Dome observed the battle condition of the total activation of the earth’s energy via Hanyin in China, June 12th, 2018

Dome observed the battle condition of the total activation of the earth’s energy
(channeled by Hanyin, translated by Xiong)
At present the overall situation of the earth is that every beings of us, including those extra- terrestrial beings of us, when conducted specific observations, felt a kind of strong energy circulating impulsively in the whole space. This kind of impulsive circulation is not common in low level group, at least I have never ever seen according to some of my past work experience. This kind of impact and backflow of energies, or what we called the rolling circulation, was intensified so magnificent in the moment in this space, like myriad terrifying waves, swept and surrounded the dark energies of this space, about to annihilate them.
So, what we can feel now is that the numerical value of energies in the earth has already changed radically. What we felt before was that the earth and beings as a vessel, when the energy of this space changed radically, it’s like water waves, or ripple on the lake oscillating out, was spread out constantly. But now because of this spirit of the brave departed,  these indomitable souls and the beings suffering in the miserable dilemma waking up collectively, their will to fight burst out strongly and formed a kind of strong impactive resonance energy, started pouring into this space strongly, and pass to other spaces comprehensively. So when I observed this amazing situation on the earth, also collected the feedback and resonance from other spaces.
A lot of planets, the situation same as the earth, or better, they fed back proactive and give the reports of this situation. They found that the earth has become a platform, which incarnate and gather battle energy will in the universe, sharing weal and woe.  When this battle energy and will refined strong constantly spread out to the  whole space of the universe, transmitted  synchronously to middle level and low level spaces like furious billows,  the framework of the whole space changed!
The whole framework started tending to, after the positive energy of the universe was refined constantly, was inherited as a kind of strong circulation mode by other spaces. Not only there are these indomitable warriors on the earth, but also many this kind of hero spirits in other planets,  they didn’t have this kind of chance, didn’t blessed luckily like the earth, remembered by the universe, no such a whopping opportunity to break out real source energies of  their own. So, after this kind of resonance energy spread to other planets, these indomitable hero spirits themselves connected each other together, started concentrating into a kind of strong energy effect in the middle level and low level spaces, making it be able to be inherited by more beings, letting more beings develop this great spirit.
What I can feel more deeply now is the changes of other planets. The clearest is that their battle style energies have been intensified, because these indomitable hero spirit inside them rose up together, touched by the spectacular scene on the earth, making this kind of energy spread out in the middle level and low level spaces and  increase tremendously. This is the basic situation which I can observe now.