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Horus (channeled messages)

Horus via Elaine DeGiorgio, June 5th, 2017

Horus: You Are The Holy One You Wait For

horusI, Heru speak through the heart of my beloved one to the hearts of you all.

I speak with you of love and of compassion knowing the trials and tribulations that you all face. Take strength, take great strength… You are the Holy one you wait for….

Reach out among you. Reach out now and touch the person next to you, and know that there is no separation, that you are joined, that you are one; a carrot in a row of carrots, separated by the earth between, nourished by the sun and the water and air, always of the One.

Green you are. Green with envy and greed, and ignorance at times. And they are masks. And they are symptoms. And there is apathy, and relief. And we come to aid you in the growing of the wisdom, and the light that shines now upon you all. It shines in a photosynthesis of life that your light may meet it; that your light may recognise it, know it as part of you and you, and you.

And we see you looking, searching, waiting for the Holy one, not knowing all the while that you are he, and she, and in between the spaces, always Holy. Yes you are. Would that you knew such. The world of your material knowing would be different, would appear different to you, would be experienced in a way that harmony would prevail, because there would be no need for else; there would no need for hunger; there would be no need for violence; there would be no need for reconciliation, because you would know the web of light is you and you, and you that is the I, the I AM of the One.

And the Christ force comes now to hold you up, to raise you that you may see this. And you will call it what you will. And you will call it science. And you will call it philosophy. And you will call it religion. And you will call it synchronicity. And you will call it faith. And at times you will call it madness for you recognise it though you do not treat it well. And we know and we see. And here it comes. Here it comes, upon a wave of treasure, upon a wave of guilt for the seeing comes late, but never too late. And the emotion subsides for all is well in the world of this domain. And we raise you up that you would see it, a beacon in the lighthouse, never too many, never too much. Never too bright, and always steering the light course that is this force.

Know it. Feel it. Sit in the silence and turn to look at yourself, and when you do, feel love, feel love for you, for you Blessed being, are the miracle of earth. You star child are the angel within. You, are the one you have been waiting for. Yes you are. Embrace yourself. Embrace yourself and know that you are loved, that you are seen; that you are held in the wisdom of ages and that you contain this within you. You must simply reach for it, ask for it, know it, and it will come. Yes it will.
Open the door as if you would walk through it with your shoulders back and your knowing high. ‘This is who I am.

This is what I do and bring into the world. Yes it is. And I am proud. I am proud and humbled and agreeing, but I am light, and love and loved.’ All of you, all of us, if you could but feel it. Reach out and I will meet you. Yes I will. And others too. And in the meeting of us you will meet yourself, and what a shining beacon you will see.

Hold yourself. Hold yourself and grow. Put aside the terror. Put aside the pain. Put aside the fear and the doubt and you cannot remain in this way perplexed, in this way held back. You cannot. And you will move forward. And you will move, all of you. Yes you will. None will be left behind. None will not shift. The river flows with all and for all. And some will see it and some will know it, and some will not, but still the river flows for them, for those who do not see and cannot meet me in their mind’s eyes, in their vision, in their knowing. It does not matter that. It does not matter what you call it; the river flows nonetheless. The tide comes in and out, and in and out, still upon the moon of your making, and all are affected, and all are effected in the light. It is the way. It is that you will rejoice in the knowing, in the feeling sense of liberation. If you can raise up above the carriage and dwell in that oneness of that love, how can you return to something different? You cannot do so easily. Your will will find a way to bring it into the world.

Remember, you are love, You are Light, You are ONE.

I AM HERU and I speak through Elaine this day.

Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio – Posted per request via email –

Horus via Nancy Tate, May 13th, 2017

Wake up Call: Horus, May 13, 2017


If you all were to go about your business and make a turn or two that felt good, then you would be in the space that brings about a good feeling of what your life is about right now. It is a matter of being true to yourself and bringing a good template to your story.

As far as the rest of the story is there is a turn of events that is coming that will bringing about the loveliest way of living that you have known since being on this planet. I speak of the reunion with yourselves, and the times of goodness that you will create and feel in every moment. It is a matter of the old being just that, the old. It is time for the new to be in every second and to imitate the previous one in the energy of rightness.

