Judas Iscariot and Seraphim via Ann Dahlberg, July 27th, 2018

Judas Iscariot and Seraphim

Friday, July 27, 2018

Channeled via Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and you find yourself now in both a calm and turbulent energy. It affects you deep within dear children on Earth. It makes you breathe both more heavily and more easily. It makes you both worried and happy at the same time. One moment you want to dance and sing and the next moment you feel mistrust and disillusion. The energy is dancing with you now dear children. It swirls around your bodies and opens old scars that are not yet healed, at the same time as it in the next moment reminds you of joy and to just be. This is how it is now, but the more you let go of your tensions and limitations in your bodies the more joy and harmony you will feel. You will become more harmonious and have a broader view of life and the people you meet.

Breathe in slowly and calmly and take in the new energy that exists around you in each breath. Feel how it fills your body. If there is any resistance you then focus on the tension that results. Feel how the resistance yields and the energy comes through. You might need to do this a few times in a spaced fashion until all tensions are gone. The relief you feel when the body has let go of all tensions will make you feel as if you were flying above ground. This is when you dance forward rather than walk.

(A friend of Judas’ is now entering and want to say a few words.)

I am a friend of Judas and my name is Seraphim. I live in the higher worlds of light and love. It is true that the light energy has reached Earth and has gotten a strong grip of your planet. The Earth is now irresistibly pulled into its new vortex of light and it is important that you are allowing for this energy to enter your bodies. If you turn off the energy you also turn off energy from Gaia. There is no danger, there are many other planets that can receive you, but Gaia continues into her vortex of light. Your soul has already selected your path so follow your soul dear children on Earth. Follow your soul and let it show which path to follow. Do not be afraid of taking the steps you must take. The time is here dear children to fulfill the wish you had when you came down on Earth. Your heart is brave, your heart is wise, your heart is full of love – do not hesitate, but follow it now. It was my wish to convey this to you today. I am happy and grateful for the big steps that you already have taken on Earth. I follow you daily and hourly and send help where it is needed and when you need it.

I send you all my love.



(Judas) Yes, as you understand dear children you have many that follow you from all the different spheres in heaven. You have everybody around you now – all your families are here regardless of where you come from. Everybody is ready to help and do what they can do so that you will hear them. They talk continuously with your higher self and this is then repeated in your heart. You are many who listen now – you are many who follow the path that feels important for you to follow. Continue with this dear friends and it can also lead to how your other friends on Earth might dare to follow their path. The more of you who follow your path the better paths you build for yourselves and the Earth you live on.

It is so dear children on Earth that it is only through your heart that you can recognize if what is being said or shown is true or false. Your ego can be just as adept at fooling you as other’s ego can be. Be particular about feeling harmony in the voice of your heart and the worry in the voice of your ego. All messages containing fear are not from the heart. The message from the heart is full of harmony and gives hope and joy. Listen carefully dear Earthlings – listen carefully and choose the voice to listen to with great discernment. Feel love, think love and you will surely have the right message in your hand.

With these loving words I leave you now.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

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