Love is our new reality

Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, May 25th, 2019

Judas Iscariot

May 25th, 2019

Channeled via Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas and I want to give all of you a big hug of love – a hug of light and love so that you can hold the light in your hearts and minds. Do not get stuck in thoughts of darkness, but let the light in your hearts determine your day, your now and your actions. The actions of the light are way above the actions of the dark and they are incompatible with each other. If you want to see light in your world you have better choose the light, dear children on Earth. The more light you choose the brighter it gets on Earth.

The dark is receding, since light and thoughts of peace have started to dominate in the minds of humans. The dark cannot attack the light and the light just looks beyond the dark in order to find more light. Light looks for light. Darkness looks for darkness. They are incompatible with each other. Where there is fear there is no joy. Where there is hate there is no love. You find not security in the dark. Security and love rests in the light. Why look for the dark when the light is available and can give you all you need, unconditionally and in abundance.

You search everywhere for the Holy Grail and do not understand that you carry it inside you. Within each one of you this Grail exists and it is up to each one search for whenever. Do you not want to find your Grail of Light so well preserved by your Father that nothing else but light and love can exist there? Nothing evil has been able to destroy it and no darkness has been able to reach it. It is pure and innocently preserved and it is your true self – The self that was created by your Father and preserved as he created it. Put all forgiveness in the hands of your Father and rest in his secure loving embrace. This is all that is needed – your true will to find your Grail and become with the light again. The light only gives and stretches as long as it can. Everything you give in service to the light is also yours.

The light is all around you, dear Earthlings. It wakes up your own light that is calling on your attention. It wakes up your longing, your hope and your love. It can also drag up some darkness that you will have to let go of. The light obeys the law of your will. If you want to let go of darkness and live in the light the dark disappears as if it had never been there, as the light is your real world and you will soon remember who you are where you came from. The light is your liberator and reminds you of the love that lives and resides in each one of you. In the forgiveness of yourself and your world a new world is rising in front of your real seeing eyes – a world of beauty and a world of light and love.

This is the world you are looking for, dear children on Earth. It is the world you should seek now, as it is impatiently waiting for your remembrance of it. Please take in the light that now shines on Earth and let it help you brighten your own Grails of Light that shines so clearly and peacefully within you. It is when you have found your own Grails of Light that your world is changing to a completely different one from the one you see in front of you. You cannot have two Gods at the same time – one who serves the dark and one who serves the light. There is only one true God and he is only love and light. Nothing else exists. The real true self exists within you, a Grail of light and love, where only innocence can reside.

With hope that you now will find your true Grail of Light and Love I send you light and love from my Grail to yours.

Your loving brother,




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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