Love is our new reality

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 22 February 2019

Everywhere changes are taking place and have been for quite some time, and if you can see the overall pattern you may correctly conclude that the outcome is for a more settled Earth. The emphasis is more on the people who are able to determine their own future. It is also being seen that small is beautiful, and people will eventually merge into smaller compact self-supporting groups. It does not happen overnight, but already you are beginning to see the big conglomerates having to size down. With the coming of changes in technologies it will be seen as a natural and necessary development.



You are now in the 4th dimension and the year 2019 is a *catalytic year and carries an energy of magnificence, and change that must occur because things are different. You have freedom to find a higher consciousness in a rejuvenation of what always was there into a better form, you are going to be the ones who have to stand there in front of everyone and say “It is a good thing look at it differently” I am peaceful because we are going to have a change we have needed for a long time. It is going to change how history works, the way we think, it is going to change our business, our politics, it is going to change everything, and eventually we are headed for a planet that will never ever war with itself, or hurt another Human Being unconsciously, because of a higher energy of consciousness – that is where you are going.

God knows your name that is sung in Light on the other side of the veil, because that is home and that is where you are missed, as you come and as you go from this planet. Your soul is loved beyond measure, part of the divinity of the Galaxy and the Universe. You spend a little time on Earth doing the job you are doing, you are known by God, appreciated by God and always will be, the end is a return to magnificence, never has it been judgement.

*catalytic – change.



Kryon concluded the full message saying “Speak to me in10 years perhaps, whether it is correct or not” – and that is very interesting because in other words he is hinting that Ascension will have taken place by the year 2029, and that fits in very well with Corey Goode’s date of 2028. At the very least it is a useful guide to bear in mind.



Sparks are those things that prod you to ask for information, and it comes with intuition – awaken to things you did not know. The Akash comes forward and begins to get you looking for something you did not have before. Remember that you are the boss of all things you need.

Drop your karma completely as it does not exist in the new paradigm that commenced in 2012. Say “I hereby drop my karma” as you are in control of your own reality. God is Love, and you were not put you on Earth to suffer. It came from an old energy that is finished. You are now coming closer to a source that is and was always pure love.

Your Higher Self gives you the Spark, and gives you permission and awareness to start changing your reality. The Spiritual Family is pure and forever and it may not even be in your biological family.

Remember to repeat “Inside me is a piece of the Creator that is eternal and is what I follow”



Understandably people are tiring of the mess humans are making trying to establish a place of peace for themselves, in a society that lacks stability and has been formulated to make the rich richer whilst the poor get poorer. It will not be tolerated much longer as Mother /Father God has decreed that those who cannot take their place in the new vibrations will become more isolated, because of their own self-centred interest at the expense of others. Often you must have heard the expression indicating that you are your brother’s keeper, yet fail to understand that it refers to the Oneness of all peoples. You cannot progress far except that you act together in the interests of all. True progression is achieved when people come together in a common desire for the good of all, and as you begin to form smaller groups so it will become apparent that as a result progress is much faster and sustained.

Language, politics and religion have for centuries kept people apart, and that was by design so as to allow individual development and expression. That time passed with the commencement of the New Age, and the coming together of people through instant communications such as your Internet, telephone, radio and television. People need no longer be isolated and if the benefit of new inventions were shared the standard of life would rise dramatically. There is no reason why it should not be so except that the wealth of the world is in the hands of such a small percentage of the people, but this will change before very long. The whole system is due for a big shake-up and at a stroke it will reduce the gap between the rich and the poor. Have patience as the changes will not take place overnight but will be filtered in when it is appropriate to do so.

The old ways have had their days and it is clear that if humanity is to progress and truly take its place in the New Age, those who are destined to establish it must be prepared to step forward and use their knowledge and ability to cause the necessary changes to come about. Be assured that in anticipation of this time many, many evolved souls have recently incarnated on Earth and simply wait to be awakened. In reality nothing stands still and changes are occurring all of the time, and when they build up to a certain point there is an explosion of new ideas that will carry Humanity forward into the New Age. As you must know by now, you have been denied many advancements that would have considerably raised the standard of living, but they will be yours to enjoy and make up for lost time.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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