Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart, December 15th, 2021

The Mothers Who Came to Earth to Birth a New Race | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

December 15, 2021

The Mothers Who Came to Earth to Birth a New Race

I just did a channeling for a woman who actually left her home in the galaxy to come to earth to bear children. You’d think bearing children is not a specialized task, no offense to mothers intended. It is worthy of much respect but most women are capable of bearing children.

But this is a bit different, I’m sensing. These are the mothers who came from other parts of the galaxy to birth a new race – Homo Universalis. These are the mothers who understand the importance of the role and who have come to earth now to fight for their children’s freedom and their right to exist in the Light, not in darkness as has been the plight of all children on earth for many thousands of years.

I wasn’t one of them. I came to fight for the rights of women firstly, I didn’t come here to bear children. Children’s rights are a sub-issue of my life because I was an abused child who had to heal, but this is a bit different. These young mothers have done this and are still doing it, bringing the love and the power, the wisdom and the energy of the universe to bear in raising their earth children.

I am inspired by Ms M’s story, who, not surprisingly is part of the green ray of Mary, the grand matron of them all, the one who birthed Jesus. Ms M, although having a career, takes her role as a mother very seriously and is looking for information she can use to bring her children up inside of a chaotic system. She’s not the only one, I get questions about this sort of thing often. My first inclination is to say to them to look up Australian Mary Rodwell. She knows a lot about the children being born now and their needs.

Let’s see what we can find out about these extraterrestrial mothers and how they are doing this work.

Ivo: It is raising children where the difference lies. What influences now do the parents have to utilize in order to raise children to stand in their own power? These influences come from the stars, the galactic energies that are brought to bear on these children through their parents. Yes, the male is also important, not to be overlooked.

Me: I didn’t mean to do that. I thought they could be another video.

Ivo: Very well. The difference lies between a mother who comes from the stars and a mother who has been born and reincarnated entirely on earth. There is a big difference, one of compliance or lack of compliance, one of power or lack of power.

Me: I think we’re treading a fine line here. I don’t want to imply that earth women are worse mothers than starseed women.

Ivo: They have been subjected to much and have been indoctrinated into a toxic system that only now are they beginning to understand has not been working for them. They have incarnated repeatedly into this system as it got closer and closer to the system of toxicity you see before you now. How can someone who has been subjected to these energies repeatedly, lifetime after lifetime, be the best mother possible for a child? I think this is very difficult.

So the mothers from the stars come to earth, those who have not been subjected to this regime, and they have access to higher energies. This has been the advantage of starseeds all along and continues to be so. A child born to a starseed parent or parents has an advantage over a child who is not. I will state this and people may interpret it as they wish to. If they wish to be insulted, that is their choice.

People are continuing to be brought to the earth to continue to liberate it and its people, to undergo ascension, and to free the minds of all upon her from this tyranny. Those parents who come to nurture earth children bring this added benefit to their families.

Me: Yes, I guess a lot of the anti-vaxx families and families who eat clean are headed by starseed parents, but that’s not to say there aren’t earthlings who have woken up as well. I’m sure there are.

Ivo: Yes, but earth itself is still being upheld by starseed energy. There are many starseeds upon earth who act as conduits for extraterrestrial energies which they then add to the system at hand. The earthlings are the beneficiaries of this energy, not the generators of it. Were the starseeds all to leave, earth would fall again to its negative hosts. That is why all of these dark forces are being removed, earth is continuing to be isolated, and starseeds continue to incarnate here to strengthen the energetic totality of the planet.

Me: In other words, this planet is still on life support.

Ivo: In a sense. The time that the planet will be able to support balanced life again will be after the Event. Then she will be fully re-empowered and will be able to meet the needs of her dependents AND they will be able to meet hers, because yes, it is reciprocal. This is one thing that many who have come to the planet will begin to teach: balance while living in physicality. Until then, extra help will be necessary. However, starseeds will continue to be born upon earth in order to steer the human race through their higher vision.

Now earthlings are still disempowered, and until such time the portals are clear, the polarities reversed on the planet, the darkness is removed and lifted, whether it be in energetic or material form, there will always be need for starseeds. The children being born now, although with more active DNA, require proper tutorial and it is not within the purview of the disempowered earthling parents to school these children in the higher abilities. It is, however, in the purview of the starseed to do so, as they remember more of their power, and can utilize more of their power. They simply have more power, for this moment, than the homo sapiens that inhabits the earth. These parents also have the ability to teach their children how to go through the ascension process, as they currently are doing so themselves. Earthling parents do not have this range of experience, and until such time they are “caught up” they will not have it. It is more advantageous for the planet to have earthling children raised by intergalactic parents.

