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July 21, 2015

Channel: Brenda Hoffmman

Dear Ones,

Many discuss soon-to-be landings of beings from outer space – that space aliens zoom around earth waiting for you of earth to allow them to become visible.

While it is true that beings from many locales are observing earth and earth entities, beings not of earth have no need of space craft. Believing space aliens will land on earth is a bit like expecting a Medieval knight on a white horse to find his way to your heart.

That is not to say those who wish to believe space aliens will arrive in spaceships are wrong – merely misguided in terms of the capabilities of those of other dimensions.

You, of earth, once thought computers, television, radios and airplanes were beyond belief. Today those inventions and many more are part of your daily life. Yet you continue to believe that beings from other dimensions and frequencies require elements of your current life that you understand. Such is not so.

Just as you are beginning to believe it is possible for you to visit other dimensions, times and frequencies without need of a physical vehicle, so it is that those not of earth do not require a spaceship or any vehicle.

Many of earth once believed hell and the devil were part of their fearful life and death. Of course, such is not so and never has been. Merely a human creation of fear.

So it is that spaceships are no more real than hell, the devil – or heaven for that matter.

You are now able to create what you wish – just as is true for those who recently died or transitioned from earth. Many of you are familiar with the concept that those who feel they need to reside in hell, purgatory or any place they thought they would occupy upon death, do so until they realize they can recreate a so-called after life more appropriate for their being.

Even though those of you waiting for alien spaceships to be declared valid by a United States President or anyone you feel will validate your claims, that declaration will not be reality for those who do not believe. Such a scenario will be your creation – not a global event. A scenario of merely one of your facets, not the totality of your being..

That is not to make fun of your creations, but instead to inform you that such a localized creation – dedicated to what was instead of what is – is a small creation not large as beings observing you – including us – hope you will gravitate to.

Does it really matter if spaceships land? Will your life be that different if someone you have given power to declares your beliefs valid? No and more no.

You have far greater skills than you will be or have been whisked into spaceships. Many of you will declare such statements incorrect, wrong or just plain mean. But such statements are to open your beliefs and creation skills beyond needing others to validate your being – whether spaceships or other pieces of outer-directed power.

For eons, you believed in a God without physical verification that such a being exits. Yet, now that your beliefs are opening to you as an important piece of God, you demand verification.

Verification is within you. As you release beliefs that require someone or something outside of you – space aliens, God, gurus, corporate leaders, politicians or anyone other than you – you will know you can create anything with your new multi-faceted, diamond being.

You are not limited to that which others provide. You are not limited to those in power in your current life. You have no limitations. Waiting for space aliens to verify your being, your beliefs is to give away your power just as you did in your 3D world with gurus, religious leaders, corporate, sports and political figures.

No one is more powerful, more knowing than you. No one is going to rescue you, verify you, train you or care for you more competently than you.

Even if your dreams of alien space landings were reality, those spacecraft beings would not understand, know or direct you better than you direct yourself. Allow yourself to know and accept your powers without need for anyone to rescue or verify you. You are all you need for you have become a totality and are no longer a mere segment or two.

If you have the skills to create dimensions and frequencies and change your history, why would you need a spaceship for travel?

So it is for those you believe are visiting from other planets. You are you in all your glory. They are the same. Observing, sending love and perhaps visiting through the dimensions. But most certainly not circling earth in an outdated spaceship waiting for the all clear from someone you of earth have given power to. So be it. Amen.

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