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Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg, April 10th, 2023


Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg.
Channel Ann Dahlberg

My name is Ishvara and I have come today to talk a little about how things look in your planet in relation to other planets in the universe.

There are many planets that are on the same plane of development as Earth, although they do not all look the same. They may have different conditions for life and growth, but there are planets that have a similar development and resemble Earth. You could feel at home there if you chose to come there. Some of you have already visited such a planet at some point in your long life to gain a certain experience that would develop you further in a slightly faster way.

There are also planets that are at the beginning of their development plan and there is not much life that can be seen with the naked eye. It consists mostly of spiritual life in the form of mountains, volcanoes and dust, to the human eye it looks dead and desolate just like the mountains and deserts that exist on your earth. However, it teems with life because everything that is in motion is life of some kind. There are also planets that have a higher development than Earth with a more perfected technology and a greater developed ability to love. They would regard the Earth as a more or less barbaric planet, a development that today they have difficulty understanding that they themselves have found themselves in.

However, they are willing to help their sisters and brothers on Earth to the extent that they have the opportunity and permission to do so. However, it is required that you have developed a certain ability to love in order for them to be able to do that. Ability to love and will = manifestation and a new change can take place in your consciousness and the planet you are currently on. There are planets that are even higher in their development and where everyone lives in unity with everything.

They can choose to either live in physical or ethereal form. They can shift and use mostly ethereal form, and only physical if they feel it is needed for some reason, so that they can better benefit what they want to accomplish, to help something or someone. They assist in transitions, such as the one Earth is currently in. They impart their wisdom to higher evolved individuals, to guide Earth and its inhabitants to a higher level of development and love.

All the great prophets had contact with someone from this realm and had their intuition strengthened in the form of images and an inner voice that provided information about what reality really looked like. What was the purpose of the life that they were currently living, and the evolution that the Earth and humans were in. There are further realms above this realm, where one is only in etheric form and is helpful everywhere in the universe, wherever they are called to help.

They are often referred to as angels or deities and there are no names that tell who they are. They are what we call God’s right hand and serve only the Highest Good. They can only feel happiness and love and everything to them is happiness and love.

Yes, dear ones, it can be a lot to take in and understand, but many have heard it and can understand it in theory. Some have accepted that it can be this way, others have rejected it as a theory that is impossible to prove and thus belongs to the imagination. However, it can be proven, but not with the measurements that your scientists use today.

The spiritual development needs to be added to the physical and you will take a quantum leap into another reality and gain a greater understanding of what it really looks like in the universe. A part of science is already on its way there but has difficulty getting their knowledge and the intuition they possess heard. However, this will change in the future and a new evolution is taking place on Earth that will live in a higher vibration of love and light.

It is with your willingness to increase your ability to love that you change your world, dear friends. You get all the help you need to strengthen it. You have many around you who are happy to help with that and who want to serve you in the best and most loving way that they can and are allowed to.

You are blessed and loved.

Great love


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