Love is our new reality

Ashtar via Susan Leland, November 24th

Ashtar:“This is the Highest Holy Days Season Ever on Earth!!!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – November 24, 2015

     “Greetings, Beloved Family!  And I shall begin by saying unto you, Happy Holy Days, and may this Season be the happiest one ever for all of Planet Earth – and by extension, your Solar System, your Galaxy and the Universe beyond!  For this is the time when the focus is so intent upon the spiritual connections we share, that it is for more and more [people] to raise themselves in partnership with us – if they so desire – into such High Levels of Vibration that they actually can start to feel their own Divinities within their beings.  And in doing so, of course, they begin to feel the Oneness, that great connecting energy that we share, which, of course, is Love!!!  And it is an energy, and it is the Highest Energy in the Universe, and it has a Light that is the Greatest Light that there is!  And so it is as you celebrate your various days of meaning – no matter what they are during this Holy Days Season – it is to open, open yourselves and let that Light come in and flood your beings!!!

     “Now here is something for you to be in realization of:  Whether you consciously state your requirement, or your intention, to share this Light, you’re doing it anyway!  Because, you see, that part of you which is called your Higher Dimensional Self – that is how we designate it – that part of you which you are always connected with, whether you consciously acknowledge this or not – it has a way of causing you to radiate this Light outward from your beings, even in your sleep times, and of course, especially during your meditation times, your dream times – your happy dream times, we shall say, your upliftment times!  Many of you are starting to glimpse as the Master* has said – glimpse two different dimensional levels at the same time!

     “And with this comes the knowing that all is indeed well in your Kingdom and all others.  As you look into Higher Levels of Dimensionality, you are literally flooded with this LoveLight, because that’s the energy that’s there!  FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real – has no place there and you will not find it there. And so it is most wise indeed to heed the words, clear yourselves of all fear – and how is best to do that is up to you – but the overall energy which balances out – or you might say, cancels out, or brings to zero point, or however you want to say it, from there you lift up – is Love and all that Love engenders or gives birth to, or creates!!!  And so for some of you, it might be, oh, a trip to the museum to look at the beautiful paintings there.  For some of you it could be by placing yourself in the delight of music which is particularly wondrous to you.  And for all of you, it is deliberately making those connections of which I speak – the connections with the totality of Who You Are!!!

     “You know, your physicality is every bit as loved, and has plenty of Light in it.  So connect there and work out through the totality of your energy fields.  Sananda teaches this in his Hands of LoveLight Meditation.  Some of you might be interested in accessing that information.**  That is up to you.  Many of you already know how to bring the LoveLight in and to spread it throughout yourselves and then share it.  Many of you do so deliberately as practitioners of some kind of energy healing, mission or service.

     “Just keep bringing it in, because it’s coming in.  It’s there.  It’s readily available! You don’t have to spend so much as a penny of your financial wealth to access it.  You can simply require, or give intention, to allow it in.  In that sense you might say that Love is the greatest bargain available to the World and it costs not a cent!!!  You don’t have to go out at 5:00 am in your morning time to stand in line for the doors to open for a Black Friday sale in order get all the Love you could possibly want into your beings.  All you need to do is bring it in more and more and more because the energies are coming in more and more and more – and you know about that!

      “Now!  We shall not for one moment in any way diminish the Joy that you find in shopping or any other activity that you choose to engage in on Planet Earth.  If that is what gives you pleasure and Joy, then go for it!  But keep a reminder that you are here to participate as a Lightworker, as a member of our Ashtar On The Road Family, and that you have the opportunity to infuse everything that you do, every gift that you give, every present that you wrap and so on and so on – you have the opportunity to infuse it all with the great Light of Love!!!  Love expresses in many, many ways.  But Unconditional Love is always uplifting, so when you bring it in, you give the Gift of Love to yourselves, the Gift of Light!  Remember it is the most powerful energy in the Universe!!!

     “Now I shall say something about being down in the dumpies, because sometimes the Holy Days Season puts out so much energy about money and the things money can buy.  And sometimes you find that you’re alone during the Holy Days.You don’t have a big company coming to your home for dinner. You don’t have presents under the tree from your loved ones, and so on and so on.  And while it is wondrous indeed to have those things in your life, remember!  You are Love, Pure Love! And you are never alone!!!  You have the Grand Company of Heaven. You have I, Ashtar, and the Ashtar Command.  You have Mother Gaia and all of her Kingdoms constantly with you and you can connect with them. It is most delightful to bring in the LoveLight, connect throughout the totality of your being, including your Higher Dimensional Self  and then go out from there!

     “Explore!  Be in Joy!  Greet the Ones who come, shall I say, through to you, because it’s becoming easier and easier, is it not, to get these messages.  Write down anything that you might hear or sense or feel.  It is a time to open up to receive the Love, and remember, all that Love engenders!  And that includes Communion types of connections with your guidance group and other beings of LoveLight, first spreading it throughout yourself and then going beyond!!!

     “Open those Gifts, those Gifts of Love.  Telepathy might be one which you wish to engage in more and more.  Go for it!  Seeing with your wisdom eye – perhaps even seeing with your eyes open, the energy fields of others.  Perhaps seeing the wee folk as they are sometimes called, the fairies and the elementals of nature in your gardens – or in your living room!

     “This is a time of gift-giving, but it is a time to give unto yourselves, Beloved Ones, the opening to the full realization of Who You Really Are!!!  You all have presence in Higher Dimensional Reality, because that is what is real!  And as the dramas – many of them traumas – as they end because the third dimension is ending for those of you who are moving up and out of it – REJOICE!!!  As I have said before, this is what appears to us from our perspective to be THE Holys Day Season, or I shall say, the Highest Holy Days Season ever for Planet Earth!!! The rejoicing is already ongoing. The Celebrations, the Lights are becoming more and more in number, and in radiance,  as more and more of Humanity lights up and rises Higher with those Energies of Love!

     “So enjoy it.  Observe it, yes!  Know it, absolutely!  BE it, for sure, because the gates are open for you!!!  You each have your own particular portal or access.  Use it.  Develop it.  Evolve it.  Come through it and be fully present in your Conscious Self as you do so!!!  This is why you came!!!  If you want to look at it from the eyes of a child, or with a somewhat childlike vision, you have come many times, waiting for the Lights to be turned on in that special room, waiting for all of the Joy, all the Love and all the Gifts.  Well, they’re here right in front of you, Beloved Ones!There isn’t one of you who doesn’t have an infinite number of these Gifts waiting for you!  Some you have already opened; some you have just barely taken the bow off of, and you have yet to open the box.  I tell you this is your time, Beloved Ones, as you measure it.  This is your Holy Days Season!!!  This is for you to enjoy to the fullest and to be living and knowing the Truth of Who You Really Are!

     “So let us be Joy-full together. Let us celebrate this Holy Days Season as never before!  And we invite you to join with us in receiving and giving the Greatest Gift of all to Planet Earth and the Universe beyond.  And, of course, that is the Gift of Love!!!  So give your thanks and be grateful and be Joy-full in Celebration, as we celebrate the Welcome that you have given to us, the Partnership we enjoy and the Mission we are accomplishing together!!! 

And so it is!  Salut!”

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, November 24, 2015.
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