Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, June 12th, 2018

Judas Iscariot

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

Channeled Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas and I am here now to share some news from the world you live in. Your world is now in the process of having its foundation being replaced. The new foundation is not stable yet, it sways a bit but nevertheless it is there. It is a great honor for me to tell you this today. There are many of you who have put down this foundation. It is like the clay that you form into different vessels. It is done with care and love and it will be burned to strong sustainability. The difference is that there are many of you who build this foundation – it has to fit many purposes and the differences that your world is made up of today. It can thus take some time my dear friends. You are many who design this beautiful foundation of love and light.

Have you felt the changes that are appearing around you, not only geopolitical events but in the very air around you? Have you felt the changes within you? Have you felt that you have grown in your compassion and in your love? Have you discovered that you see the world in a slightly different way?

It is so dear people on Earth – we can see how you have grown. Your aura is shining today in bright strong colors. You are the ones you have waited for – you are the forerunners into the new Era of Love and Light. It is beautiful to behold how non-consciousness turns into consciousness. Your whole atmosphere has received a higher consciousness. You who are conscious can feel this all around you. It can be felt all everywhere in the air, in the sun and in nature. Wherever you are this atmosphere is surrounding you with higher energy of light and love.

Your Earth has shake a bit and has also shaken off some of the negativity that has been there for thousands of years. The Light is now flowing from all directions and it is impossible to keep your hat on. The old hat has to be replaced with a new hat with a completely different vibrating energy. So, understand children on Earth that you are in a staggering process of transformation and change. Nothing could any longer return to the old. The new higher energy has already regained what is needed for it to spread without any bigger problems. You have the problems behind you. If you want you can keep them inside, but it will not work for very much longer. Everything is now coming to the surface to be viewed and then disappear. It returns to its own original energy. The light will alleviate your pain and give you the tools you need in order to transform your energy to a higher energy of light and love.

You are in good hands, dear Earthlings, you receive much help from your guides that you have around you now. They are so happy that they now have an opportunity to serve you, in the way they want to serve you, in this higher energy of light and love. You can even begin to feel their love if you start to become conscious of the new world that is now entering. It is a joy to see all the work being carried out on Earth today in the form of energy, which slowly manifests in your world. It is wondrous to see how a common higher energy of love in people manifests in the physical world. Is that not a marvel so say? It is a wonder, a magnificent wonder.

We love your willpower and enthusiasm, dear Earthlings. We support your love and your energy to do something beautiful for this world. We encourage you and send you all love and light that is needed for you to succeed with your good deeds.

Today we have spoken a bit about what is happening on your world and you should know that you are much loved and surrounded by thousands of beings that support and encourage you in the possible ways they can. We are here and we walk among you now.

Much Love,




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

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