Love is our new reality

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Mary Magdalene et al, via Lea Chapin, December 3d

Greetings Dear One, yes, it is I, Christ. Mary is here as well. We wish to say thank you once again for your devotion and your dedication to holding the light for this planet. We know that so much has shifted and changed in all of your lives, and more change will continue to occur throughout the course of this coming year, for the year of 2016 is a very powerful year and all of you have set and left your imprint for this energy to now begin to manifest into this year 2015. As many of you may understand, my Mary and I left our imprint upon the earth when we both physically left the planet so that this appointed hour the energy of the Divine Feminine Divine Masculine could reemerge upon this planet and peace could truly prevail. The balance of the ying and the yang, the balance of the energy of Father Mother God, the energy of Divine Union, has now been set into motion. And for each of you this template, this energy has now been imprinted within what we call your own solar matrix. Each of you have a template of energy, an imprint that has been imprinted upon this earth plane. And at this time, this template, this imprint is now being set into motion. All of you have worked very diligently and very hard for the Great Creator and you have made your presence known, of your devotion and your love unto me, to my Mary, to my mother, and to our family, and so we thank thee, for it is of great importance that your energy imprint now be etched for future generations, and this is a very powerful time in history.

Just as Mary and I have awakened our energy again upon this planet, when dear Lea went to Mt. Shasta, it was there that the energy of our imprints were then spread, as they say, into the universe. Where the energy of the holy union can now truly be upon this planet. And so dearest children, it is time for each of you to come in to your rightful pathway, and the ownership of the energy of who you truly are. You have laid your foundation and this year 2016 is a very major time now of your lives, so prepare yourselves, and now I will turn this over to Dear Elizabeth, for she will speak about the power of holding the energy of your mission into your template and imprint on this earth plane.

Greetings Dear Ones, yes, it is I, Elizabeth. As many of you know, I am Jeshua’s cousin and Mary Magdalene’s best friend. I was a part of the inner circle, and I worked with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene to prepare Jeshua for the crucifixion and the resurrection. Today as Jeshua has spoken about the imprints that have been left upon this earth plane, of Mary Magdalene, my beloved Jeshua, I want each of you to understand that I am coming to help prepare you to leave your imprints as well. For in my role at that time, I was known as the task master, I was the one who was deeply organized, and kept everyone on task and focus. I know we have spoken of this many times before, but the crucifixion was a part of what we understand now as the Great Design, it is the Great Design that is now being brought forth onto your planet at this time, for now it is over 2,000 years later and the imprints of Mary Magdalene and my beloved Jeshua are here on this earth plane bringing balance to this planet.

It is very confusing, for you see the chaos, the violence, and the destruction of energies upon this planet, but this is the result of the energies that are being brought forth at this time of balance, and you see, when the scales get tipped, so to speak, then the other side begins to rise. So what has happened is that the energy of the full balance of Divine Union has been brought forth upon this planet. The energy of the Divine Goddess energy, of the Divine Feminine, the beautiful energy of the masculine energy, of the Divine God Essence is here upon this planet, and so those who are not in balance, those who do not hold this powerful frequency inside of them, will become quite imbalanced, and there will be much more chaos.

I know this is very frightening for many of you upon this planet, but we ask you to continue to hold the balance inside of yourselves, to hold the union of the masculine and the feminine, for it is very much of essential nature that each of you hold this powerful imprint, each of you were created in the beautiful lightness of the Great Creator, and you each hold the balance of the masculine and the feminine in your beautiful spirit.

Many of you are fortunate to have met your twin flame, and that other aspect of yourself in your physical life is there holding the balance for you. We have said many times before, those who are not in a physical incarnation with a twin flame at this time, it does not mean that their twin flame is not holding the balance for them, in another dimensional realm. And so dearest children I ask each of you to take a deep breath, and begin to breathe in the energy of the white light of God, to breathe in the energy of peace, begin to breathe in the energy of tranquility, and begin to breathe in the energy of the union inside of yourself. And so, allow me to now begin to help anchor your imprint of your beautiful template of energy, of your beautiful ethereal energy, into this earth plane, holding the frequency onto this earth plane, for this current moment, for balance, peace, love, and tranquility to return back to this planet.

