Love is our new reality

Message from Hannelore via Jahn J Kassl, May 25th, 2023

The golden age begins!

The ballot box farewell

JJK: Yesterday we had your urn farewell in your garden. We feel that it is now done and completed. Your journey into the light has also been sealed on earth, because as Hannelore you will never return.

H: I love you for what you have done, what you do and will do. I love you because we are connected in love – and have been for a real eternity.

Now you have completed on earth what required a ritual of completion. The time has come when you too can conclude my past life, just as I have finished it.

Now is the time to turn your eyes, all your attention and strength to the future – because it will meet you like a friend you have been waiting for for a long time.

We are and will remain a family, a team that, enriched by my closeness to creativity, can now trigger even greater processes of transformation on earth as in the hearts of people.

What is now in motion is still unimaginable for you and yet we all always had knowledge of it – a small idea, an inner knowledge that our appointment will be fulfilled and will eventually be overfilled when we look back at the end of the days and are grateful for what has been achieved, grateful and blessed beyond any performance.

With yesterday you completed everything that concerned my last existence on earth – it was sealed with and in the earth. Now things that still need to be settled are taking their course – their good, lawful, desired and bright course. I make sure that things are designed for the benefit of all those for whose well-being I am jointly responsible.

Continue your path courageously and fearlessly! What lies ahead of you is a harvest of immeasurable abundance, because our work reaches more and more people and it touches their hearts deeper and deeper.

Healing is happening!

Healing is happening and it is happening now. Don’t be impressed by interference fields that can and will still exist! Act according to your inner impulses and your inner guidance!

Even when I was among you and was part of the earthly family, I could admire the wisdom and overview with which Karl and you looked at and regulated the affairs. Yes, I admired you and still admire you – although now from a completely different perspective, now with the overview of an “enlightened”, a person who was absorbed by the light and absorbed in the love of God.

What is “enlightenment”?

The concept of “enlightenment” that circulates on earth is exclusive and constricting. “Lighting” seems unattainable for most people. Who is a BUDDHA!?

“Lighting” describes the fact that a person with his consciousness appears completely in the light and has left behind and stripped all his earthly limitations – whether he is still incarnated or not. It has become bright, light and sublime, everything is “LIT” by the divine light.

The proximity of an entity to God defines the dimension of enlightenment. On Earth, this state is difficult to achieve – and yet it is possible, namely, if you have intuitively grasped the deep meaning of your life and live afterwards. If you live your missions completely with God, then you have let so much light into your heart that you are “enlightened.” There are more “enlightened” among you than you would suspect – and many of whom you believe are not.

“Lighting” is a grounded heavenly state. Samadhi is just a phenomenon of this reconnection to God, a reconnection that can take place in many ways.

I had to deal with such enlightened people on earth during my life.

It was a great inner joy for me, I loved every day with you and I will love with you every day as long as we weave our fate together.

Feel carried, held and nourished by me! Now I have unlimited opportunities to help you, and I am free to bring heaven to earth, which also means very concretely, into your lives.

Oversized task

JJK: Sometimes I feel like I’m facing an almost oversized task. So much is still to be done and so many people can or still don’t want to look behind the horizon!

H: A person’s field of vision is always limited. Limitation is the core element on earth, which is what makes the fascination of an earthly life for us angels. The task is to dissolve these limitations, to remember and to expose the unlimited consciousness. Sometimes this can succeed in meditations, sometimes it is moments in nature or encounters that blow everything up. These are usually short-lived, but they give a deep insight into what makes up each of us and what awaits each of us after returning to the source.

The task of a person is to live from his divine consciousness and to shape his life from this source.

Without knowing exactly who and what you are, still being “aware” that you are much more than a human being. This apparent contradiction dissolves as soon as the gates have opened into the light for a moment – and this happens with very many people. People often lack the right assignment and some do it as imagination.

The special thing about these days, however, is that the air is becoming more and more “fine-swinging” and the light of creation reaches more and more human hearts.

The awakening

Now thoughts are becoming possible that no one could think of years ago. Feelings that were in deep sleep years ago are awakened. This results in actions that were unimaginable years ago. The great spiritual awakening is underway. So don’t be blinded by the news and events, there is something very big going on, namely: the awakening of people.

From my perspective, I can perceive this clearly. From your point of view, things are not always quite clear. Sometimes they show themselves clearly, then blurred again, as there are still a lot of overlays and overlaps of energy fields on your level. These are now being eliminated.

What is now in progress: the cleansing process of the earth and an act of liberation of the people of immense proportions.

The next few years you will be busy shaking off unbearable forces and throwing off unbearable entities. At the same time, however, the new humanity will crystallize and the kingdom of peace will establish itself on earth.

Cleaning and elevation go hand in hand.

Our light family makes a valuable contribution to this, just as all cosmic families make their valuable and indispensable contribution to change on earth in one way or another.

your energy

JJK: I feel so strongly how your energy changes and you no longer speak to me as Hannelore. What am I supposed to call you now? Is there another name?

H: We stay with Hannelore. This allows people to see and understand that very ordinary “Hannelores” can ascend to GOD. People who had mistakes and were exposed to the limitations of consciousness on earth become like GOD and like GOD after they peel themselves out of the earthly garment. What I have succeeded will also succeed and even more. It is and has never been different: heaven and earth are one!

With this message, I withdraw my conversational energy from you. But I always stay with you because:

The golden age has begun and we have a lot to do.

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