Lord Ashtar via Lynne Rondell, October 1st, 2020

The Next Big Shift in our Consciousness | Lord Ashtar via Lynne Rondell

Channel Lynne Rondell


Coming back again with another channeling this Wednesday, Lord Ashtar and the angelic kingdom would like to speak through. He would like to speak about the next huge shift in our consciousness and sort of what to expect and how we’re going to shift through it.

So here we go.


Hello beloveds, it is Lord Ashtar along with the angelic kingdom and we did want to come through this channeler today. She’s so gracious to do two channelings to let me come through as i really have something that i feel is important and that i needed to speak to all of you about. I’d like to speak to you about the next shift in your consciousness so that you can start sort of preparing for it, you can start thinking about it , you can start sort of doing the work to make it easier on yourself. The next shift in your consciousness and the next shift in the consciousness of the collective and remember the shift in your consciousness means the sort of mental mind shift to that of higher, to that of better and sort of to that of a sort of higher navigation we’re going to say.

When we say « shift your consciousness and shift the consciousness of the collective » we’re saying you’re going to look at things a different way, you’re going to do things a different way, you’re going to navigate a different way than you have before in the third dimensional matrix.

We’re going to start to get very sort of explicit on exactly how we’re speaking because we want each and every one of you to be able to actually understand what this channel is bringing through. So a shift in your consciousness is navigating through the next thing or the next bunch we’re going to say of dense energies that are hitting you from the third dimensional matrix and grid breaking up. So as this draconian grid breaks up, you’re going to see a lot of things push at you that you actually been doing for thousands of years but now it’s not resonating with you because you’re holding on the fourth dimension, some of you on the fourth and a half and you’re sort of bouncing between the fourth and the fifth dimension.

Shifting your consciousness is shifting the way you view life, the way you view things that are coming up and the way you navigate through them. Shifting the consciousness of the collective is when enough light workers and wayshowers and starseeds and all of you that are actually awake and doing the purging and doing the activation work, you shift those that are sleeping.

It doesn’t take that many to shift the entire collective, it’s a small percentage for the seven billion people you have to shift on the planet and those that are going to the cloud unifying collective. You’re actually unifying more. The more of you that wake up you go into this cloud, this channeler calls him, you go into being a unified collective.

When you’re shifting the consciousness of humanity you’re actually shifting what’s in the cloud along with those that aren’t in the cloud yet but it doesn’t take that many awakened beings to actually make the shifts for the entire collective go forward. So we hope that gives you some sort of way tosort of judge what this channeler is talking about.

The next huge shift in your consciousness besides the one of really unifying the collective because as you shift your consciousness, as you shift the wants, sort of of the many, not the wants of the few, as you sort of navigate to the higher consciousness levels out of the denseness.

This unification, this cloud gets bigger and bigger and bigger so the more people that wake up they go into the cloud and they’re the unifying cloud. So you’re unifying as a collective. You’re gonna operate as one. You’re not gonna operate by the wants and needs of the very few with all the money they think that they have the control, the power and you know, the manipulation. You’re going to navigate as a unified collective, you’re going to navigate with this entire collective in this huge cloud up here and you’re going to navigate for whatever is the highest good and benefit for the cloud, for the collective, for all of you.

It is going to be the wants of many. We are going to outweigh the wants of one. The wants of one is not going to exist anymore. Once if one is on the third dimensional matrix, the wants of money, power control, that’s not going to exist for any of you anymore. It’s going to be the wants of everyone up here in the unified collective cloud. So i hope this clears up and sort of you start thinking about when you unify and when you shift your consciousness and you are awake and you’re helping to shift the unified body of consciousness, you’re helping to shift that entire collective.

Not everyone is in this unified collective yet but there’s a lot of you, we’re going to say half the planet, is up in the cloud now and a lot more are going up very soon. So this next shift in consciousness is a big one. It’s not going to be as much of an emotional roller coaster but it’s huge for you going forward.

This is going to shift you more to unify, everyone together, this is a shift of truth, this is the shift of wanting to know the truth, no matter what it is, this is a shift of living in your truth and this is a shift of the truth of everything on the planet.