As Mary and I were preparing Jeshua for the crucifixion and the resurrection, and his ascension process, and after he merged into his beautiful crystalline light body after the crucifixion, we held his powerful frequency of this love within our hands and we knew that this powerful energy of love and peace would be emerged and planted into the very vibrational frequency of the earth at that time. We knew that it was a seed that would grow, for this planet, as you know, is the planet of love. And Jeshua was a messenger of love and so dearest children, just as I have held that frequency for Jeshua in my hand, I hold your frequency, I hold your energy in the palm of my end, so that you can grow in the lightness and the beauty of your beautiful, spiritual, ethereal self, so that you may merge into your crystalline light body, living on this earth plane, moving through your life with grace and ease and purpose. For in this year 2016, as it comes rather quickly, you will settle yourself, you will settle your mind, your body, and your spirit, into the true purpose of why you came on this earth plane. Many of you have grand missions, and many of you are simply holding the love and the light and peace for this planet. This is, indeed, very important. For you see, so many light workers and so many beings of light are needed upon this planet, to hold this frequency, to help all ascend into higher frequencies of love and peace, and so as it goes, my Mary, my beautiful Mother Mary helped me to hold and leave my imprint before I left this planet, after I assisted Jeshua and completed my mission with him, once he recovered from his wounds and was able to move forward into his post-resurrection work and ministry, I left the planet.

It was time for me to leave, as I had completed my mission. And Mother Mary helped to hold my imprint, and what I hold at this time is wisdom, knowledge, tenacity, strength, and determination. I ask you dearest children to feel the essence of my strength, to feel the essence of my love, to feel the essence of all that has been imprinted upon this earth. I know that your earth life is difficult, and many of you find yourselves in very precarious situations. But I ask you to hold strength, and I, Elizabeth, stand with you. For as I stood with Christ, and I assisted Mary Magdalene in her journey, I was instructed by the Holy Mother to hold this frequency of love. I hold it for you, I ask at this time to place your feet upon the ground, and to imagine the imprints of your energy, your templates that you are to leave on this earth plane. I ask that you allow me to anchor it in to the energy of Mother Earth, into the very crystalline core, into the unity and peace grid that Kryon has created, to anchor it into the Christ Consciousness of this planet. For that too is needed, the Christ Consciousness of love, peace, balance, light, tranquility, and forgiveness are needed upon this earth plane. And so now bring your special light into fruition, into your consciousness, and anchor the love.

Each of you have had so much that you have given, and it is now your time to receive. As this energy has been anchored into the earth plane, and as I assist you. Never be afraid, never fear, for Dear Ones, you have never been forsaken. Just as our journey was difficult, just as Jeshua’s journey was difficult, we held the faith, the light, the love, the third dimensional reality of living on the earth plane can be arduous , but it can also be filled with joy, peace, love, and tranquility. And so this, at this time, is what I’m helping you to anchor in the earth plane. Peace, love, joy, and tranquility, prosperity, abundance, all the fruits of the spirit are yours. This is not just rhetoric, I am anchoring this into the earth plane. And now, dearest children, all of your intention, all of your dreams, all of your desires are being anchored into the earth. I repeat to you again, all of your dreams, all of your desires, all of your wishes are being anchored into the earth.

There are 17 angels of light, as well as Dear Kryon at this moment re-magnetizing your electrical magnetic field, and if you so choose, they will help you to hold this frequency of your intentions for your mission, leaving your imprint upon the earth plane. Because of Mother Earth’s unrest in the third dimensional frequency, it has been difficult for your dreams, desires, and intentions to be made manifest. Now the shift of ages, as we call it, has occurred, and today is a very important day. On your November 30, 2015, your pathway, your mission, is anchored into the earth. Just as Jeshua’s and Mary’s were anchored into the earth plane. Your energy, your powerful template, is anchored now. And so I ask you to take a deep breath, and breathe the energy of the white light of God. And breathe this energy of peace, and breathe in this energy of power, and breathe in this energy of light. And truly understand, dearest children, that you, your life, will affect, and has affected so many. And so take a deep breath dearest children and awaken to the living light of God within you. Awaken to the living light of God within you. Awaken to the living light of God within you. And may the love surround you, and the power of God protects you, and the presence of God watches over you, wherever you are God is and all is well. May the living light of God protect you.

