Love is our new reality

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Message from Babaji via Jahn J Kassl, June 10th, 2018


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Less is not enough! This is the message: throw all limitations out, release all blockades and let go of all fears!

I support you in doing this: level by level and step by step. When the last bit of doubt, hatred and jealousy have left, your life in God’s light begins.



I am right there amongst you! The following words are charged with energy and light, with divine frequency, so most importantly, take this high frequency in and accept it. It is essential to let go now of the inertia of this low-frequency world and to achieve new levels of “activity” through the high frequency of light and love.

This message invites you to pluck up new courage and overcome all doubt as well as hopelessness spreading amongst human beings at the face of the current situation here on earth. I have come to tell you:

There is no reason for giving up half way through the process of change only because some of you feel that it is taking too long, and because to many of you the big shifts seem too long in coming.

This is the wrong attitude and wrong approach to the event you call “ascension”. How can you tame your impatience or entirely rid yourself of it? How can you overcome your inertia and meet the current circumstances of daily life appropriately?

I am telling you: The solution lies within! The solution lies in questioning the concepts of time you were programmed with, your beliefs about ascension, and your opinions.

You essentially need to realize in all this that you can’t understand the ways of the world until you understand the ways of your inner world. You need to deal with your “inner world” until you have achieved clarity on all levels and become aware.


Today many of you tend to stop half way through. Many give up or think about giving up. In the middle of the shift of the world people leave behind a field half farmed. How can you expect to reap fruit or harvest?

This message invites you to complete your spiritual path into the light today, here and now – in this life.

These words and this place (referring to the location where this light reading is held, annot. JJK) are charged with the high frequency of the “energy of awakening”, so that you never again doubt the necessity of your complete transformation in your daily life.

As soon as an individual is ready for it, everything that lurks in the shadows will come to light. This strengthening and encouraging information activates that inner readiness: It lifts you to a new level of “activity”.

It is essential that you are at all times ready to work towards increasing your awareness, and that you don’t allow daily life to keep you from doing so.

For that, a certain basic frequency is necessary – and this frequency is available to you from here on out. To summarize it in one sentence:

You now need to take the biggest steps and remain determined to promote your own healing.

Less is not enough!


As for what’s going on in the world, I give you this:

1.) A revolution is building up.
2.) This revolution will happen worldwide simultaneously. Nothing and no one will remain unaffected by it.
3.) The revolution will be over in the course of a few days – after that everything will be different.
4.) Who lives with God and never denies their own light, will remain unharmed by all events of the revolution.


5.) When everybody speaks about peace, and when all people believe that the dark side has gained victory over the light.

A one-time event is building up, and it is essential to be prepared for it. By inviting me into your life and opening yourself unconditionally to the truth, you lay the foundations for present and future existence.

You have been sent into these times with purposeful tasks, and while you are fulfilling them, you are accompanied by BABAJI, WHO I AM.

I love you endlessly.