Aita Channels Her Higher Self, November 11th, 2020

On this November 10th, 2020.  The great awakening continues, the election drama continues.  It is really marvelous to be alive at this time of revelation.  This wonderful time, where mankind is being released from his sojourn in the low vibrating, fear filled, third dimensional paradigm.  We are blessed beings, indeed.

There is so much to be grateful for.  That we, the lightworkers of the world, are coming into our own, is a great blessing.  We now know who we are.  We are great multi-dimensional Spirits who exist simultaneously on many different planes of existence.

Our Soul, the part of us we sent to earth to inhabit our human body, our Soul is the true essence of us, it is that which powers us, animates us and is God consciousness itself.

Our Soul is as a drop of water in the ocean of God Consciousness.  That drop of water is part of a great wave.  That great wave in the ocean of God is who we really are.  We are magnificent beings indeed.

We are a part of God.  That is what God is.  He/she is all that is.  When Divinity burst forth in what is called the big bang, we were created.  God exploded into individual particles.  Each particle of God is individual and unique.  Together, all the particles of God constitute the Divine itself.

As we, humanity, increase our frequency, here on earth, and rise up, returning to the love vibration, our communication with our Soul becomes clearer and clearer.

Hitherto on our Earthly journey it has been the ego that we listened to.  The ego, that thought system inherited from the family that birthed us, has ruled our lives in our third dimensional fear journey.

That untrue thought system, where we have taken on the thoughts,  ideas and morals of our culture, has dictated what actions we take and how we behave.

And, each thought systems of each human on this earth is unique and different.  No wonder we cannot agree with each other.  No wonder we argue and look at each other askance, as we come from differing viewpoints.

We are divided by the ego ideas we hold.  We have supported the earthly control system and our own psychological and physical imprisonment by our intolerance of each other and our adamant protection of our delusional ideas.

And, this is just as it should be.  For, it is by this divisiveness that we return to love.  It is by our mistakes, our steps away from the love that we really are, that we have progressed spiritually.  For we have learned through pain, that we prefer love, love and only love.

And now on this November 10th in the year 2020, our world is about to change radically.  We are moving out of our deception perception, out of the third dimensional program in which we have been imprisoned, into a whole new and wondrous world.

And, to achieve this, the dismantling of the old worn and weary matrix, the controlling, indoctrinated ideas that we hold so dear, is necessary.  Our individual  views of the world need to be rethought and discarded, as do the principles and morality of the whole human collective.

We, lightworkers, have examined our thought patterns. We have looked at the ideas we have held so dear, the ideas that we thought made up who we were, and we have dismissed them.

Without that coating of hurtful prejudices and opinions based on evil, false indoctrination, our connection to our Soul, to consciousness itself is freed from its imprisonment, and we can communicate freely with our Soul, our great Spirit beyond the veil.

And so it is with our collective awakening.  All of the divisive, erroneous and fallacious principles with which humanity has been imprinted, must be seen and rejected as the ungodly, evil precepts that they are.

The chaos and confusion that we see around us now, is necessary for the truth to be revealed.  We have been taught false history, we have been indoctrinated with divisive untruths.

In order for the great awakening, the great revelation to take place, we must needs go through, what has been called, the tribulation.

The tribulation is the time of great trouble and suffering, for it is painful to see the true picture of our world.  It is painful to see how we have been lied to, how we have been maneuvered and manipulated into believing that the Godly is evil and the evil are Godly.

And, the perpetrators of these untruths must be revealed and removed.  Times are so challenging and chaotic, for they, the minions of the controllers, are flailing about in their panic and despair.

They see that their time of power and ego triumph and control is over.  They are not willing to give up and are using every method, every technique they can think of, to hold onto the status quo.

And so the election has been manipulated by them with illegal ballots to provide the results that that they needed to continue on in the old way.  Their perfidious plan will not work.  They have been too clever, too outrageous in their lies.

Hitherto they have been able to get away with lies, for the main stream media has supported them.  The television the newspapers have told the story that the dark controllers wanted disseminated, and humanity has believed them.

Now the outrage of the illegal ballots is too great to pass muster.  Votes have been electronically changed from one candidate to another.  With the addition of illegal votes, more votes have been counted than there are registered voters.

Ballots received after the deadline have been counted.  And, some votes have even been found in the trash.

And so, dear brethren, this is how the dark and devious ones are being shown up.  Their perfidy, their lies are coming to the light.

We are moving into a truly chaotic time of the revelation continuum.  For now the election travesty must go to our courts.  Recounts of legal votes must be mandated by those courts.  Illegal ballots must be thrown out.

This can be done for the light alliance, those lightworkers who organized the election defense, have put in place a system whereby votes can be monitored electronically.

The paper that the ballots were printed on was imprinted with information, unique to each voter, that could be electronically traced.  How wonderful is the manner of our awakening.  How marvelous are the ways of the Divine.  Trust the plan.

So, what will happen next?  As planet earth ascends in frequency, possible timelines of events change.  What could have been a disastrous time of tribulation, has been mitigated by the increasing love frequency being pulsed onto the world.  And by humanities ascension, and the newly found love radiance of the lightworkers.

The universe is showering the earth with the love vibration, the Schumann resonance raises each day, and mankind is moving up out of his own individual entrainment.

So, yes there will be more chaos.  Yes, most probably, black lives matter and antifa will be paid to go on the streets.  Most probably they will fight with all their might, for they are desperate.

Most probably troops will be needed to pacify the situation.  Most probably the dying devious ones will orchestrate food shortages.

We say “most probably” for as humanity rises, the positive timelines come into play and the ascension process becomes more and more peaceful.

And then, indictments and arrests of the guilty ones.  For now, with this great election fraud, they will have been revealed as the perpetrators of lies and untruths.

Yes, trust the plan, dear brethren, trust the plan.  All is good in God’s world.  All that is happening is a necessary part of the great revelation of the great tribulation.

The tribulation, the apocalypse is working its way out in the most benign and easy way possible.  Trust the plan, Dear Hearts, trust the plan.

The Divine has decreed this time on planet earth as the great awakening, the great return of mankind to love, and so it is.  Heaven nirvana is at hand, Dear Ones, our return to love is glorious and wonderful indeed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.