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Lyran Pleiadian Star Council via Camilla Alm, November 2nd




Lyran Pleiadian Star Council

November 2, 2015

Channel Camilla Alm

Greetings we are light beings of the Lyran Pleidian Star Council. We honor this moment deeply as we connect with you all through this channel. As time is irrelevant to us, you are all in our energy field in this moment. You are, in this moment, filled with light and crystalline and diamond star dust. We tune in to your crystalline codes and you tune in to ours as you read these letters.

Ala Hi Amo Kauwahi La Lalo Ya Came Awou Wa

Attend your physical sensations beloved ones. Correlations are being given you according to your development plan, Ascension if you will. As we can see, many of you have embraced the knowledge of how your physicality is changing rapidly from carbon to crystalline based matter. We encourage you now to implement this knowledge in your everyday life. Every Now, always. Yes, your physical symptoms are in direct connection to Ascension. Yes, your way of cleansing emotions and thought patterns have direct connection to Ascension. Yes, your longing for solitude is in direct connection to the process of Ascension. Beloved ones we tell you, this is happening in this Now. In fact it has already happened. You are creating the path to what has already been made. You are in this Now. And as far as your plan takes you, you will go. As much magic and prosperity and healing and bliss you can imagine you will experience. If you allow, cooperate with your physical body and work aligned with your Higher Self. Source will guide you along the way. We say thank you, be blessed and keep tuning in to this frequency. We love you. httpss://