Love is our new reality

Ashtar via Zane, October 27th, 2018

Greetings dear One,

I Am Ashtar and I greet you from the bridge of my ship as I oversee the progress on Earth. And let me tell you, that you ARE making progress. Soon there are to be certain events that will unfold that will change the surface life forever. You are to witness a series of events that are to unfurl the darkeness, those that remain, those that remain too self centered and egoic to see that their way of doing things has long passed. It is to be no more, the darkness it to be vanquished as a new dawn rises, a new dawn that brings with it prosperity and peace for ALL life across the planet. So get the champagne ready you might say, get the streamers and party poppers out because it’s time to celebrate! Those of you that are aware are going to enjoy the ride to your Christmas break, a break that many of you are looking forward to. Hold tight my dear comrades, my fellow captains and crew, as this is going to be quite the show! I Am Ashtar and I leave you with this short message as it is time for everything to come to light. From dark to light it shall be.

I love you all,