Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, June 1st, 2019

Judas Iscariot

June 1st, 2019

Channeled via Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas and I have come today to help you understand what the coming times will mean at a personal level. Envision the situation where you stand eye to eye with your best friend. From his month comes things that you no longer can understand. They are completely foreign from the reality that you right now are in. You look with astonishment at your good friend and try to convince him that all that he is saying is wrong… or you will see with kind eyes and say you have let go of all this and feel so much better now. This gives your good friend two alternatives.

  • He becomes angry and says that he does no longer understand you and leaves.
  • He becomes surprised and wants to know more about why you have the perception that you have.

This also gives you two alternatives. A) You try to appease him by letting go of your own believes and thus make a compromise with his. B) You explain at a simple level why you react and think as you do.

The second alternative is of course preferable and if you cannot explain your position there are no reasons for you to compromise with your own wellbeing. You have come far in your development towards being more forgiving and loving and it is meant that you take any steps backwards. Your reality of love and forgiveness is the reality that the whole of humanity is to enter into, and this is also so for your good friend. Even if you will lose him for a short while you will meet again soon and he will be grateful that you stood in your ground in your reality – the reality that you had chosen, as it can be this that got him to see and understand where he himself was supposed to be heading, even if it took awhile for him to realize this.

What is it that I want to say with this, dear friends? It is that there is no point in holding on to people if it is so that they do not fit into your life now. However, be careful that it is not you who unselect them – it is their responsibility as to which path they want to follow. Your door should always be open and welcoming. However, do not conflate your will with theirs. The path that is yours is only yours to follow and others have their path to follow. The advice that is being given is only to help them find their paths, which can be completely different from yours.

Remain in the light, in the light of your soul and follow the guidance that you receive. It helps you also to help others if this is what is meant to happen. It can also be that their help is to be found elsewhere. We receive the support and the help that we right now need in order to move on in our own development. We move forward step by step and receive new and valuable insights for each step that we take. Maybe the help is to be found at another step than the one you are at right now. There are many steps and many different paths to follow. So let go of your friend if he wants to eave and wish him good luck and be aware that he is developing and is learning exactly in the way that is meant and best for him.

To give and then let go can sometimes be a bit difficult. Both require and certain maturity and understanding of the fact that everything will be for the best for yourself and those that you meet on your path. The larger the relationship you have to the situation or person or property the more difficult it is. It is then that there is something very important and real for you to learn from the situation that this situation induces. Listen very carefully to your inner message and hear what it has to tell you. Try to understand and feel with your whole being what this is going to mean for you. Are you ready for a larger change in your life or is it something else that you are supposed to learn? Can it be forgiveness at a deeper level that you up till now have understood? Forgiveness can open up for a bigger love and more joy in your life – a love that only gives and does not ask for anything back. The unconditional love in a nutshell. It is rising slowly within you now, dear Earthlings. It is it that is in the process of taking over your world and what world you then will live in? Yes, the real world of love and light. The real world that right now is opening up within many of you.

My love follows you on your path.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

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