Plato via Jacqueline Fox, June 11th, 2018

June 11th, 2018

Channeling session with Plato for Sananda.


Plato is speaking:

“Today’s session will be about Sponsorship in Light.”

“Right-minded fastening of one’s voice to the lifting of Light in life opens one to Light Sponsorship. This arrangement is promoted by us in Light as a way to protect and lift our Lightworkers in life. Sponsorship is tantamount to being promoted by Light. In Sponsorship, your life is mended and specifically cleared of any minimizing influences that interfere with your Lightwork. Underlying issues that hold you back on your path of purpose are targeted and cleared by your Light sponsors.”


Question from J: “What’s the difference between a Light Guide and a Light Sponsor? Are they the same?”


Plato: “No J, they are not the same. All who are living in life have Light Guides. Only those in Lightwork have Light Sponsors. When pondering Light, Lightworkers open their minds to many in Light. In Sponsorship, every non-elevating influence in Light is stifled. Only higher-level spirits are pondered. In life, bonds that are detrimental to spiritual growth are clipped. This process starts once one receives the offer of Sponsorship. Not all in Light study receive this offer. Only those minds that are pristine in intent of purpose will be offered Sponsorship. Light is very strict in our qualifying process. If one’s purpose in Light pondering is service to self, they will not qualify. Nor will those who simply ponder for money or romance predictions. Now, there is nothing wrong with pondering these topics but Light delights in Truth-pondering. Truth in Light can lift humanity, so those minds in life who lift Truth to the world are offered our Light support and protection in life. Opening of the offer of Sponsorship is carefully considered by us in Light, holding off until we are certain of a student’s overt lining up with Lightwork.

The question in J’s mind now is whether that offer can be revoked by Light. Only if the student decides not to pursue Lightwork. Which does happen sometimes in life and we in Light understand and punish not. But we are very thorough in our qualifying process and calculate the chances of that occurring. Only those who are not likely to leave their Light path are chosen.

Once Sponsorship is offered and accepted, life-mending begins. Nominal influences in the student’s life are eliminated through Light-pushing by us. This means we lift Light-energy to influence our student’s life circumstances. Plural minds in Light open mighty, potent life-changing energy to lift our students in life. Through our Light-lifting, mighty change occurs. Plight-inducing influences are targeted and cut out of life. Limiting habits are stifled. Life becomes more placid and happy. But more than their life-happiness is voiced in this process. Our students in Sponsorship lift healing in life to many others around them. Long Light spreads nimbly through them to the world. So, you see, our Sponsorship of one lifts many in life.

If you have not yet received your offer of Sponsorship, do not despair. Align with Light, open Light in life, and do so with a pure heart. All is as it should be. Most of our Sponsorship offers move in Truth-lifting in life. Not all in Lightwork choose this path. Many choose to quietly ponder in Light to lift hope and happiness in life. Only those healers and channels who are moved to step into Light leadership positions generally receive Sponsorship. Sponsorship targets these people because of the long impact they will produce in life. Line up with your purpose, all you in life. Ponder Light, bond with God and life will open wonderful happiness to you.

Now, I will leave off here and next time talk about money-stopping limitation.”