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Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg, May 15th, 2023

Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg 2023-05-15

I am Ishvara and there is much happening in your world today, both on an individual and global level. It is the light of awareness that now shines onto Earth and opens up awareness also for humanity in the collective field to which you all belong. It also affects everything on a global level and major societal changes are taking place in your world. It may not be visible yet, but there is a lot of ferment under the surface. There are many individuals who have started to go their own way and started to develop a completely different way of life than what society dictates. It affects your entire system and will be more visible some time to come. There will be more joining these individuals or groups of individuals and that is when it becomes noticeable to others who also want to break away from the old way of life.

Yes, dear ones, the light of awareness is a beautiful light that comes with much compassion and love. Compassion and love often go hand in hand. What I mean is not that you should feel sorry for someone, but simply understand what a fellow human being is going through and be there with a helping hand and a listening ear if you are called to do so. You know on an instinctive level whether you can help this person or not. It may not be your lot and it may not be anyone else’s either, but simply something that this person needs to go through on their own.

Life speaks its own language and you have to slowly learn to understand that language whether you want to or not. In the long run, it provides the development that you need right now to raise your awareness, so that you can eventually rise to a higher frequency. A higher frequency of love and light where more possibilities will open up for you. More opportunities to open up the gifts that are well hidden within yourself. Gifts that help you direct your own life in the way that benefits both yourself and humanity. They give you greater power and a far greater capacity to carry out what you are passionate about. That is where humanity is now striving, and there are a few individuals who are there and who are now plowing the road, so that others can drive on it more easily. They become an example for the new age of love, light and awareness that has now so slowly begun to spread on Earth.

It is a time of light, love and compassion that has reached Earth and is now beginning to use it. You can also see that in the relationship between people during various disasters or events that trigger people’s compassion and where a helping hand is often extended. This can happen through various gifts where you donate food or housing, it can also be that you help with something practical or offer your expertise of some kind. Yes, there are many different ways to help each other, it can happen within the family or between friends, you have all experienced it, or been a part of it yourself. You have all helped someone and been offered help yourself at some point in your life.

Open the door, dear friends, give and receive help from your fellow human beings and you will enter the light of awareness that is now shining into your hearts. An open heart is a brave heart and gives you the power you need now to change your life and your community into a brighter and easier place to live in. A higher vibration for everyone on this planet be it people, animals or nature. It is this light that you must now take into your hearts, let it shine clearly and steadily, so that everyone can see and understand that something has changed within themselves.

Changes happen dear friends, even if they are not so noticeable at first, they grow so slowly and are discovered, when it is time to act on the awareness that you now have in relation to the one that you previously had and that you now has grown out of. Step by step you open up to the light of awareness and love until you see everything with clear and loving eyes and you are then in the realm of light and love.

Great love


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