Love is our new reality

Heru via Ann Dahlberg, June 15th, 2018


Friday, June 15th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Heru and I want to warn people to put too much emphasis on material things in life. It cannot give you want you want in terms of joy and creativity. The focus on material things takes away the living material in yourselves, which in reality forms the world you live in. The materialistic thinking shapes you in an artificial material world that can be hard to step out of. The real value is in yourselves and the world that you yourselves build up around you. Many are today walking around and are connected to a world that consumes all their time. It is a world that is not really theirs, but it is directed by those who invented it. Everybody needs to shape their own place in life and find their own solution. When you have found your own truth – the truth that you carry inside you can share it with the world that exists outside of you – An authentic person who uses the tools that are available from his/her perspective and from his/her own truth without being directed by the views and statements of others. The one who stands steady in his/her belief and truth can become a good example for others who also are allowed to stand steady in their belief and truth. It is a climate of allowing where each one is making progress on his/her own journey. This requires some time on your own. It requires a larger consciousness of that “I am my own master on my land”. It also requires a larger compassion for the beings that are around you – A realization that we all are going together at the same time as everyone follows his own path to enlightenment of who you are and where you are heading. At the same time as you walk alone you also need each other. You are an individual in the unit. You work both for yourselves and others at the same time in order for you to have a clean and whole world – A world filled with love and compassion for each other.

You have to go within dear people on Earth. You cannot just connect outwards. Your fear of yourselves and what you might find inside are unwarranted. You will only find experiences there – Experiences that you have tried, but left for they have nothing more to teach you. It is the now that is most important for the steps that you now will take, and will impact your continued journey forward. So, choose carefully now dear children on Earth, before you take your next steps, as it is these steps that are your coming future. Choose from love and compassion. Listen to the wise and silent voice inside you. It wants you to do good and positive things for yourself and others who are impacted by your decision. It is important!!! It is now that you will choose the best for yourself, that which you feel you would most of all like to do – The secret dream that you carry in your heart. This is what is transforming your world now and it goes quickly, dear children. It is very, very, very important to choose correctly now. That manifestation comes down as a flash from a clear blue sky today. The light manifests much quicker than the dark, as the light carries a light energy relative to the dark, which carries a dark energy and is thus slower in its manifestation. That which has taken the dark a long time to build up will take only a short time for the light to tear down. After this the light will rebuild during a much shorter period than it too the dark.

The light has now entered on Earth and much has been torn down and much is being built up. This is true not the least for your bodies. It is now that you have the chance to advance in your development by choosing the right path and to follow your heart. Wonders or manifestations are appearing a little all over the place on Earth today, and it is you with your choice in light and love that is the cause of this.

My advice to you today is to carefully listen inside yourselves and choose with love and compassion, when you are facing a new decision.

I give my thanks and send love to the wisdom that resides in your hearts.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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