Ashtar via Davey, December 17th, 2020


True Communication and the Power of Release


Channelled via Davey

Greetings dear ones, this is Ashtar, or commander Ashtar if you like… titles do not mean much to us, for it is a beings love light that is their signature, if you will. Their blessed truth that is important. We would like to expand a little more on this, for you see, we see many of you holding onto the idea of titles, meanings through words, names, delineations etc… These, in truth, only carry the meaning you wish them to have.

When you connect with another being, whether that is us, the higher dimensional galactics, or angelics, archangelics or another one of your fellow human beings, feel their energy, feel their essence. This is a true connection beloveds, dear ones… This allows you to truly feel the vibration, the essence, the divinity in that being. And from there, you will be able to fully understand, fully see and experience the most profound synergy and communication with another being.

When you purely connect with another, through mind only, or mostly mind, you will only be able to access that which you mind is capable of accessing. And your mind is a beautiful instrument dear ones, do not misunderstand us. But to truly communicate with another being in all its beauty, you must connect on a heart centred level. You must FEEL the energy of that being. Do not get hung up on names, delineations, mental structures, for these in general only serve to get in the way.

Oh dear ones, can you recall an experience where you had such a profound connection with another being, a fellow human, a loved one, an angelic or a galactic of love light, where you could really feel their divinity, you could really feel the love and light they wished to share with you? And that you were able to do the same? When that love light meets, connects and blends, that is a most profound meeting dear ones. We know how much, truly, you all long for this. But as we have said previously, and there are many angelics and other beings that are contributing to this message, not just myself Ashtar… as we have said before, you must let go of your grip, your control. These are simply false programs that have fooled you into thinking that you are the safest, most protected, when you are on guard and in grip and in control. Dear ones, nothing could be further from the truth.

When you are in those energies, those mindsets, those paradigms you LOWER your vibration, you are susceptible to lower vibrational goings on.

And this is why so many of you are having a difficult time right now…

The energies coming through are asking you to let go, release, relax… flow, drift into your heart centre. Surrender to your heart centre, there, you are the most safest, most peaceful, most serene, most loving that you can be. We know that you know this dear ones, this is your truth!

But you are gripped by highly charged programs, whose purpose is, to keep you in control, to keep you in the matrix, to keep you under control. By convincing you and fooling you that control is the way, that grip, or fear is the way. They are not dear ones… We know that you know this, but we gently remind you as sometimes it is easy to forget, especially now during all this turmoil and chaos.

Please remember dear ones, this very simple concept… If you are having a difficult time, if you are struggling – let go of your grip. The struggle you face is because you are gripping something. You are afraid to let go. You fear that if you do, something bad will happen… No, dear ones, it will not. If you let go, miracles happen. If you let go, you let more of your divinity in, your truth. You relax, you surrender, you flow…

You come back into joy, and everything resolves itself, magically…

These are the miracles we speak of… and more, oh dear ones, and many more… And we are excited to see you live through them, they are coming, very shortly.

This is our message to you this day, our beloved brothers and sisters of the planet earth, relax, relax, relax… let go, let go, let go… surrender to your heart, surrender to your heart, surrender to your heart

All the difficulties you go through and are facing, will disappear dear ones, they do not need analysis, they do not need deconstruction, they do not require you to take action. They are there because you hold them in place by your grip! That’s right dear ones, you grip them in your reality, you hold them right there, to literally, as you humans say ‘bug you’! Dear ones, you are doing this to yourselves, we remind you gently and kindly, that you hold them there, by gripping them there… Let go of your grip, release dear ones, release…

This one has asked for analogy that may help, help make this concept, this message a little clearer. Imagine if you will, that your grip is a little like a fridge magnet, that it draws to you, it attracts to you everything that is resonant with that grip, controls, problems, issues… things of this nature… As you walk around in life, things and problems stick to you, they cling to you, and you go out in the world, you meet people, you go to your place of work, you do the things such as shopping etc., and you come back feeling ‘stuffed up’! (laughs). As if you are plagued by many issues. Dear ones, release the ‘magnetic’ grip you have on these things. They have no business being there unless you grip, unless you grasp them to be within your energy field. Let go of the grasping.

And again, the fundamental principle is that you must see that it is your fears that causes you to grip, that causes you to grasp…

We ask you to ponder, to look in within yourselves, why do you really grip, why do you really grasp?

Dear ones, you will find it is simply the programs, the fear based programs. What are you frightening of?

Once you undo this false concept that being on control, being in grip keeps you safe, IT DOES NOT DEAR ONES! This is the very thing, that causes, and plagues you, with the troubles you have, it has always done that

Let it go, move into the feeling of your complete and absolute safety in letting go, release and surrender to yourself. This is the true power of your protection. And we leave you now with this…

This is Ashtar and the galactic host of the angelics and other higher dimensional beings who have contributed to this message.

We love you dear ones, be at peace, be in flow, surrender to your heart centre…

We love you so much, goodbye for now…