Love is our new reality

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The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, December 3d, 2015

A Message from Your Guides,

  Dec. 3, 2015

Dear Ones,
We are asking you something very specific in this transmission. Through out the years we have been channeling through this one, we have often focused on one specific subject: your thoughts. It is of the utmost importance that you focus your thoughts on the outcomes you want to experience. We ask you to begin practicing this in small and large ways. If you want to have a meal with someone you like and admire, visualize it, consider it a very probable and realistic outcome, and maintain an attitude that it is very likely that this desire will come to fruition. Think about things you have in common with that person, conversational topics, and anything that might be of mutual interest to both of you. When all of these ideas are in place, you have done the necessary prepartation to make this desire become a reality. If you are attached to a timeline, you may be disappointed. If you have an open-ended time line, and you have done the preparation, it is more likely to occur.
The same is true for any occurrence you would like to experience. If it has not happened yet, have you done the preparation work? Do you often think or talk about something happening without doing the preparation work necessary to make it more likely to happen? When it comes to larger goals, do you feel you are capable of making it happen or do you just leave it up to chance, fate, destiny, luck, the universe? For example, if achieving world peace is a strong desire for you, do you do the necessary preparation to increase the likelihood of that happening? Do you talk peacefully with others, even when you do not agree with them? Do you respect the opinions and experiences of others even if you do not agree with their opinions or choices? Do you give them the benefit of knowing that they too are a divine child of Creator, doing their best to make their way in the world? Do you do your best to find common ground, rather than judge others or make others ‘wrong’ because you don’t agree with their beliefs or choices? Are you willing and able to do your part to envision world peace by aligning with that concept in every way you can? Can you conceive of a world without weapons or the need for weapons? Can you visualize all weapons being brought to recycling centers to be melted down and used for more peaceful purposes – beautiful sculptures, or sliding boards, swing sets, and climbing domes for public playgrounds?
Achieving world peace entails the knowing that violence is a vibration that you can choose to rise above. You have all chosen peace over violence at times. If you can do it, so can every one of your brothers and sisters without exception. To believe otherwise is to believe that others are inherently flawed. That is a lower vibrational thought. When each of you chooses to maintain a higher vibration through your thoughts, words, and choices, and believes that all of your brothers and sisters are equally able to do so, you are rightly preparing for world peace. Critical mass is when the predominant thougthforms of humanity reach a level that effect the whole species. This is not necessarily equal to a majority. The quality and consistency of thought make up for large numbers. What we are saying is: if a certain percentage of your population really and truly knew that your thoughts can affect the reality of the whole and therefore made a concerted effort to practice that knowing by maintaining the awareness that violence is not a part of the human condition unless you make it so through your belief that it is, that  percentage could help humanity reach critical mass in raising your collective vibration to one that is above the vibration of violence. At that point, violence would become extremely rare, aberrant behavior rather than what is commonly accepted as part of the human condition.
The human condition is what you collectively make it. Do you want to keep being responsible for the level of violence in your reality by maintaining the belief that it is inevitable and intrinsic to humans? Or do you want to change that belief to a new reality that humans are much more capable of peaceful coexistence than you have been led to believe? Think about all the ways your media keeps feeding you the misinformation that you are separate from one another through your national boundaries, political affiliations, religious differences, cultural differences, and all the ways you are made to think of yourselves as better than or less than others when the reality is that you truly are made to be exactly equal in terms of divine expression of your Godhead. 
Each of you is created as a divine co-creator and you all have the same potential for greatness regardless of any physical or cultural differences. Some of your perceived differences actually make you more likely to succeed in an area where someone else’s differences make them more likely to succeed in another way. There is no people, race, culture, or religion that is inherently better or superior to all the others. Yes, some genetic markers predispose some to success in certain areas. And, those same people that are successful in one area, are not as successful as others in another area. You all have strengths and weaknesses and no particular race or ethnicity is more or less advantaged than others. If you raise a child in a way that they feel they are not good at something or they are undeserving, they grow up believing that regardless  of their innate strengths and capabilities. If you raise a child to fear spiders or snakes or anything else, you are enculturating them to fear these things in a way they would not if you had not ‘taught’ them to. If you raise children to hate, disrespect, distrust, or feel superior to people of another race, culture, or religion, they will without having any direct experience with those people. That has happened to whole races of people in your world because of the predominant misinformation that has been perpetrated for great lengths of time. Whether it is sets of parents or mass media feeding you disinformation, it is still disinformation. 
We ask you to tune into your heart and feel into the things that you believe about anything or anyone you fear, distrust, disrespect, or think of as less than. Think about what you have been led to believe, where this information came from, and if it resonates in your heart as truth. We invite you to consider doing this with any person or group you are given information about before making any judgements. Weigh the information in your heart, not your mind. Are you able to see that all beings that you are perceiving as evil are merely flawed? Imagine that you are alone with one of these people – shipwrecked on a deserted island. Isn’t it easy to see that, taken out of your day to day circumstances, you would let go of your differences, learn to communicate, and help one another survive? You were each ‘taught’ things about the other that were designed to keep you separate. Once you are free of the flawed dogma of your taught beliefs, you are able to see one another as nothing more and nothing less than a fellow human being. We implore you to adopt an attitude of compassion toward those who are flawed. That is what will bring world peace – not the continuation of what has collectively brought you to the state of affairs you see today.
Dearest Ones, we are loving you powerfully. You are exceptional in every way. We are most inspired by those of you who remind yourselves, “I AM LOVE, THAT’S WHO I AM, THAT’S WHO I WAS BORN TO BE.” We invite you to adopt this mantra and make it a part of every day.
And so it is.
The Collective of Guides