There are still many advantages to having starseed parents incarnate upon the earth. Until such time that earthlings step back into their multi-dimensional powers, they will still raise their children according to the disempowered belief systems they utilize. Starseed parents can do better.

Me: I see your point, Ivo.

Ivo: That is good, my love.

Me: Now what does Mother Mary have to do with this?

Ivo: Yes, she does have to do with this. The children are being raised now with an eye to developing earth’s future. This type of foresight may not be so apparent to an earthly mother. Starseed mothers are coming in with an understanding of where earth needs to develop and what type of future it is to provide for its denizens, as well as the others in the galaxy. They know this instinctively. It is in their DNA and they download this vision to their children.

Me: I can see the thumbs down on this video already. LOL Oh well. We are making a comparison.

Ivo: Earth mothers run the gamut, my love. Some are still dark mothers such as yours was, others are from old families of Light. Others are simply earth mothers who love their children. Some are focused on success in the current system, but starseed mothers are focused on future success for their children based on positive changes for the planet, less toxicity, repair of the ecosystem and functionality within a time of breakdown of the old and build-up of the new.

Earthling mothers have lower expectations for their children, quite often. If you’ll notice, many people are still focused on working and making a living now, for example.

Me: Yes, that’s blasé.

Ivo: That is because they have low expectations for themselves. What did your parents tell you to do?

Me: To go get a job. Find a man and get married. My mother taught me how to clean a house. LOL

Ivo: Yes, they did not tell you to brandish your sword of the blue ray and go hunting Archons with Archangel Michael, did they?

Me: No, strangely, they missed out on that one. LOL Not unless my sword was made by “Hoover.”

Ivo: They did not tell you to reveal your life’s message and to develop a followership across the world, did they?

Me: No. They missed that one as well.

Ivo: I rest my case then. A starseed mother would not miss out. She would listen to the child who tells her of warfare at night time and flying with the angels. She would not dismiss this as a child’s imagination. An earthly mother might very well do so. The starseed would seek to validate her child’s experiences and help them to remember their true identity. The earth mother would validate her child’s attempts to enter into your physical society, something entirely different. Because that is what she knows. Anything else to her is unreal and simply imagination. That is what she has been taught and that is what she in turn will teach her child and to verify that point, I cite all the people on earth now who simply want to get back to work. They still believe they need to earn an income. The starseed would know better because there is no money out in the universe. The child, then, as you did, will struggle to understand who they actually are. They may, as you did, have to walk away from society in order to understand themselves better. In future, this may be a problem because in future, all starseeds will integrate into society in order to change it. Right now, walking away is still an option, even a necessity; later on it will not be.

Me: Yes, I have a couple people who ask me about their kids’ night time experiences. So earth mothers don’t have that kind of insight?

Ivo: Look around you. Look at your neighbours.

Me: Yes. Totally compliant with the system, some objections to things like vaxxes but by and large just getting by.

Ivo: This is the other problem: Many of them do not have the energy to succeed in fighting the system now. A starseed parent would.

Me: I think you’re making broad statements, Ivo.

Ivo: They are trained to do this. They realize intrinsically the importance of raising children to thrive in times of great change.

Me: I think some earth mothers are in for a surprise with their starseed babies, though. My niece is totally earthling, but when she gave birth to a Vegan starseed boy, she had to learn to start feeding him a vegan diet because he wouldn’t eat meat, he wouldn’t eat what we called “chemical cake” which is a Betty Crocker birthday cake mix right out of the box. He screamed when you put it near his face but his sister ate a piece. My niece was in for a real lesson in higher vibrational diet. I suspect there are more things he’s taught her as well.

Ivo: Yes, but he will fight his mother to get what he needs and he has. A starseed mother will provide these needs to the children without their having to risk the love of their parents to get it. That is one difference.

Me: Yes, the kids next door, I think one is a starseed. I keep calling him the alien. The other one is very overweight and they just blame him for it. They take no responsibility in educating their kid how to eat to keep his weight normal and that’s because they don’t either. He’s so cute, too. But he’s going to have a massive weight problem later because he already does.

Ivo: Which strengthens my point. The starseed parent is more aware of these issues, if for no other reason than they have them themselves. If you were 20 and you had children, how would you mother them?

Me: Are you kidding?! They’d get clean food, organic, home grown, the laundry detergent if it has chemical would be unscented, they’d get daily sunshine and bike riding, they’d learn to develop a love of the outdoors if I had to kill myself to go hiking and biking with them. They would not be stuck inside on the computer! Thing is, if I had kids I wouldn’t be doing this work. I’d be focused on raising them properly and with an open mind, at least to the better things in life especially nature. I’d be telling them everything I know about the galaxy and showing them how to see space ships. These kids would be in the know!

Ivo: Which makes my point, my love. You are aware. These mothers and fathers are also aware.

