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Platos speaks via Jacquelyn Fox, October 26th, 2018

October 26th 2018

Session with Plato for Sananda

Channeled by Jacquelyn Fox (J)

Plato is speaking:

“Greetings, friends in life. Holding fear in one’s mind is a great detriment in life. It infiltrates one’s eager ideas of life, holding hostage those ideas, hobbling them and molding them to its own limited world view. Long-in-Light* (*see definition of this term in the glossary below) academic minds have pondered this age-old life issue, logging many millions of high-minded solutions. I wish to add my solution to that vast nest of insight now. I rely on J to gleefully submit my thoughts on this to you all and I am hoping she is ready for the desired alignment I will plow into her mind. Meaning, I will hold her mind as my own, seeding my thoughts into it.

Great minds in life for millennia have hungrily pondered Truth. Today, I will shower some of that truth upon you. So, let’s begin.

Holding fear in one’s mind greatly minimizes one’s ideas of life. Life becomes an endless series of incapacitating events holding one back from experiencing the soul’s true purpose. In holding on to fear, one is embracing night-light*. Great minds in life align themselves with Light, not night-light. Great achievers do the same. In this lesson, I speak of night-light as being negative ideas. Ideas of fear and difficulties one might experience in life. We long-in-Light minds hear the ideas of those in life and feel sorry for you because we in Light know that fear is an illusion. Life aligns with fear because the healing of fear is a common goal many souls choose as they plan their life incarnations. Healing oneself from fear in life is a great achievement and one that most souls wish to experience. In doing so, one replaces one’s fear and troubled thoughts with trust in God. God voices only hope and Light, never fear. In God’s reality, fear does not exist. It is only a life construct that allows for growth and learning. In dancing with fear, trust in Light is missing, hope is missing. Holding onto fear in life only retards one’s progress. I offer full relief from fear here, now. Hold on to my words now and heal yourselves from fear.

Light exists as the only energy making up all that exists. Simply put, there is nothing else. Hold on hungrily to this truth. Great minds in life align with this idea. Light flows in all that exists. Lugging around ideas created early in one’s life is biggest creator of fear. These night-light-aligned ideas are based on physical life experiences and the ideas of others in life. Mistaken ideas, based only on one’s experience of physical life, hold no truth because they ignore Light Truth. The greatest minds in life are gifted in Light knowledge, not life knowledge. They are the visionaries, not the scientists, whose knowledge is based only on life experience. Light is beginning to lift the veil on scientific knowledge but it has a long way to go. Holding on to this misguided system of belief is the basis of much fear in the world today. People listen to the pronouncements, grim as they are, and believe them to be truth. Kicking out hope in favor of gestures of spreading helplessness. Life seems pointless if one believes in accepting hopelessness as truth. Is accepting hopelessness in alignment with God? No, it is not, and therefore it is not truth. Lining up with ideas of high-minded, fully melded Light-thinkers is one’s path to truth. Logging* their ideas violates the scientific model of thought but it opens truth and hope into life. Fear fades in its opening into life. Light ideas have been proven time and again infallible.

In Western culture, acceptance of Light ideas is scoffed at by those who promote scientific ideas. Lofty ideas of Light align themselves with principles not yet provable by scientific standards, holding back millions from the truth that would change their entire life experience. Hope is limited in life for so many now because of grim science-based pronouncements that simply are not true. Basing one’s life choices on grim life ideas produces grim results. Millions in life suffer because of this. One example of this flinging away of gentle hope in life based on misguided scientific notions is the belief in scarcity of resources. In Light no scarcity exists because all in Light believe in abundance. This collective belief in abundance produces abundance for all. In life, great scientific minds promote ideas of growing scarcity in practically everything. Scarcity of money, scarcity of gifts, scarcity of value, the bright failure of humankind to lift itself in situation, and issues relating to existence in the future. Life seems almost pointless given such grim predictions. I am here to tell you none of that is true.

Hope in life is always the correct choice. Hope is the creator of life experience. Grim predictions are the creator of life misery, nothing else. Life misery lowers the collective consciousness of Earth. Looming untrue predictions are the greatest fallacy promoted by science. Logging them as truth is the greatest mistake of humanity. By aligning with these ideas, humanity holds itself back. Great civilizations in wonderful alignment with God await humanity’s awakening. In Light, everything is one. Light will flow in the world soon and humanity will join their brethren in God’s Truth. Healing will begin on a grand scale soon. Great revelations of Truth will open. Humanity will awaken from its self-imposed night-light, fully and willingly aligning with God in Light. So, my friends, let go of fear, for fear is only an illusion created by night-light. Hope is the Light you must steer by. The great issues of today will fade, and Light, peace and love will become Earth’s Truth. Believe in that, my friends, and be happy.”


You can connect with Jacquelyn, and her Master Teachers, via her website at A book of her channelings, “LIGHT LESSONS: Wisdom for Light Workers from Master Teachers in Light” is also available on Amazon.


Glossary of common terms and their meanings:

Light – This term is used in multiple ways. Often it is used to describe the existence beyond physical life, commonly referred to as “Heaven” or the afterlife. They also use it to describe spiritual energy or consciousness, the energy that makes up everything that exists. They also use it to describe a state of positive, enlightened existence in alignment with God. They also tend to use it as a name for the collective enlightened consciousness, the guides, teachers and masters in spirit who reach out to us.

Long-in-Light – Is another way of saying “enlightened” or possessing a great deal of spiritual light. It can also be used to describe one who has existed in spirit for a long time, an “old soul.”

Night-light – They use this term to describe anything, living or in spirit, that is not in alignment with God. Not a positive state, but rather one of sadness, fear, anger or any other kind of suffering. “Night-light spirits” are spirits in a state of negative emotions and suffering, not aligned with peace and happiness. They are in need of healing.

Light Pondering – Light pondering is the quieting of the mind to allow ideas of spirit to enter, through meditation, divination or dream work.

Light Minds – Light minds in life are those people living who have a mind-connection to spirit and spiritual truth: mediums, intuitives and other lightworkers. Light minds can also be those enlightened minds in spirit. They are aligned with Light, not night-light.

Loitering Spirits – Spirits in a state of night-light who are attracted to the energy of the living.

Logging – A term that describes the pinning of intention to effect change in one’s experience. Logging, in teaching vernacular, is the sending of intention toward a goal.