When I say rightness I say that there is no ‘wrong’ in the decisions that you come to that come from your inner self and make you feel good. It is a long way from being in the advantage of taking guidelines from others, especially when they don’t feel good. Make your own guidelines. If they are in the coincide with others then you are on an interesting track that can lead you to a harmonic adventure that will always be in the advantages of not only you, but others as well.

I am with you now to encourage you to follow your heart and your good feelings that will bring to you the best life in every moment that you can make. If something comes to you from a decision that you’ve made that may not seem right, then see it from the standpoint as a way to be able to determine what the next decision will be. It is a genuine journey of Love that is in your pathway. Take that journey on with your own guidelines, even if they might match others. They are then in harmony, and in the flow of creation.

This is just one of the small conversations that I wish to share with you today. As we all go about our journeys we will cross each other’s paths, and smile and hold hands, hug and even walk along with each other for a certain distance or purpose. It is the time for us all to go our ways in the energies that feel right for us first, and then can flow on to others who are in our lives.

I am Horus and I am with you in this day to bring about a new beginning for us all together. We are One in destiny, and in the moment of Love that we all share. I am at peace, in joy and live in Love with all of you. On with your journey in the essence of your true selves! Love is all there is.

Thank you dear Horus,

Much love,

Nancy Tate

Horus via Elaine DeGiorgio, April 16th, 2017

Horus: When You Are Called To Service

149054254870556Just sat with my beloved Heru – his energy today is beautiful and strong…as I connected with him and my Sacred I AM Presence he came though me blending, and merging as he spoke… He showed me the times of Atlantis and reminded me of the good times and then of the fall… and then told me that we must embrace all… His Message:

I Heru, speak through the heart of my beloved to the hearts of you all.

I Heru, speak to you as my beloved anchored here on this earth plane who connects with me and I her, much work we do at this time anchoring the rays of Ray One The Sacred Blue Flame of the God Star Sirius and Ray Four the Diamond Ray also of the God Star and the Ascension Temple in Luxor, I speak to you from the Dimensions that are not of this Earth Plane but far Higher as we anchor these Divine Rays to your Earth and our mission is to connect many of you now to the 144th Degree Cosmic Consciousness and the Cosmic Lion Consciousness. My love for each and every one of you is unconditional and I live through all my children anchored here on the earth at this time actively undertaking the Divine Plan.

I speak at this time with you all of the much confusion, much conflict that takes place on your earth.

We are working through the hearts and the minds of the leaders of your governments on your earth to bring forth peace and harmony.

We can only do but plant those seeds of thoughts to the minds of your leaders in hope that they take heed of our words, to take on board our advise for the collective benefit of humanity on your earth at this time.

Just as there has been global conflict, I now speak to the hearts of you all about personal conflict.

Many Souls, many lightworkers have gone down the paths of conflict and separation through their actions and through their words and their thoughts.

This is not the paths that we honour, this is not that paths that we bless.

I spoke through my beloved to the hearts of you all earlier this year on your earth about the masks coming off and that all will be revealed, this is now happening right now as we speak.

At the beginning of this year on your earth, we spoke to the hearts of you all about service, about oneness, about love, about harmony, about the release of the old paradigm.

When you are called to service, you choose through your free will to renounce the old ways that you have lived, those expectations and dreams that tie you down to the material matter. When you renounce, you do so that you evolve and grow and expand your consciousness and increase your vibration.

We are working with you all at this time to assist you all to increase your threshold, to raise your vibration and to enter you all into the 5th Dimension. This can only be achieved when you whole hearted renounce the old paradigm of 3rd Dimensional consciousness of the material matter that no longer serves you a purpose.

Those whom have listened are taking heed, those whom have listened are growing, those whom have listened are blossoming.

Many of these beautiful roses are budding and blossoming in my garden now, many blooming in the rays of my Sun. I plants my seeds, I water and I nuture all these beautiful flowers that have accepted the call to service.

For you my flowers, take strength, at this time many challenges have come forth, Many will challenge you, many will challenge your strength, many will turn against you. Many will come into your life and many will go.

My dear ones your lights are shining bright as the rays of my Sun and as they shine so bright there will be many that cannot withstand this likeness, this brightness, for it is those that hath gone off the paths of their making.