Me: Yes, many earthlings are just waking up. So I guess their children are being awoken with them.

Ivo: As you have noted, many earthlings are still just learning to say “no” to authority, which is something that many children get taught out of them at an early age on your world.

Me: Yes, this world collectively is about two years old.

Ivo: And homo sapiens must make strides to mature, and quickly at that, otherwise go extinct. Homo sapiens now must evolve into homo universalis or go extinct. Which parent would you rather have?

Me: My parents were homo erectus! LOL

Ivo: Yes, they were very unenlightened, although they thought themselves such. Your parents are an old Light family that was plundered by dark tyranny many centuries ago. Many of these bloodlines were infiltrated and emotionally and physically tortured into submission to the dark agenda. That is why your parents told you that extraterrestrials existed and that we are not alone in the universe – because they know that. That is also why vegetarianism runs in your mother’s side of the family – this is a throwback to the old Pleiadian times.

Me: Yes, I know I’m one of my own descendants. Anara was a seer in times of Atlantis and that bloodline ended up in Holland and some of them became my relatives.

Me: They read books by Erich von Daniken. That’s where I got my copy from.

Ivo: Correct, so you see there are often snippets of wisdom in these bloodlines that still, by and large, have succumbed to the darkness. Yes, it is sad.

Me: Yes. My mother was big on growing organic food, recycling and she was into natural medicine years before it got big. So she was ahead of the pack in so many ways, yet still so dark in so many others.

Ivo: There are still these bloodlines and starseeds are incarnating into them. Which type of family a starseed incarnates into depends on their role. You are a warrior and chose the violet ray as a sub-theme to enact upon earth. So your life became about healing. There are still healers being born on earth and they continue to choose toxic bloodlines to inhabit.

There are blue rays who choose to work with Michael to enact the power and the word of God on this planet.

There are pink rays who are born into loving families who spread the love of God.

There are pink rays who are born into unloving families who come to change that aspect of the collective unconscious. They too are transmuters.

This is a simplification of the roles of starseeds, of course. Each case must be taken on its own and analyzed to see what it is the starseed has come to do. All is necessary.

We shall discuss the role of the father soon.

Me: But I want to wrap this up by saying to all parents, if you kids just “happen to mention” that they were out fighting giants in their sleep last night, or they spend their nights flying with dragons, listen to them. It’s not their imagination; they’re telling you what the universe is really like. I find it’s more like our fairy tales than what we have been led to believe life is actually like. That’s why I loved fairy tales as a child. I couldn’t get enough of them. Some of them are macabre, but otherwise there’s some truth in them. They’re not just there to titillate a child’s imagination. Listen to your children talk about these things and validate them.

Others have and this is wonderful because THEY NEED YOU TO VALIDATE THEM at early stages of their lives when they can’t do it themselves. They have to have your approval. Don’t do what my parents did and tell your kids they’re nuts. They did more to shut down my intuition than anything else I’ve ever come across on this planet because once I got away from them, it really started to come back again. Still it took a long time. Don’t do that to your kid. Life in the galaxy is amazing so let them tell you about it.

So what about the starseed child that has one earth parent and one starseed parent? I find a lot of starseeds that are married/partnered with earthlings like my parents were and I believe that that has to do with the fact that the earthling parent tends to carry out all the “earth factors” of home life, while the starseed parent will actually go through ascension, which is what happened to my father. His kundalini awoke. That’s why he was a raving maniac for many years. My mother did the book work and paid the bills, cooked and met our basic needs. I find starseeds tend to partner in relationships like that. So is there an advantage for the starseed child with parents like this?

Ivo: In fact there can be. One parent teaches the ins and outs of earth life while the other appeals to their inner nature and the multi-dimensional reality. They live in both worlds being taught by both parents so both parents have an impact on the child’s development.

Me: I find in the starseed families I know of except for one, the starseed is the same sex as the earth parent, not the starseed parent. Don’t know if that has any bearing on anything. But it’s the opposite sex parent that’s the starseed. Who knows? Maybe this is something. I think it does mean something and it has to do with how you deal with your same sex parent’s issues. Maybe which parent’s issues you’ve come to heal more directly. In my case it was my mother’s issues, so I know I came here to increase the divine feminine light on earth. My father tried to hold me back, as if that was gonna happen.

And yes. Thank you Ivo. I think this is a good discussion and I’m sure there are questions. I might even put up a page on our website so questions can be asked on this subject and we’ll try to get back to you through more video’s.

Ivo: A good idea, my love. You are most welcome for this information.

Me: By the way, how is Enoch’s hair doing? LOL

Ivo: It is still short.

Me: We’ll have to sit him down and talk to him about that.

Ivo: He is 150 years old, my love.