Love is our new reality

Archangel Uriel via Kerstin Eriksson, September 13th, 2022

Archangel Uriel There is something more..!

I am archangel Uriel and I am very old, and I have therefore also learned many things.

On every step in my learning journey it has been both very hard but also excitement over that I can get a deeper understanding and a wiser knowledge.

I have never been able to read in a book everything that I need to know. A book has given me good advice and things to ponder over.

My life have been my true school.

It has to do with learning by doing and

feeling it with my own hands, my fingertips and my heart and the senses throughout my entire body, and soul.

No book can ever prepare you for everything that your life teaches you.

But a book can be a good start. Or a healing companion.

Our souls are forever, and there is no goal, the journey is everything.

So I say to you please love every step you take!

Love every breath you make.

Love every moment as you wash your dishes, as you do the laundry, as you bake your bread, as you comb your hair, as you make a fire to keep warm. Or you name it, what do you do?

Do you love every moment in your life?

Please be aware of your emotions, and how you treat yourself!

Love yourself, embrace yourself and love what you do.

If you don´t love what you do, don´t do it.

Follow the love in your heart. Let the love in your heart be your guideline.

I will help you find this, please just ask for me in your prayer.

I know that life can be very hard sometimes and I love you very much.