Love is our new reality

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Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg, June 10, 2024


Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg
June 10, 2024

Channel Ann Dahlberg

Dear readers, I am Ishvara and today I want to talk a little about the times to come. The time you are in now is crucial for the next step in your development and for the course of development on Earth. All souls will find home to the light, it is only a matter of time for every soul that exists on Earth. Each soul has free will and can choose to walk towards the light or remain in the darkness behind the veil with which they have surrounded themselves.

Many of you have now chosen to lift the veil and let in the light of love that now shines with a steady glow on Earth. They are now working for Earth’s and their own transformation up to a higher world of light and love. This in turn causes your world to change and split into two camps, those who want a loving earth where people support and help each other and those who want to continue to have power and wealth for themselves. That is the fight that is going on now on Earth.

Those who have opened up to love and compassion in their lives are now increasing, thanks to the energy of love radiating over the Earth with greater force than before. There are more people who anchor the light of love in their hearts and thus also on Earth.

The people and the Earth help each other, they receive and give each other’s love and light. The love energy is a strong energy and can easily withstand the darkness with a significantly smaller number of individuals than the darkness has. This is what is happening now in your world, people who have begun building a more equal and fairer world for everyone regardless of gender or race.

They see that cooperation between countries and their populations is needed to get Earth and humanity back on track. There is much suffering around the world, not only from famine and natural disasters but also from disease and the depletion of nature and its diversity of kingdoms, including the animal kingdom.

The people who see it are working on different levels and in different ways to change the current circumstances. They can be found in economics, politics, technology, education, ethics or in healthcare. They have a key role in the development that is now taking place on Earth. It is of great importance what people in general now support and encourage in various media channels. Those who work for a better and more sustainable world or those who want to maintain the status quo.

It gets a significantly greater power if many people join in their hearts with those who work for the Earth’s and all people’s right to have a good life, it leads to a faster result in the development that the Earth is already in.

This of course applies to all the kingdoms that already exist on Earth and humanity has a large part in how the following times will be. You can speed up the development or delay it, but you cannot change the direction that the Earth and a large part of humanity have now taken.

Those who are unaware of the various events currently taking place on Earth may still have grown in love and compassion and are no major obstacle to Earth’s ongoing transformation.

It is important that you who are aware of what is going on around the Earth and in your world, open up to the energy of love in your heart, so that you can spread it around to all who are ready to receive it. It is also good if you can support and help those who work for the good of the Earth and people in all the ways that you can and are capable of in the situation that you temporarily find yourself in.

Everything can change quickly today and it is you people who contribute to it. You work with the light of the universe and receive everything you need to do your work on Earth both individually and globally.

Great love