Aita Channels Her Higher Self, May 29th, 2021

Good Day to you our dear Lightworkers, our dear representatives on planet earth today.  We are very pleased to connect with you.

On this day, in May of 2021, you are living in chaotic times dear ones,  in what appear to be dark and desperate times.  You are privileged, indeed, for you are here on earth to experience the great awakening of mankind from his dream spell, from his indoctrination into negativity and fear.

This is what you came to earth to do at this time.  You came to earth to help humanity rise up from his deep entrainment, from his dark feelings about himself.

Mankind has been taught that he is inherently wrong by being a human being.  The devil, evil has turned black into white, good into bad.  And mankind no longer knows how to free himself from the oppression of ignorance and dysfunctional behavior.

Humanity suffers from the disease of the deep belief that what he  believes is right, is the only way of seeing things.  And this is so, because he has been taught to criticize and condemn anyone with a different mindset than that which he holds.

And so christians condemn moslems, republicans judge democrats, the drug oriented medical system attacks the holistic approach to disease, the christian reviles the gentile and the rich look down at the poor.  Division and separation have totally taken over the world and evil seems to reign supreme.

And yet, all is as it should be dear friends, dear brethren.  There are no accidents on this planet earth journey.  As we have often said, you planned your lives before you came here and you, along with your soul family and guides, put in place the major events that you would need to navigate on this earthly adventure.

You and your fellow travelers in this low third dimensional paradigm, designed the interplay of light and dark, of good and evil for yourselves.  Your aim and objective was, that in navigating the minefield of negativity, you would each and all grow yourself into greater love, greater compassion, and expand into the love vibration.

And what an adventure it has been, with the most exciting time, the most elevating events still to come.  Evil cannot be dealt with until we know what that evil is and it is very clear to you now how mankind has been confounded into fear, by those who play the part of the devil.

This control, this manipulation extends into every area of human life.  No wonder humanity is so enmired in puzzlement and dark desperation.

In the early stage of our human journey, before we awaken to our Divinity, we humans compare ourselves to each other to evaluate our status.  From the low third dimensional point of view, where we have no moral compass of our own, we judge the world around us according to the precepts we have been taught.

And we have been taught to value things.  We have been taught to evaluate our brethren through the filter of how they look, what they own, how expensive are their house and their car, how prestigious is their job.

The compassionate, the caring, the meek and mild, have been castigated and shunned for their poverty and lack of material wealth.

They are judged severely and rejected as less worthy than their affluent conspicuously consuming brethren.

Indeed, this philosophy has put mankind on the wheel of karma,  We attract what we judge until we stop judging what we attract.  And your third dimensional brethren are still deeply entrenched in their hypnotic state, in their dream spell.  It is indeed a deception perception.

The information we receive controls what we perceive.  A child, a young adult, can only live his life through the filter of what he has been taught.  And we designed this earth for ourselves so that we would be taught dysfunctional behavior and value earthly power and conspicuous consumption.

And we lightworkers, we starseeds are aware of this now.  And as the flow of the electro magnetic energy floods the earth with its magnificent loving radiance, we are increasingly moving away from judgement.

For we realize that our third dimensional brethren are exactly where they need to be.  Who judges a child for his ignorance.  When we denigrate and disparage our third dimensional brethren for their dysfunctional beliefs and behavior, we are hurting ourselves.

We too, have negotiated the early parts of our life through the filter of false beliefs and deviant behavior.  We could not do otherwise for we did not know that anything other than what we had been taught was possible.

So it is with our still sleeping friends.  They are immersed in that stage of their life where criticism of themselves and all around them is an inherent and inevitable outcome of this part of their earthly adventure.

This is how we set up the human hero’s journey.  And we lightworkers, we starseeds are so fortunate that we have lived through those darkest days where we judged all around us as less than us for how they looked and what they owned.

We have moved from judgement to refined and understanding discernment.  When we judge we criticize and condemn, we look down upon the thoughts, ideas and behavior of others.

When we discern, we see the behavior in the larger context of this human journey.  We see that it is dysfunctional, yet we do not judge, for we realize that our brethren set the situation up for themselves.

Those still asleep, in the midst of their deception perception experience, are not to judged for their behavior.  Compassion and understanding are all important here.

They are in the midst of the dark dream that constitutes the first part of their incarnation.  Their soul is in abeyance, in the background, while they navigate the troubling events of their lives through the filter of delusional understanding they have been given.

We may not want to spend time with them.  Indeed, it is better for us to limit our interaction, for their negativity will lower our vibration, will take us out of the love frequency where we now mostly dwell.

Let us discern where they are in their ascension journey. Through this discernment, let us give them what help we can.  Uplifting words, encouraging deeds is what they need.

For we have learnt how to temper our speech, how to use loving words and kind and cheerful uplifting behavior.  That comes naturally to us now.

We human beings all live in the same world on this planet earth.  We are all in similar looking human bodies.  And yet the consciousness that inhabits and energizes the body is not at the same level.

All the aspects of God, all the souls on this earth have the potential for ascension to higher levels of love and light.  But not all are at the same level at this time.

You are moving towards the fifth dimension of love.  You come from a different consciousness.  You are here to help.  Judgement does not help you or your brethren.

You have moved into discernment now.  And this discernment helps both you and your brethren who are still in the lower consciousness dimension.

For only by discerning where they are and what they need can you help them.  Just a smile, just a benevolent peaceful demeanor towards them can be life saving.

Just be, just breathe, just radiate love and light.  You are so good at doing this now.  Know who you are.  You are of a different, a higher consciousness.  In this lifetime, you have always been so.

That is why you came here to earth at this time.  You came here to help.  And just be being here you are helping in exemplary fashion.

Yes dear ones, the earth is in considerable disarray and discombobulation.  You have many chaotic confusing days ahead.  Yet you know all is well.  And it is fascinating to watch this earthly pantomime playing out.

For we have designed this computer simulation that is the planet earth experience for ourselves.  And it is glorious that we are in the midst of the great awakening.  In the midst of the release of mankind from his delusional entrainment into the fear vibration.

Be of good cheer our dear ones.  Be of good cheer.  All is well in your world.  You are rising to a new dimension of love and light.  And you know that the best is yet to come.  Indeed, the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.