Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Susan Leland, August 23

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference-August 23, 2016

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  Well, it may feel to you as though you are running, and that part ‘upon the water’* is not entirely untrue, because these are magical, alchemical times.That’s right, changing times, transformative times.YOU are transforming and so is all of Planet Earth, below, on and above!

“And this is the way it looks: If you would picture yourselves upon a roller coaster – and you know what a roller coaster ride is about – you go up and then you go down and then you get to the bottom of the little valley and then you start going up again.  And this has been traditional on Planet Earth ever since you were originally messed with, because it has been designed to keep you enslaved in the third dimension.  But why stick around at all, why come back at all unless there is a promise of the highs – not just the lows?

“And yet, in your wisdom, you have cooperated, created and contracted to experience lows at various times in your lifetimes, so that you could rise again – go up again, lift up again!  And you always have done that when you have finally left your bodies behind, and finished with each particular lifetime.

“Well, welcome to the New Dimensionality!  Welcome to the Golden Age and the Ascension Path because your roller coasters are transforming alchemically, so to speak.  Imagine this – imagine first of all, and this is where you are right now – that the lows are happening fewer and fewer times.  And even though it might seem in the World around you they’re going as low as they ever did – in fact for some of you it may seem even lower – the reality of it is that there is an upliftment happening even in the lowest of the valleys, while at the same time the highs are going higher and higher!!!  The lows are farther and farther apart, the highs are going higher and higher and – now here’s the really fun part, get this vision – you are coming into the Golden Age and the lows are going to just literally be out of the picture for good!!!

“Now, I’m not telling you that from this moment on there won’t be any more lows or dips downward of the roller coaster.  I’m only telling you that if you take charge of your own lives, your own selves, your own lifestyles, and you’re all getting that to some point or other, in some way or other – YOU are in the drivers’ seats here!  That’s right – you’re the Masters of your own roller coasters, and you can determine for yourselves whether or not you want any more of those real extreme lows, or whether you just want to get on the High Road and stay there!

“This is another way of describing to you a process that is going on right now, which is very much in assistance to you.  And it is supported by the incoming energies, and by the consciousness of Humanity and by you yourselves as individuals, and by the growing number of true Lightworkers who are in understanding of this and who are moving into those drivers’ seats at – let’s just say – Light speed!  This is because you are turning into the waves of what I and others are calling your Life Reviews.

“A Life Review is something that normally takes place after you leave your body.  You go into the Light and you have an opportunity to look at the life you just left. You can see where the lessons are, and you can see how it is that you did this or that, and you can be free from anything except Peace and Joy and all of the Love that’s there for you in the Light!  And at this time if you choose to do this as a means of getting Home to the Light, you don’t have to come back here and do it again – if you don’t want to.

“You can also choose Ascension.  And that’s why I’m talking about a Life Review while you are still in your physical bodies, because this is what you have been undergoing.  And this is what you still have a bit to finish up – not as much as when you started because you are getting to a place where you are more and more at the top of the roller coaster, taking charge and taking off into Higher and Higher Levels of Dimensionality!!!  So you are only going up, with an occasional dip or two.  The dips are more extreme if you get into emotional or mental stress about the World around you.

“And I will tell you right now that the World is very focused on money.  And as you know, approximately ninety nine and one-half percent of you are looking at money from what you might call the ‘bottom side,’ or the valley or dip of the roller coaster.  In other words, you’d like to have more and you’re seeing yourselves as being in that position of not having it.  So – wait a minute – that’s called ‘lack,’ and you all know that that’s not a place you want to be in.  So if you want to have more abundance of financial means, or healing, or whatever, you want to stay upon that roller coaster!

“Now, it all sounds very easy and I’m sure that by now you’ve all caught the vision, and you have some pictures in your mind and in your energy fields of what this looks like.  An alchemical transformational transmutation is taking place Worldwide and within yourselves, so that your roller coaster just keeps climbing Higher and Higher, and you with it, because you’ve all given your permission to do that!  It’s just that sometimes you’re not really sure how to drive it!!!

“We are here to partner with you in that.  I, Ashtar, The Mentors and all of the Beings of LoveLight in the whole Universe are here – millions, trillions in ships.  This is true – and trillions more in their LoveLight Merkabas!

“And even if you’re feeling that you are not seeing a lot of us, be assured we are here and we are with you!  You see, we have this consciousness which is of the Oneness of all of us – you included, each and every one of you!!!  And that is why I am so fond of saying, ‘We’re here, we’re there, we’re everywhere!’  I love that quote,** you know.  And this is true.