We have not given up on these Souls and we encourage you all to extend blessings and healing to these Souls that have chosen through their free will to see the material dreams, desires, and thought forms and to remain in the 3rd Dimension Paradigm.

Dear Ones you have all worked hard and for these Souls they when they decide to come forth and elevate and evolve to the 5th Dimensional Consciousness, they must release and realize the work they must do. For the path is never an easy one, and as your Masters, Angels and Guides on High we are with you every step of the way.

So therefore I say, live bright in your Truth. Live this way honestly and openly, and with love in your heart. Compassion comes when you extend it to your self. Compassion is known when you love your self. Others are understood when you understand your self. This is a time for remembering. How do you care for your self? How do you love another without loving your self? You cannot. You cannot. It is the first rule of universal law: Know Your Self. Then live that Knowing True.

I AM Heru and I speak through Elaine to the hearts of you all this day.

» Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio – Posted per request via Email.



Horus via Nancy Tate, April 12th, 2017

Wake up Call: Horus, April 12, 2017


I am here today to share with you something that is taking place in the universe. You are all in turmoil in many instances, and as you go through them you are separating the good from the not so good. You are sorting through what is in your glory and what needs to be left behind. It is a time in which you will be coming through it all in a state of understanding as to why this is time that you need, and in fact on some level, asked for in order to be able to see what the truth is in all ways that are coming to you in these times.

I am Horus once again, and I am spending moments, and sometimes more than minutes, with some of you as you go through these procedures of discovering the truth of who you really are. I come to you from Inner Earth and from the galaxy out there as well. I am one of the beings who came to this planet for a purpose, and I am in the midst of completing this purpose with all of you, and then getting on to the next stage of the reason I am here.

I am going to share with you one thing that you may not have heard of yet. It is a long way to the end of extinction and as we go through the times of justice and completeness we will be given the green light to be discovering the open door to the infinity of existence. We are all in this together and as we progress we do so with the authority that the Creator has put into place for us to express in whatever ways that we choose. It is a journey that has been so interesting at times and as some of you may say, so boring at other times.

It is all part of the experience that we have created to be a part of. It is the ultimate of expression that we are using, and it is bringing us to the epitome of what it means to be in the freedom of creativity that the Mushaba energy, which is within each and every one of us, is bringing forth for us. We are doing what we are inspired to do, and it is a journey that has many downfalls, and many pick-ups that take us to the utmost expression of Love that is our prime energy of moving forward in the expression of who we truly are.

I have one more thing I wish to share with you before I leave this message, and it is this. We are all in this together in a way that we have chosen to experience. If there is anything about it that feels out of place, then take a breath, look within your own beingness, and allow the voice of your inner truth to come forth and influence your next thought, move and desire. It is the most invigorating time for many of you right now, and in that feeling it is good to sit back once in a while and just be the jewel that you are to influence you back to your own inner way of being.

Beauty is all around us, and we are creating it in the wonder of what is within us in our moment of truth. Love is the answer in everything that comes forth. Live it in truth, and you help to create the next breath of the universe in the perfection of the Love that is the truth of us all.

I love you all so much and I know that you are the angels of earth that bring it all into the perfection that is destined. Once for all, see the truth as it truly is. 

Thank you dear Horus,

Much Love,

Nancy Tate

Horus via Nancy Tate, March 25th, 2017


Wake up Call: Horus, March 25, 2017


I am here to let you know that there is something coming around the bend for all of you. It is something that you have not been looking forward to because you have not been told that it is on it’s way. It is something that is totally a gift, and will bring so many of you to your knees. As I give this information through this one I do so with the knowledge that you may be wondering, as you read this, what in the world I am speaking of. I tell you that it is something that you will recognize when it comes forth, and it will be a personal outcome for each of you. Therefore I cannot be explicit and tell you what it is, because each of you will find it is personal to what is the right thing for your life. It will have all of the particulars that suit what you will find appropriate for the coming times.

As I send this information through this one, I am speaking to all of you in the way that you will find is personal, for you will have feelings and ideas about what I may be referring to. That is because you have been in contact with all of your own guides, and as that has come into the personal ways in which you interpret your needs and desires, it has materialized on a level that is ready to surface for each of you. All you need do is to know that it is already in existence, and that as you see and feel it as your reality, it will come into the physicality that you will be able to incorporate into your lives.

