Love is our new reality

Christ via Jahn Kassl, June 4th, 2023

Burn without burning out
Jahn J Kassl 2023-06-04

Storm over Europe

Continue on the path of love without fear! Stop only when you have fulfilled what you were sent to this earth to do. Do not worry about your well-being, but only about promoting heaven on earth and within yourself at all times.

A storm is blowing over Europe, and yet Europe will emerge victorious from it in the end. That which was rotten, wrong, and misleading will be extinguished with the flame of truth, and those who started the storm will perish in it.

The law of cause and effect produces results accordingly, and all people who have forgotten the cosmic laws are now reminded of this, by experiencing the suffering they caused.
GOD neither avenges nor retaliates, GOD is love!

In this love, the people we are talking about here are brought to their understanding, and encouraged to pause. No one dies forever, no one will lose this life without gaining another life in return! Everything is woven into God’s grace, no one leaves forever and nothing is lost forever.

Change of perception

What is happening now is the big change in perception. Events that promote and condition the awakening will come. People are awakened who have lost all connection with GOD, denying all relationships of “BEING HUMAN”. The great Divine intervention—heaven’s intervention on earth—does this.

Everyone who no longer counted on it, who has grown tired and saddened by the many announcements, will recognize the work of GOD, and partake of HIS GRACE in body and soul.

The heart – the key

Don’t worry, because there are big and small worries that will make you take a gloomy view of current affairs. Strive to adopt a positive basic attitude, to receive light-filled thoughts and feelings, and create them again and again. In the midst of the great evil and immediately before the great storm, it is important to stay focused on GOD’s light – on GOD’s truth. Do not be discouraged, but always find your way back to the spiritual center of “BEING HUMAN”: The heart is the key and GOD is the one who lives in your heart.

Shift your attention from the outside in, especially when what’s going on outside becomes too much for you. If you don’t know or can’t continue, then it’s time to step out of the game and immerse yourself in life beyond this perception.

Silence, meditation and prayer are the anchors of this time. Unfortunately, too few use it.
When fighting, it is forgotten that every warrior needs rest and refreshments to gather strength. He who is passionate about a cause, who lives in his mission, who gives his all without regard for himself, is honored and deplorable at the same time, because love begins with the perception of one’s own needs.

You are human

Respect your own needs, just as you respect and stand up for others.
Those who strive without seeing themselves, who are attentive to humanity but neglect themselves, are bound to fail. It is the inner balance that determines the success or failure of a thing. A king can take a castle or even several castles by storm, but he can never conquer all castles in this way.

Warriors of Light burn out, lose their power, and see themselves as failures. This happens when too much energy has been wasted, and when people can no longer charge their batteries.
Where this aspect is left unnoticed, there can be no success, and projects, however bright they may be, will fail.

No one will save the world and no one needs to save the world! The only thing is: to develop yourself and realize your role in this game!

This is how you develop on the stage of life.

So go and develop self-respect, so that your respect for human affairs is genuine – and rejoice, for indelible events will restore humanity and the planet to divine order and harmony.

What the ONE fears, the OTHER expects with joy, and it brings blessing to all people, because the light of GOD means LIBERATION for every creature.

I’m with you.