“And so it is that we are here because you have called us forth, because you have given us permission to join you on this ride and to empower your own personal roller coasters – or to assist you in empowering them – because now you’ve come up so High that you’ve got to really be a full participant, a 50/50 driver at least, if not more so!!!  And this is why all of these wondrous things are happening in your World!

“Again, we understand – some of it may not be so wonderful, and particularly for those of you who are in the midst of Life Review situations.  We know it’s not easy.  All we can promise you is that there is a Higher place for you to come to, and we are here to assist you with that in many ways!  And it is up to each one of you to find your way, or your ways, of doing that – of bringing that Peace, that wondrous Peace, that High Peace – what my Brother Francis said, ‘The Peace That Passeth All Understanding!’

“You don’t have to understand it – you just have to bring it in and LIVE IT!  It’s not a science exercise as much as it is a spiritual opening and allowing and awakening – FULLY!  The roller coaster going up is a great analogy!  All it means is that you’re bringing in more and more of the Love Energies, taking charge more and more, empowering yourselves with the LoveLight, and bringing yourselves to a place where you no longer have the dips and the valleys and the lows that you may not be feeling in every moment, but which are going around very much in the World around you.

“So the next step, of course, is to assist others, whether it is a particular situation or just a general feeling.  Perhaps people that you know of are being caught up in the very depressing news stories that are coming out from those who are struggling so hard to hang on.  And there is an element of fear that is so strong, because the people who are putting these messages out are they, themselves, in fear. They are in genuine fear!  I will tell you that the fear that they are broadcasting is a fear of their own loss of control, that their whole program is about to die.  And, of course, you know that some of that program is A.I.  A.I. does not give up easily.  A.I. is the lastto give up -but there you have it!

“And so, what is a Lightworker to do?  What is a person of Heart to do – and I will say the Courage of the Heart – that gives the hope, or shall we say, that shows the Truth of where Planet Earth is moving into?  Well, it’s the Light of Love!  Love takes care of it all.  Love answers it all, and Love is the real Truth of the Universe, and its Highest Power!!!

“And so it is that as you return to Love, you just rise Higher and Higher into its Light.  And there is no bottom!  You can send all of the LoveLight that you choose to send to the ones in what I used to call the ‘leaky boats,’*** because their boats are so full of holes that they are sinking rapidly.  And it is another opportunity for your roller coaster to go up Higher and Higher as you share this LoveLight!

“Everyone could use LoveLight from each and every one of you! And there will be a day when you will have the opportunity to see the ones who have created so much turmoil, so much unhappiness, so much cruelty for everyone on Planet Earth – there will come a day when they will be exited from the scene.Feel the Joy as the air is finally cleared of their energies, and bring that Joy right into your Now-moment, and send the Love out to them and thank them, because that will help them to accept that their day is over!

“I am not saying that they all will.  There are some who will not, but a great many of them are looking at all of this Light.  They’re seeing that more and more of you are ‘breaking out.’  If you want to see it this way, see yourselves going up and up and up on your roller coasters and breaking out through the clouds, and there is the sunshine and the beautiful sky!  And at night all you see are stars because there are no more clouds of the dark hat creations hanging over anywhere on Planet Earth!

“Take yourselves to that place, Beloved Ones!  You’re up High and there are no more lows for you.  There is only Love and Joy and that Peace – and then translate that into your own words of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, and send them out to anyone who has any of that old programming – and most particularly to the very ones who have programmed it in, and let them know that all is well not only in your Kingdom, but in theirs as well!

“In this, you join us in this Service to all on Planet Earth and, very importantly – most importantly for each one of you – the Service that you give to yourselves!  Because you are loved beyond words for being here, for being a part of this Ashtar On The Road Family, for being together in the Partnership of Oneness, and for following your Missions into the Light of Love, into the Golden Age and beyond into your own Ascensions and Homecomings – to where there is only Light, only Love, and where you already are as we see you!!!  You are shining your Lights so bright, and connecting more and more within all of youselves and all of your energy fields, that we actually see youshining even in your physical selves, shining bright your Lights and standing with us in our Ashtar On The Road Family!!!

“So thank you, Beloved Ones, for being here with us, for joining in this, and as you have heard, I am ready to greet any of you who choose to come for your own Personal Discussion with me.**** And so it is.  Salut!”

*     Referring to Ashtar’s chosen theme song, which he calls Come The New Jerusalem:

**    From The Scarlet Pimpernel, by Emma Orczy
***  Ashtar now calls them the ‘dark hats’
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, August 23, 2016.
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