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Inger noren Channels her Higher Self, December 13th, 2022

A quiet moment before Christmas

The snow lies deep on the ground and the darkness is illuminated by this reflective light. Christmas is just around the corner and many people feel stressed to get as much as possible done with gifts and food.

At the same time, it is a time for recovery and contemplation for a calm and quiet moment in everything that is happening. To feel where you stand in this time and be grateful that a new year and new opportunities will soon come. This year can be a difficult year but also an opportunity to change what you previously experienced as a dark and boring existence with a job that no longer provides anything but an opportunity to make a living.

Renewal and opportunities face the new year and also to be strong in its intention regarding new regulations that no longer enrich the population. There is strength in daring to say no to what is no longer relevant in life and in that way prepare for a time of difficulties but also of opportunities. Christmas is so wonderful in its tradition for most people and especially for the children, but not concentrating too much on the material things but instead having a community in the family and with your friends can give so much more.

In this time when everything is so close to an imminent change for everyone in the population, it can be good to feel only joy and confidence. All people will gain so much understanding and impression with the energies that are coming and it is already at the beginning of next year. The energies of love are great and come with increasing strength so that everyone can feel how loved they are by all the other civilizations that exist in the Universe. It is now happening and in this month when Christmas falls, it is extra important with this love for oneself and others when so many people feel the loneliness more than usual.

People rejoice, so much more is coming to you for you to gain more knowledge about yourselves, but also about how loved you are by Our Lord. Pray to Our Lord for a gentle winter, especially next year for everyone in the population.

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