastic surgery. I was not obsessed with my nose like many people were saying, I had a lot of breathing issues with my nose after my first plastic surgery. I even used hyperbaric oxygen chamber where I stayed daily for few hours receiving treatment to help with my health issues.

If you think being a celebrity is a lot of fun, it’s not, it’s a harsh reality and it’s easy to loose who you are. People stop seeing you as a person. Everyone wants a piece of you for themselves, especially the control factor by the Dark Entities, who are everywhere in the entertainment industry. They don’t want any Light enter their territory especially, if you have your own vision to write or create your own music.

The idea of bringing together the world and uniting it with music, it was always my dream. I wanted to see world peace, a world without any hunger and where children and all mankind are not suffering. Unfortunately, I got over absorbed with my health issues, it prevented me from doing a lot of things, I wanted to make this world a better place to live in.

Many singers and musicians had or have tough times with obstacles in their life despite their talents. This reality was not created to make everyone happy, it was made to torture you in anyway possible. I am aware that some of you are going be skeptical and say that he is not Michael Jackson. I am who I say I am.

I am very happy that the Darkness is fading away from Earth and a new beginning is coming for this planet. I am sad that I can’t be here in person to see the upcoming transformation. Many good things are coming in the near future for the world and humanity is on the verge of becoming a free nation. The enslavement, which lasted here for thousands of years is ending. I am very joyful about it. Thank you.

World Peace to Everyone
Michael Jackson