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Feng in China Channels Higher Self, June 11th, 2018

It’s a hazy day which has lasted for several days today, The sky was overcast, making people feel very uncomfortable, I want to know, at the point of the university level, how exactly the hazy days formed, and what is the future development of it.
I tried to clean up my thoughts of my head and body, rose up to above the earth to observe this phenomenon. I found the reason of the haze forming did not as simple as people talked about from pollutions, of course, all kinds of air pollution, land pollution and water pollution are the part of the reason, besides, the other part of the reason is from the pollution of energy level beyond matter, the anger and suffering when animals were killed, the grievance when human killed each other, all the negative, heavy energies have been accumulated and manifested into the pollution of matter level.
I also found that there have already been many positive energy beings fighting at close quarters with negative energies and cleaning this space. The cleaning of positive energies has made this space a lot cleaner, the earth is evolving into the more advanced space at the whole energy level, spinning upwards very rapidly. However, the repairmen and the cleaning of energies from the universe cannot cure everything, all the creatures and beings on this planet are still creating negative energies. As a result, the earth, at the level of matter, has been getting more and more low-frequency and heavy. Comparing with the progress of the energy of the planet soaring, the disjunction between the matter planet and space energy has been bigger and bigger. This means beings which promote the level-up of this planet will rise into higher space with the earth, on the contrary, beings which are addicted to matter will sink into degradation with the matter planet, struggling with negative energies. Maybe the crimes and sufferings have not been enough for they to wake up, they need more steeling of themselves. But once they are devoured by negative energies, even becoming the puppet of negative energies, the universe will not tolerate any more, the universe will not interchange the evolution of this part of beings at the cost of so big-scale sacrifice of workers from the highest and higher spaces, for the beings of such a low-frequency planet.
Translation to English: Xiong