Love is our new reality

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Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg, September 8, 2023

Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg
September 8, 2023
Channel Ann Dahlberg

My name is Ishvara and today I want to talk a little about the importance of science in the world in which you live.

Science has always been in people’s lives. Since time immemorial, they have invented various things that have made life easier. They have invented and refined various tools that have made their work easier.

As centuries have passed they have become more advanced and intelligence has grown in the mind and brain of humans. They have gone through a great evolution over the course of millennia. Today, development has become so advanced and increased at such a rate, that it can be difficult for all people to understand and follow its pros and cons.

Some are good for human development, but they can also be abused and become a disadvantage because they can also affect your health and well-being in a negative way. However, there may be solutions to it, but they don’t always arrive because power and greed still rule many people’s lives.

However, the light has gradually increased on Earth as the love and understanding for all people’s well-being and woe increases in people’s hearts. It has started in family relationships and continued into society to then include countries where different cultures and languages have developed. Love and intelligence have grown a bit side by side and have sometimes been dominated by one side or the other.

Today, intelligence and science have developed to such an extent that it is beginning to enter the realm of unconditional love. It cannot alone continue to develop alone without bringing with it the spiritual and loving aspect that surrounds it. They must now unite again and give the Earth and the people the help they need to feel whole and free in the world they live in.

The spiritual aspect and the energy of love is now manifesting with a stronger force to remind people that they are spiritual and have a soul that is united with all that is around them. There are many scientists who realize that and you can also see through history that the discoveries that have been made of great importance to mankind are made by people who have used the divine aspect in his life.

Many words of wisdom have come from them and stanzas of what they have expressed may appear a little here and there. However, they have not been incorporated into research, as they have not been able to be proven through the measurement methods they have used.

Today, many scientists have embraced the spiritual aspect when studying their work, but they are not fully accepted due to the norms that still apply within established science or the research currently being conducted on Earth.

However, there is a gradual change in research and more researchers have found that their measurement methods are not enough without them including the field that already exists within and around them.

They have found that the world and the entire universe is carried by an invisible energy, a great force, which they must reverently acknowledge and also experience within themselves.

It is this light, this energy and this power, that many people feel today. A new spirituality has awakened on Earth and many people are now searching for the light of their heart. Compassion and love increase between people as the gate to the light of their hearts opens bit by bit. The light now shines brighter on Earth for you to unite your higher mind (your intelligence) with the higher heart, which is filled with divine love to become perfect people who now live in the kingdom of love and light.

That is the step that you must now take, dear people on Earth. It is the step that you have now chosen and prepared for. You are loving and divine and a new kingdom is already waiting within you and will manifest on Earth as you discover it.

Great love