And at this time Dear Kryon and the 17 angels have anchored your template, your imprint into the earth. And this makes your travel much easier, because this energy has been imprinted into the seventh dimensional frequency of light. No longer are your intentions, your desires held manifest in the third dimensional reality, they are now anchored into the seventh dimensional frequency. What does this mean? It means that your energy is in total alignment to the higher realms of light, knowledge, manifestation, and creation. Many have sought the meaning of what we call the law of attraction and manifestation, and literally today the centering of energy into the law of attraction and manifestation, has been anchored into the seventh dimensional frequency. Your energy has been anchored into the powerful frequency of the seventh dimension, and is held within the heart of Mother Earth. This frequency is not held outside of yourself, it is held in the seventh layer of Mother Earth’s own auric field. Here that creation and manifestation occurs, for this earth, and all of her kingdom.

I know all of you have been struggling to manifest in this limited dimensional reality, and as I have said, the difficulty has been partly because the frequencies on this planet are not harmonious and congruent. There’s so much that’s beyond your understanding and comprehension, but I want you to understand this very important moment in your own historical present. Honor yourself, for all that you have given in service through all your incarnations of time, through thousands of incarnations. Today, as we have said, is the day that your imprint can be anchored into the seventh dimensional frequency of the auric field of Mother Earth. So all creation can be made manifest.

This is a powerful day, dearest children, and it is not for, as we say, the weak-willed. Much is going to change in your lives very rapidly. Because this energy has been anchored. Prepare yourself to hold on to your hats, as they say. Believe, and so shall you receive. But it does not now affect the lower mental frequencies of your thought forms, because the power of your imprint that has been anchored into the seventh dimensional frequency is greater than your mental and emotional thought forms. You may have never heard of this before, but I tell you this is truth. Today, the power of the imprint overrides your mental and emotional thought forms and beliefs. And so accept this, because time is of the essence and I am asking all of you to embrace your divinity, to embrace your life pathway. For this is what I helped Jeshua and my Mary do, and Mother Mary helped me to do this as well. I have been a silent voice, that many do not know, and I have remained behind the scenes until now. And now my voice can be heard and recognized, and understood as part of the inner circle who helped Christ. And so I will begin to work with others to help them to anchor their energies into the template of the seventh dimensional frequency of Mother Earth.

I will work with those beings of light who are ready to anchor their light frequencies, and to anchor their love into the universal light of God’s essence. I can be rather stern, I can be rather serious, but today I am very happy and very joyful for all of you. This is a decision and energy frequency that all of you have made prior to this moment called now. Every one of you who is on this call today has made a decision, I am ready. I am ready to anchor my template, my imprint, my frequency into the beautiful seventh dimensional frequency of Mother Earth. I am ready. And so I applaud you and I thank you for your due diligence and your willingness to serve Mother Earth, humanity, and all of creation.

When I made the decision to leave my earth body after Christ’s recovery, I knew that I had done all that I could to help assist him. For my mission was to serve my beloved Jeshua, and I continue to serve him, I continue to serve the living light of the living presence of Jeshua’s energy. My devotion to the Great Creator and to Mother Earth remains strong until the day that peace can prevail. As many of you know, the underground city of Telos in Mt. Shasta, that beautiful mountain, the beautiful Lemurians, have held the beautiful template of this City of Light underground, and it is my intention that all of life, that are living on the surface of the planet, return to a balanced state of peace and love. And there shall be only harmony and love, without dissension, chaos, war, and violence. And this is why you are all here at this time, dearest children. You are helping humanity raise their frequency, and to help Mother Earth ascend so that peace shall prevail upon this planet.

As you move in to the frequency of the powerful love that you are, the beautiful 17 angels are opening up their heart chakras, they are expanding the energy within your auric field, and all sentient beings will feel this love radiating from you even stronger upon this day. I say to you most firmly, no one or nothing can stop you from your mission. Not even yourself. No one or nothing can stop you from your mission, not even yourself. And so, dearest ones, please accept the gift of love, accept the gift of love that the Great Creator and beautiful Mother Earth are offering you upon this day. The gift of love, to continue your mission far beyond your comprehension, for the rest of your incarnation and through eternity.

