Love is our new reality

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Messages from the Angels by Ann Albers, July 25

Don´t try to fit and you will

So many of you on your planet earth have had times in your life where you feel alone or unloved. It is understandable dear ones. You have been programmed to believe that life must look a certain way, by a certain age, that you must be with certain people, make a certain income, and live a certain way. But in truth, there are just as many “successful” and “love filled” ways to live as they are beings on the planet.

Each of you came with a different desire to grow, a different desire to share, and a very unique and precious design. As you learn to accept yourself as you are, you will naturally find “your tribe.” You will attract life circumstances that match your highest good and utmost joy. You will draw unto you all that is necessary to fill your cup and runneth over. The question is not, “Does God love you? Does life love you?” but rather, “Do you love your unique and precious self enough to allow this love into your life?”

A puzzle piece does not try to “fit” amidst all the other pieces. It simply finds it proper place and there it rests with the others that match. So too, dear ones, when you stop trying to “fit life” or “fit” an idea of how you think life should look, or “fit” into other’s expectations of you, suddenly you come to life! You are a rose blooming among tulips or a tulip blooming among roses! Or a wildflower blooming amidst a field of waving grasses. When you allow yourself to be “you” then as we’ve said many times before, you allow the world to “see” you, and to love you as you are. Some will walk away, run away, and criticize you, but these are the ones that don’t fit your life and don’t support your joy anyway. Ignore them. Let them go! Release them unto their own unique path.

Dear ones, the greatest joy in life is not fitting in where you “think” you “should” but rather being who you are. In this fashion and in this energy, you naturally find yourself attracted to the people, circumstances, and things that support your soul’s true expression and your true joy.