Special Message: Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren December 22nd, 2020


Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren December 22nd, 2020


Due to the current situation in the world, the Galactic Federation of Light has decided that a message to the peoples of the United States and the world about how much of what you experience is due to fraud, manipulation and corruption, for example. It is with sadness and sorrow that we must report to the people about what has and is still going on in the United States and in the rest of the world.

Much has been caused by those who have seized power over others by controlling and buying others for much money. Failure to perform these services required of these persons is usually punishable by death. This government is above the governments you have on Earth and they are appointed to do whatever the controlling government commands. The directives to your governments have come from above, and which have consisted of only a small number of beings. This may come as a shock to most people but it is of great importance that the people find out how it is.

This shutdown and the virus that is constantly mutating is there to reduce the population so that the controllers will have total power in the world and make people their slaves. This negative spiral that has been going on for an extremely long time must end and the controlling, the so-called dark ones, have already lost. The light has won, but there are still attempts by the controllers to make people more afraid and thus gain more control. This virus will continue in the next year 2021 and it may mean that some activities will be shut down. This means that people should get some goods to cope with a longer break in closed grocery stores, for example.

When it comes to the worst corrupt people in the world, the US government in the Democratic Party is completely dominant. They have been in power for many years without even trying to help the American people to a more tolerable existence, but have harmed the people and impoverished American society by stealing the people’s money for the opportunity to have a good life for themselves and their families. This must end and the American people must stand up and fight for their freedom in order to break the great polarity of the country. It is known that most Americans are willing to help renovate and refurbish their country, but they must be reassured that they can trust their government and get the help they are entitled to. So far, they have only been given crumbs and these too have been taken away from them.

There have been very large abuses in the country of missing children, for example, and also young adults of organizations that deal with children to satisfy large bases in the cities’ underlying caves that have served as an experiment for non-human beings. Many of these creatures have been captured and are to be imprisoned, but there are still some of the dark creatures on Earth and they are hiding with their bases in caves in the mountains. Most of the children have been rescued and have been helped to recover by benevolent people from other star systems. These children will be returned to Earth if they wish. Unfortunately, it is not just creatures that are not human, there are those who are and prefer the dark side and have caused much suffering to both children and adults.

The president who has been elected will not be allowed to rule the United States. The Democratic Party has a corrupt and evil agenda that only those who have money should govern the country for their own gain. The rest of the population should preferably put an end to themselves. This is the controlling or in the so-called “deep state” agenda for the future. They want to be able to rule the whole world with corruption and fraud. The incumbent President of the Republican Party is a leader who has no previous experience in politics but comes from the industrial world and who has had his own fortune to invest in his campaign in the US election. He has already worked hard to reduce the damage from the previous rulers’ actions against the people and he has succeeded in helping many people. He realized from the beginning of his term that things were not right in Congress and in the elected representatives in their conventions. There was no allowance for the people to emerge from this spiral of declining poverty and polarization. However, there was no problem in getting more fortune by working with the right people. The president, on the other hand, has acquired large debts, but not by obtaining money at the expense of others, but he has to arrange these debts himself. There has been no theft from the people of the president.

The elected president will not be allowed to assume power in the United States. This has been decided by the Higher Councils and the many Galactic High Councils and by our Lord God Almighty. The light has triumphed and the dark ones that still remain on the planet Gaia will not stay that long. The light that is on the planet now and that is getting stronger with the light of all people and the contribution of all light beings that are in the atmosphere, it becomes too strong for these people to stay on the planet. It will be a revelation to the people that will determine how this election went, that is, with fraud and corruption of insurmountable magnitude. This is not how an election should go in the United States, but with justice and the election by the people. The incumbent president will rule the entire world from the United States. Everything that happens in the United States affects the rest of the world and he will make the other leaders in the world follow what the people want in their countries. This is a new time and a new world. Galactic Federation of Light




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

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