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Alisheryia via Galaxygirl, April 17, 2023

Alisheryia via Galaxygirl | April 17, 2023

4/17/2023 Alisheryia

Greetings little one. I Alisheryia am speaking. I speak to you with blue fire and blue flame. Feel the heat. It will help with the connection. (I feel surrounded by blue flame that feels like a warm blanket). The dragons have been cleaning and cleansing your world. You may see us or sense us in the clouds. We burn the dross, we crumble the matrix in our own humble way. We burn our fire where heat is needed, where change must be made.

I Alisheryia am speaking. Your world is not what it seems. (She is showing me an image of a girl that is stretching the image, and there are infinite little girls on either side of her. I am now seeing all of those little girls doing something differently, one is bouncing a red ball, another sewing, another jumping in puddles. They are all one person having a myriad of experiences.) Your reality is like that, it is ever changing and what you focus on you see. If you were going to see a red ball, if that is what was in your consciousness, that is the little girl you would see. If you knew it would rain, you would experience the rain and the puddles. And to ask what is happening now, well it is all happening now. We dragons are multidimensional and we see this. We know this because we live this multitude of change, of inter-dimensional flux. (She is showing me a dragon image being stretched and suddenly each square of a checkerboard has herself in it, doing different things to assist.) It is much like what you are all doing. You all have many personae, many lives and parallel versions. And it is much like asking what is going on with your soul, what is happening with your lives, well the correct answer would be – yes. Yes, it is all happening now.

I Alisheryia see you. I am deeply tied to this one and I see her lives, I know her. She is an aspect of me. And yes we have many adventures together, like you do with your dragons, you who are reading, and you will soon remember. She does not remember either. It is a privilege to connect with our dragon riders. We see the shadows lifting. We see the sun shining brighter each day. We see the turmoil of the dark ones who are not yet decided. And yet they have decided, because it is all happening.

Regarding the fungus, regarding nuclear threats, regarding GESARA, yes. Yes. It is all happening because it is all happening simultaneously. And that is why our friends in other channels say to feel for your truth, because all answers are correct. This is not what many of you want to hear. You want to hear of an event. Of a flash. And yes. Yes, that will occur. It depends on what you are vibrationally attuned to. And that is why it is critical that you are on your own journey, in your own alignment with your own paths and truth. For this is your story.

Children, little humans, friends, this is your story and this is Gaia’s story. And it all will fold neatly together for Source’s fingerprints and our dragon scaleprints are all over this assignment. And this one is saying she longs to just go home. Darlings, you are home. You are already home in the higher dimensional light. You are already ascended. You are here to augment the change, to propel the great turnover, and you have done this. It is happening. It is all happening now.

I Alisheryia am speaking. I speak with love, with tenderness, with grace. Be strong of heart, be of good cheer and know that the trajectory for Gaia is one of light. Open your heart up to this immense channel of light that is opening your realm event further during the solar eclipse. Let it eclipse and remove any and all old fears that have been resurfacing. So that you can shine like the Source-suns that you are. Many of you have had old fears and issues revisit so that you have the opportunity to put the nail in the coffin as you say, and I would add to decorate with a bouquet of thanksgiving, thankfulness that that particularly painful experience and lesson is now complete. You are quick learners. There is no doubt about that. But we see that you all are tenderhearted and it is easy for you to cling to the pain because of the guilt you associate with it. There is no guilt except what you create for yourself. I have made horrendous mistakes over my billions of years, and I have made peace with that, and I have ascended from those moments, and more importantly once I learned to forgive myself, I ascended through those moments. That is what you are doing now beloved human friends. You are ascending through, through your own inner doorway to your soul, which is connected with Source. You are ascending now. And so when you say when, I will say yes! You are! Yes, you are, human friends. Yes, you are. I love you. I Alisheryia depart.

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