Mother Mary via Zane Morgan, November 12th, 2018

Greetings dearest one, I Am Mother Mary, Divine Mother of The Cosmos  carer and nurturer of all my children.

Dear ones, I would like to talk today about differences. I see many of you are still noticing the differences between you and others that you come across throughout your day. You may come across someone and you see them as being rather large in stature compared to yourself or you may see someone and think that they are not very attractive, that their clothes are worn or they need new shoes, there are countless points to make here but that is not why I Am bringing this forth, because I do not want you to take note of these differences, quite the contrary children. I want you to release these differences. Yes, you are individuals living in a world of duality and separation, but that is rapidly changing now as my Tsunami grows bigger and stronger by the day. What I want you to start training yourself to do children, just as this one bringing this message forth does, I want you to train yourself to alter your thoughts whenever you notice yourself having one of these judgements or picking out something that is different to yourself on another. You are all my beloved children, you are all made from the same substance, the same energy, so I want you to start to see that in others, not what’s different about them. Like this one typing tries so hard to do and he will tell you, it takes a lot of training and paying attention to your thoughts, but I want you to try beloveds. I want you to monitor your thoughts and whenever you feel one coming into your mind that says “oh isn’t her hair messy” or “geez his shoes are old and worn, yuck” let go of that thought and replace it with “I acknowledge the love and light within this person, I Am him/her and she/he is me” please do this work with diligence my dear ones, as the more of you that start to control your thoughts in these types of situations the quicker you will shift your reality from one that judges people by how they appear, to one that accepts everyone how they are and the love and light that is within them, just as it is within you. I Am your Mother Mary and I Am here to nurture and guide you through these finals stages of a mammoth task. I love you dearly children, so please call upon me when times get tough and I will be there in an instant to wrap my motherly arms around you and nurture you when ever you call.