Love is our new reality

The Magdalenes via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, November 12th, 2018

Magdalene 11/12/2018

We Magdalenes speak now. As we weave these energetic encodements into your energy field, please know of course that it is your choice to accept or reject them, just as it is your choice to accept or reject any and all of the galactic and spiritual support currently being offered to you in this most sacred Now of ascension. Please know that it would be most likely in your best interests for your own personal and collective ascension to receive our honey coated words and love embroidered within these typed messages. (We are astonished at how efficiently you can scribe at this Now it is unbelievable! And your plumbing is exquisite!) We are laughing. Yes, it is true, we are enjoying communing with this one and seeing her world through her eyes in this shining and auspicious now.

Compared to you all today, we had so very little in terms of material gain, but we were rich in the ways of community, of love and of self knowledge. We knew ourselves, we knew our strengthens and our hidden fears, that when they came up for transmutation we would take great care and time for introspection and sort it out with the Divine Mother, so that our pain could be transmuted and in so doing bless the collective, the whole of creation. We see you all as having much in the terms of material things, but that has been perhaps one of your greatest distractions plotted by the dark ones. For when we are comfortable, distracted constantly with advertisements and shopping we perhaps do not take the time, the diligence and discipline to see further inward. One must think critically “Why am I happily distracted in this Now? What hidden fear or pain could be evading my gaze in this Now by delusion and distraction?” You have much in terms of things. But perhaps it is time to turn inward, to truly see with the eyes of the heart where your true adornment should lie, should be. The heart makes us beautiful, or lacking. Do you see? Inward beauty, inward communion with the Divine Mother of All Things, that is where your true treasure lies. And yes, we marvel at your modern conveniences, and it would have been so nice to have them! But do not let them distract you.

Mediate. Be. Think. Contemplate. We see humanity devoid of many of these ancient practices that are so basic for human survival as far as spiritual growth is concerned. And yes, you are growing. We Magdalenes acknowledge and give you praise and encouragement for the vast amount of inner work you enlightened ones are doing. And you are doing it for the betterment of the whole, the collective. And we see this and honor you. Similar in many ways is that work that we did in the ancient times, anchoring the crystalline grid, imbuing it with light frequencies and grounding the Divine Mother’s energy into all things. We lived it. We breathed it. We see you now, many of you, doing these same acts of selfless service and devotion and we extend our light encoded shroud of the Magdalene to you now. Find the healing herbs and prayer beads interwoven within and feel our extension of love of blessing, of comfort to your weary forms. We too were so weary in those days of persecution.

We see you and we understand your weariness. But know that all is proceeding and know that you are being most heavily and heartily blessed in this most sacred process of ascension. The lid is off of the sarcophagus now and you are sitting up slowly, blinking at the brightness. You have done your work and now it is time to arise a new creation, a new being, with your newly blessed and encoded Magdalene mantle of light enshrouding you with our comfort and our pink light encodements on this most beautiful blessed day of ascension. For do you see – and we wish to impart this wisdom nugget or pearl to you now – do you see that every day is a day of ascension? For if you are ever reaching closer to the light -and we see many of you are doing this – then of course indeed this is yet another glorious day of ascension! So take comfort in this magnificent truth and claim it as your reality. Many of you are experiencing the aches and pains of the most recent ascension encodements from the 11:11 gateway and we send healing balms of herbs and spiced ointments into those areas of you now. Breathe. Allow them in. And take comfort. Not much longer now. And we see this with our third eye as we begin to open yours. Feel the herbal ointments as we massage them into your wounded places and infuse them with our light, the light of the Divine Mother. Be healed and take comfort. We are the Magdalene and we love you so much. We are the Magdalene offering comfort and healing and extending our hands to humanity in love and friendship this most blessed day of ascension. We are the Magdalene.

~ galaxygirl