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Maria Magdalena via Ann Dahlberg, May 24th, 2023



Maria Magdalena via Ann Dahlberg 2023-05-24
Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Maria Magdalena and today I want to tell you a little about how my life happened before I understood which path I was going to walk on. This was a time before the birth of Christ. It was a time when many people had to toil physically to earn bread for their family.

The children often had to look after each other, the eldest child was given the biggest responsibility for making everything work if both parents had to work for bread and butter. Their own lot was perhaps too small for them to live on.

I was the oldest and was responsible for the youngest children, so they got what they needed during the time the parents were away, which could often be the whole day. I had to arrange food and wash clothes if needed. It was tiring for a young girl like me, but it had to be done somehow.

When I got older, I had to help in a strange household of one of the well-to-do families and the next child in my family had to take over my previous work. There wasn’t much time for play, but we had to grow up pretty quickly.
However, we couldn’t always handle things the right way, so the little ones could get pretty bad at times, as we sometimes got a little too hard on them. There was no energy or time for any greater compassion and we ourselves had gone through the same things they did.

However, the compassion grew with time and the experiences we made. A very sensitive little girl with big clear eyes was born with us. I marveled at those eyes and studied her often. She was also kind to animals and looked at us so sadly when we treated them badly, the same eyes met us when we were too harsh with the younger siblings.

A stitch went through my heart and I saw with her eyes how the child I had just treated was both scared and sad. I picked it up and comforted it and it immediately quieted down and looked at me a bit expectantly.

The sensitive girl immediately came forward and put her hand on the child’s head, and it turned to her and smiled a little. A smile that was deeper than what I have usually seen. It was then and there that my life took a different turn and I understood that there were so many more people in between, against what I had seen or experienced before.

It was not an easy road to walk, as it was not so accepted in the communities that I lived in after this first realization, which was born with this little sensitive girl.

She had large violet blue eyes and was cute and very desirable, so she was soon married off to some suitable mate. In those days, you didn’t have much of a say when it came to a girl’s wishes.

They also got married quite early. Whether she was well or not we know nothing about, as it was taboo to talk about it. However, I noticed that she closed down a bit and that her eyes often looked sad.

I myself was also remarried and had my own children to take care of. Yes, it was often tiring that we had, but there were also warm and fun moments, where we could enjoy our existence and get new strength and energy. There was a greater closeness to the family, both our own and the one we were born into. Everyone was quick to help if they could and it was needed. There was a special bond that held us together and during certain festivities the joy was high. Those were the moments we lived in and slowly began to realize what was most important in life.

We have a long journey behind us, dear friends, and insights, love and compassion have slowly grown and become stronger with each life we have lived. Today it begins to reach its climax and we face a shift in consciousness that carries us all into the realm of compassion and love.

I am so grateful for that.

I love you so much.

Mary Magdalene

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