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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, November 30th

Dear Ones,

Are you frustrated or fearful because your earth dream has not yet materialized?

Most likely, you believe you have to create something in a certain way. “If I do this, this will happen. But if I neglect my  thoughts, actions, fears, joy, heart or love, it will not.”

Many are telling you what you must do to move forward. Such messages are actions that feel right or enjoyable for them.

You are all on separate paths. So no one can ‘should’ you into anything. Perhaps that is difficult for you to comprehend for you continue to believe you cannot be rewarded without effort.

So it is you complete classes, meditations, actions and clearings that are right for others.

If something feels right and joyful to you, most certainly follow through with that thought, clearing or action.

But many of you are rushing from one exercise to another fearing that if you do not complete this or that piece, your earth dream will not materialize. That you have to do something other than just being.

Such is not true. Who you are is most definitely complete enough to create and accept any creation you decide to create.

Yet, you continue to believe you are a sinner or bad person who must WORK to achieve anything – that you do not deserve to receive just because you are.

Exercises are fine and good. Some are glorious. Some are time wasters. But none is right for you if it does not feel right and/or joyful.

Perhaps meditation is a better comparison. Some meditate for hours daily and glory in the results. Others walk in the woods and achieve the same effect. Still others do not have a meditation practice and feel very comfortable. The only right way to access your inner-being, inner messages – is the technique correct for you.

When you read or hear that you ‘must’ do something to achieve something, realize that such a dictate is a 3D belief.

There are no shoulds or musts in New Earth.

Following others because you believe they have answers you do not, is taking you off your path.

And those who dictate what you must think, believe, do or say are taking themselves off their path. For setting up such thoughts or actions, indicates it is more important for them to have followers than for them to progress on their path.

Information that feels right to you – whether it requires financial reimbursement to the creator of that information or not – is different.

When you discover a spiritual teacher, guru or friend who tells you that you MUST do something, know that doing so will not necessarily move you or the person dictating that belief in the direction you would like.

Trust your instincts. Trust your inner-being. Trust your joy. There are thousands of techniques that will move you forward in this wondrous transition – according to the creators of those techniques.

But if you question the joy of following those techniques one iota. Or if you forget to continue or initiate a process that seems perfect for you, know that such a process/technique is not right for you now.

What you forget is you are progressing steadily along your path. And as you do, your needs and concerns shift. That which was once right for you is not necessarily any longer. By the same token, that which seemed wrong two weeks ago might seem very right now.

Allow yourself to expand your needs and creations without feeling sad or bad because you neglected a piece that others told you was a must for your new creation.

You are not like anyone. So your creations will appear at different times and in different ways. Allow that to be acceptable. In truth, glory in that concept. For you have more freedom on earth than you have every allowed yourself before. The freedom to be your personal leader, your personal guru.

If something feels right, it is – at least, for this hour or minute. For you are shifting so rapidly that that which was perfect a minute ago, may not mean anything to you now.

So it is that you must follow your instincts. No matter what others tell you or show you.

Of course, you wish to create your earth dream NOW. You want a fast food fix to a luxurious dining experience.

So you run hither and yon thinking that you must do this before you create your dream. Not because your inner-being cries out for that action, but because someone has indicated they know you better than you know you.

Such is not possible.

So it is time for you to rest. To allow your earth dream to become your reality in the way best for you. Even though someone might have a technique that speeds up your process a bit, most likely, that technique is not right for you UNLESS it feels like cotton candy as you perform the technique or listen to the message.

This transition is about and for you. No one else. It is not your place to fast forward anyone other than yourself – unless it feels right.

Your techniques are created by new you for a purpose. Just as the techniques of others perform the same function. Very seldom will your techniques blend easily with others, for you are all unique entities with unique roles and inner directives.

Play with the techniques of others if you wish. But do not expect those techniques to be the answer to your dreams. You have your answers, techniques and directives within your being. You are a self-contained entity who requires no other information.

Allow yourself to relax into your earth dream. Your inner-being will lead the way. All you have to do is listen. Not to others, but to yourself. For you are wise far beyond anything you can now imagine. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her blog and subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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