Take a moment dear ones, and feel the encumbrance of what you desire. Feel the increasing wonder of what it will do for you, and then know that it is waiting in the wings for you to bring into your lives. It will materialize as the suitable circumstances come into being. You will find that it will come in a way that is welcome and understandable as to the timing of it for what your life will be like when it is with you. It will come in a whisper, or a song, or a whistle. It will come in a way that you will recognize as the perfection of what is to be your new gift for the life you desire. It will fill empty holes, and provide a new way of seeing life in the materialization of what you want. You are the creator of your life and as you realize that more and more, you will know that this is indeed the time for the ascension to a higher way of being for all of you who are able to bring this into your present moments.

I am Horus with you and this one once again. The distance I have held from speaking to you all though this one is because of the bearing this message has on your time, and of the interaction that we will be having in the coming times of change. It will be a reunion that you will recognize, and as it speeds forward you will remember bits and pieces more and more, of our lives together within this beautiful earth and beyond.

I leave you in this message now with the love and honor I have for each and everyone of you. I shall return at some point of your moving forward and I will walk and dance and sing with you through the coming movements to the ascension of you all. Love is all there is and the expression of the Love is boundless!

Thank you so much, dear Horus,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

Horus via Nancy Tate, March 6th, 2017

Wake up Call: Horus, March 06, 2017


When you wake up in the morning and you find the day to be another one of disgust and mis-desire, then you know that you have released some more of your old misgivings and made room for the new ideas and feelings to manifest what is coming for you in the ethers. It has been quite a journey for all of you, and as you continue down the trail of this and that, you will find that there is more to be thankful for, than to be ready to throw into the trash bin.

As I speak to you this morning I do so with such a feeling of love that I know you will feel coming to you as you read these words, for I am in every letter, every detail of the words. I am Horus and I come to you once again as a sender of the glad tidings that are awaiting your claim in the hall of fame of the life that you have been working in and enjoying the trip as it goes through the trials and tribulations. You know in your inner selves that the journey you are creating has been a planned one, with the details being put into place as you walk and dance along the byways. They are what you have set in place to make this a journey of expression for the experience that you have not had before.

As I say this, I do so with the knowledge that you have been in the attitude that there has to be something better that will come into your lives. There has to be an end to what others are saying that keeps you in awe of how long you have had to wait for what they say is to come your way. Take a moment to consider what this is telling you on your inner level. Is it something that you have to have the patience to wait for? Or is it something that you can set aside for the time being, knowing that in one way or another it will come to you, and that in the meantime it is imperative that you live your life in the best way you can?

It is time to create the loving expression of living in the moment and of allowing it to flow forth into your life, and for those of others to see. It can be a learning trip not only for you, but for others as well, if they choose for it to be. It is a way of life that has been a jewel for you in the past, has it not! Look back and see how you have lived the moment and what it has brought you. Take the time to rest your mind and ease into the feeling of peace. From there you can see the glow of your own selves shine forth as you move forward into the next moment and the next. Is it something that you are interested in seeing for what it can bring you? Are you ready to let go of whatever others have told you is in the immediate minutes and then again and again? If so then ask yourself how you can add to the flinging of the ashes into the wind and watching them flow over the land and settle down to feed the soil and the landscape that grows forth in a way that is interesting and fitting to what you desire for your lives.

It is now time to see for yourselves what the magic of living the moment can bring into your lives. As you do this, then you can see how you have been giving yourselves the gift of learning how to release the idea of reaching outward for what you want. You can now see that going into your inner being is the best way that you can find the means by which to go on the journey that will bring you to the essence of what it is that you desire and know will manifest in your lives.

I am ready now to sit back and enjoy your company as you prepare for the reunion that we will have when you are ready for it. Till then you will enjoy the newness of what you will be bringing into your lives by allowing the dream that you read from your inner love essence. It is a new way of living for so many of you. It will bring about that which you have been asking for and wanting that begins a whole new way of living in the joy, peace and Love that your inner selves are all about. I love you all, and I look forward to the reunion that we will have when you are ready to return to your innermost Love expressions. That is just around the corner. Love to you all! 

Thank you so much dear Horus,

Much Love, Nancy Tate