I know that many of you have wondered why the delay. But you’ve all been prepared, you’ve laid your foundation. And all nine of you upon the call signify the number of nine, the number of completion. You, and the planet, are in a nine frequency of completion. Completing the mission of the very inception of your spirit. As you may remember, that you were at the Great Conclave, with Dear Jeshua, Lord Sananda, when all of your spirits were invited to come to planet earth, to assist Mother Gaea, and you would forget your oneness and go through the cycle of the soul incarnation to be able to bring your light and your frequency and your love for the appointed hour where you could reawaken, re-remember, and assist this planet in your full sensory, spiritual, physical essence self. Today is that appointed hour, today is the appointed hour. And so dearest children as you accept this beautiful gift, and honor the frequency that you are holding, and carrying, and now embodying in this seventh dimensional frequency, the auric field of Mother Earth, you can complete your mission.

The doors will swing open easily and effortlessly, and as they say, the saints come marching in. You are all saints and sages, and your frequency has brought you through the portals of time, through the dimensions of time and space, and the living god inside of you is rejoicing. You are free, you are free, you are free. You are the living god of light and love. Now allow these beautiful 17 angels and dear Kryon to release the density and the heaviness of your past, your present, and your future. Simply drop all that no longer serves you. Claim the divinity of your truth. And walk in the strength and living light of God. Be still my children and know that you are god. Be still my children and know that you are god, be still my children and know that you are god.

I say this most seriously, but when I come, I make powerful changes. Are you prepared and ready for the changes within your life? For indeed they are for greater good and purpose. They are indeed for greater good and purpose. All those years of preparation for Jeshua’s crucifixion, holding his soul in my hands with Mary Magdalene like a pearl in a net, have paid off. Jeshua survived the crucifixion, he lived to become the beautiful, pearl essence energy of love, in his beautiful crystalline ethereal body. And today dearest children I am doing that for you. I have been holding the space for you through all your trials and tribulations, and today you are set free. I come to you, for you, with my love, my strength, my determination, my wisdom, and my joy. Because mother earth has accepted your energy frequency into the seventh layer of her auric field. There is a peace and a sense of calmness, she is feeling with her own heart, she is grateful. She is grateful that all of you have shifted through the ages, and that you’ve now accepted the living light of God inside of you. And you are at peace. Remember dearest children be still and know that you are God, be still and know that you are God. You are the living light, the true essence of peace. You are the living light, the true essence of peace. And what a glorious glorious day, the powerful frequencies have been anchored, and I come to open the gateway for all of you to be set free.

And so dearest children, as I take my leave, I want to thank you for your beautiful beautiful time and attention. Jeshua will finish, and I thank thee for allowing me to assist you and help you with the awakening of the beautiful manifested light that you are.

Greetings, yes it is I, Christ. My beloved Elizabeth was my anchor, she was my rock of Gibraltar, and she and my Mary held the space of love for me so deeply so profoundly, along with my mother, that in those moments when I thought that I could not physically survive, to complete my mission, it was my Elizabeth who called onto me, onto my soul, and held the space of love for me until I could gather my strength and carry on. She was and is a powerful healer, she helped me to physically recover. The beautiful power of her healing was in her hands and in her thoughts. She had miraculous healing ability and mental powers far beyond what can be explained here. But I tell you dearest children, accept the love, accept the guidance, accept her help, for she was the one that we called the taskmaster that helped us, that helped me to be who I am. And so today as the beautiful strength of Elizabeth comes to speak to you, I ask you to embrace the strength of that which she offers onto you, she will never forsake you, she will always love you, and so call upon her. I know dearest children that there are many many that you call to, but in this moment please call upon Elizabeth for the anchoring of energy of your imprints into the template upon the earth plane. It is more important than you can understand at this moment. All of you are sages, ascended masters, healers, mystics. And you are living on this earth plane just as I did, struggling through your mission. Now is time to resurrect, to live in joy and remembrance of who you are. Today is your resurrection day, today is your ascension day.

I want to thank you dearest children for your time and attention. There is much that will be happening within your lives within the next 24-48 hours. It will be an amazing 2016, and now dearest children, please accept, Elizabeth, my Mary, my mother, my father, and myself as we extend our hand and open the doorway for all of you to move forward into your true passion, as you move forward into the gateway and portal of your own limited self. But now dearest ones you are the living expression of the living god, and nothing or no one can stop you from completing your mission. I want to thank you again for your devotion, your love, your kindness, and your sincerity unto me and my family. But please dearest one accept this as true, the energy has been anchored, and watch and see the manifested creation of your heart, it will come to you easily now. Be prepared for the change and now go in peace. Be still, be still, be still, and know that you are God.