Love is our new reality

Mästaren i Kristallriket via Carina, October 19th, 2022

Beloved Light Beings, beloved people on earth,

We ask you to place one hand on your head and say:

– I believe in myself!

– I believe in my own abilities to get through life’s challenges. I believe in the abilities of my soul and my higher aspects to guide me into the New Age, home to myself.


Beloved, this is all you need to ascend. TRUST IN YOURSELF, YOUR OWN SELF!
Have you ever seen a human trying to learn to surf the waves of the ocean? If you have, you know that it takes tons of time in the water to find your balance on the board, to read the incoming waves, and to get on the board at exactly the right moment to ride the chosen wave and use its power to to come forward.

Beloved Light Beings, no human can learn to surf the waves unless they first have confidence that it will work. Trust is an energy and a driving force that exists naturally within all of you. Trust is not something that needs to be created from the outside in, but can with good results and one hundred percent certainty be created from within your own energy TRUST and out into your life. Do you remember??

We promise you that all waves are surfable no matter how big or powerful they are. The higher the waves, the more the entire water moves around and creates movement. With trust, practice and the right technique, all waves can be used to get ahead and once you have learned to stand firmly on the board, trust grows more and more. After a while, trust is exchanged for knowledge. You know you can surf and no longer need to use the energy trust to get ahead. Knowledge is also an energy that exists within everyone and that can be used at any time for creation on the outside.

You have the power! You already know how to master the waves of light that are drawing into the earth at an ever faster and more intense rate. Know you all are masters of light wave surfing!! Remember that when you are lying in the cold water stirred up by the waves, the situation may seem hopeless, but when you remember that you are already masters of surfing and that you already have an energy inside you called trust, well then you begin to see the joy and the possibility in using the waves to take you forward, to create joy and give you the power back.

Take back your power dear Light Beings! You already have it but have forgotten where you are. See the ocean and the surfer as a metaphor for what is happening in your world right now. Use the waves of light instead of remaining in the cold water stirred up by the waves. You know how to get out of the water, onto the board and you know how to surf. You already know, just choose to remember!

Everyone must surf their own board into the New Age. No one can surf your board for you and you cannot help others by surfing theirs. You can help each other remember how to do it but everyone has to master their own board.

Take your power back by going within and reminding yourself that you have all the knowledge and wisdom within yourself to live in the New Age, surfing the waves of light in your world.

Remember that all the feelings that you want to experience in your life on earth, love, joy, peace, harmony, health, well-being, etc. are in fact energy that is already within you. When you remember and trust that it is, you will find these energies and become aware of them. You will begin to surf their energy and make it manifest physically. When you have practiced for a while, knowledge begins to replace trust and your life seems easier and more enjoyable. The inside and outside of yourselves belong together, they are an exact mirror of each other. But you already know that!

Believe in yourself, remember that you already know and use that confidence to move forward in your life. The light waves are gigantic and the surfing weather is perfect! Take back yourselves, take back your power!! You are masters of light!

We love you more than you can understand and are here whenever you want.