The truth of everything on the planet can mean your angelic truth, your galactic truth, your heritage truth on this planet. Alot of mistruths have been told to you for a very long time about your history on your planet. They wanted to tell you what they thought sort of would keep you down and sort of what you needed to know but the truth for all of you divine beings of light is going to be a lot different than what you’ve been taught so far on your planet.

The truth shift in consciousness is huge, it’s going to widen everyone’s consciousness, it’s going to allow for other truths to come in and it’s going to allow for sort of other narratives to come in as well. You’re not going to be so shut down, you’re not down here anymore and you’re going to be able to hear more. So you’re going to be able to see more truths and you’re sort of going to be able to hear more that’s coming through that might be quite different but you’re going to be able to sort of hear it and your consciousness is going to accept it.

This one’s huge coming in, along with this shift. There’s two in this shift is your shift to freedom, taking your power back and shifting to that of free will. So you have never been given your free will or your power or your freedom on this planet on this plane in the third dimension ever. The dark humans along with the dark ET’s, negative ET’s, they have kept you down, they have manipulated your money sources, they’ve manipulated everything you have on this planet ; it’s been manipulated, you’ve been controlled.

You’re gonna wake up to these truths and this freedom, you’re gonna go « oh my god i can’t believe i have this, i can’t believe i was believing down here ». You do have your freedom, you have your freedom to choose what you want in your body, you have the freedom and the free will to do as you choose as well and you have your free will over your energetic body as well.

The freedom and the truth are going to come together they are going to give you the power, they are going to pull your power back in to your sovereign body where it should be always. It should never have been given out here. You have the power, the government’s not going to have your power, those with all the money, the greedy ones that control are not going to have your power, you’re going to hold your truth, you’re going to know your truth and you’re going to have your freedom and free will. So these are two huge ones pushing at you now.

There’s a lot of mistruths out there coming forward. It’s hard to judge and know who is telling the truth and who is not. It’s going to be exposed, the truth is going to come through because what’s not the truth is going to be exposed and those have been lying and telling you such mistruths, they’re going to be rend in, they’re going to be put in jail or they’re going to be cleared off the planet. They’re going to have a lot of bad things coming their way for what they’ve done for so very long and remember with the karma sped up that negative charge is going to go on them. They’re not going to stay here long.

You also have your freedom which you don’t really quite know the extent of that yet and you have your free will and you have your power. So these two are pushing at you majorly right now you have your freedom to choose what goes into your body, you have your freedom to choose what you choose to do, you have a lot more freedoms and governing laws that are supporting your freedoms now and governing laws that are supporting the truth on your planet now.

This all ties in with the karmic wheel speeding up, it all ties in with the dark exiting and it all ties in with you realizing what you truly have and sort of fighting for it. It’s going to take you speaking compassionately, it’s going to take you really speaking your truth and it’s going to take you saying i want the truth and i want my freedom. So these two are pushing out you, they’re coming in.

I Lord Ashtar, i want to just sort of let you know so that you can start thinking about, what your truth looks like, what seeing the truth looks like, what feeling the truth looks like and you’re gonna sort of expand your consciousness that way and then you’re gonna think of what is my freedom look like, what does my free will look like, what is taking my power back and having it sit at the seat of my soul, what does it look like. So these are things to think about. It’s coming at you very soon within the next month to three months. You’re going to be pushing out, you’re going to be wanting the truth of all that is on your planet and you’re going to be wanting your freedom and free will.

I Lord Ashtar, i am busy policing the planet with my command. I’m also working very close with the angelic realm along with his channeler to sort of clear the dark off the planet, all dark and to help all of you ascend as quickly and as beautifully, as peacefully as you can.

I Lord Ashtar, i’m so grateful this channeler to be bringing through this message along with the angelic kingdom to all of you now. We’re sending you our blessings. Know that we love you, know that all of us are sending you such high vibrating light which is so very important on this planet right now and know that we’re with you, we’re really with you. You have help, you have galactic federations and councils of light, you have the entire angelic kingdom behind you, we’re doing this.

We love you, sending you love light and blessings.


Thank you Lord Ashtar and angelic kingdom. Well that was another sort of beautiful message coming through in the fact that we can all start to think about what truth means and what it looks looks like for us and then we can think of what freedom means and what our free will looks like for us and then we can expand out and go get it. Ilook forward to channeling many more messages through to all of you, sending you such love, lights and blessings.

Source video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXvryv0Nc78