Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, June 22nd, 2024

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

If you have ever snagged your sweater on a chain or a necklace, had a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe, or tried to wriggle free from an outfit that was too tight after a large meal, you understand the notion of “entanglement!” 
It is fairly obvious in the 3D physical sense.

Most of you also know, from experience, that when you are entangled in your physical world, struggling with the situation often gets you more twisted up while relaxing and slowly removing yourself from the situation is often a quicker way to “disentangle.”  For example, you can try to yank that chain off the sweater and break the chain or rip your sweater, or you can slowly work it free. You can gently scrape the gum off your shoe and get it off completely, or you can angrily struggle to wipe your foot on the ground while smearing the gum in every crevice on the sole of your shoe. You can breathe and slowly inch yourself out of your tight outfit, or you can struggle to force things and fall over.

The 5D world of energy has its entanglements, too, and you all feel them. 

If you are in a vibration of love, this entanglement becomes a wonderful experience of feeling love from all of creation and witnessing the synchronicities that occur as you dance in harmony with one another. You grow, and a loved one grows. You think of something, and your dear friend starts to talk about it. You think of someone you have not seen in ages, and they contact you within a week. You have a moment of appreciating your sleeping puppy, and they awaken and gaze at you with love.  You think of something you enjoy or wish for, and a video, website, or conversation on the subject pops up within minutes.  Your energies are all “entangled” in the vibration of love, and when you are in the vibration of love, you will enjoy a delicious dance with life.

The challenge comes when you get entangled with each other in the lower vibrations. Just as you can bring out the best in one another and the best from life in a vibration of love, you can also inspire others and life to present its lesser forms when you dance with one another in the lower vibrations.  You feel upset at life, meet someone who is also upset at life, and eventually become upset with each other. You feel angry and run into all sorts of things that irritate you as well. You focus for too long on something sad without reaching for love or comfort, and other reasons to be sad start to invade your thoughts.

You have all seen this principle in action. On a good day, you tend to see and, therefore, draw forth the good in others. On a day when you are rushed or upset, many around you will contribute to that out of their own upset or urgency.  Of course, everyone is responsible for their own vibration. You can’t “make” someone feel happy or sad, nor can anyone “make” you feel a certain way. No one can think another’s thoughts, but you all allow others to influence you, and to the degree that you do, you feel these entanglements.

Our wish for you is that you become less entangled with the world’s lower vibrations and more aligned with the Divine. In this space, you can be in the world but not of it. You can witness the pain with compassion but not feel the pain. You can be the light and the force of love that lifts others who are willing to be lifted.

The Divine and your angels will only dance with you in an “entanglement” of love. We focus on your true, beautiful, radiant, loving self. We focus on empowering what you love and want to experience. We witness you when you find those lower vibrations, and we have great compassion, but we never engage in a lower vibrational dance with you. We don’t send you “lessons,”  “tests,” “rewards,” or “punishment.”  We only and always attempt to guide you along the kindest, easiest, and most loving path.  

The world, however, will tug and pull at you with a variety of vibrations, and you will always feel most strongly the vibrations that match your own in a given moment. You will always become “entangled” with the vibrations that match your own.  This is why we encourage you to reach for comfort, soothing, kind thoughts, good feelings, pleasing circumstances, etc. This is why we discourage you from focusing on the lower behaviors of others, the pain and problems of the world, and the thoughts that drag you down.

In plain terms, you do yourself a loving service when you remove your focus from the things, people, and situations that drag you down and give yourselves permission to find and feel greater comfort, ease, grace, and joy. Trying to prove a point or educate those who irritate you only entangles you further with their irritating qualities. Trying to prove your worth to those who don’t see it only entangles you further with their judgmental views.Focusing on the wrongness of another’s behavior, no matter how right you are, only entangles you with those lower vibrations. Simply focusing too long on the things that drag you down can attract more of the negativity you are trying to avoid.

The good news is that you can shift just slightly to focus on anyone or anything that pleases you, anything you love, or anything that even gives you some comfort, and in that loving vibration, you open to the never-ending stream of love available to you at all times.

Dear ones, it is not so hard to open to love in a given moment. Look around you. Find something pleasing, right here and now. Enjoy it. Appreciate it. Think a kind thought about it. Now, think a kind thought about yourself. Perhaps you can acknowledge yourself for attuning to love in this moment.  With something this simple, you have just opened yourself to the love that the universe is always sending you. The more you practice this simple act, the more you become “entangled” in the vibration of love, and the more loving your reality will become.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels