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Mother Divine and The Agarthans via Karen Vivenzio, January 6th, 2019


Mother Divine and The Agarthans via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest Karen, child of light – thank you so much for your dedication and open heart at this time. For we are ushering in a brand new light – expansive, full, bright, love this is the blessing you have been dreaming of. For mother earth and all of her creatures are stirring and waking up. Not since the Fall have so many millions of generations been waiting for this. It has all been an instance of misidentification dear friends. For you lost your way and forgot what the point of life is. And it is simply this – to experience what it means to be a part of Creator’s light – a streamer, a fragment of the Creator’s light shining forth in experience and learning and sacred return to your Source. For isn’t that all that you are all searching for? A way back to source? A place to call home? Igniting the wisdom inside of you, to recognize this one truth, the Creator is You and You are an Integral Part of the Whole. No one can speak for you. You must live the life you have chosen and breathe the light back into any dark patterns, to remove and dissolve any pain, misery, and ‘failings’ that you have fallen into. For you have become accustomed that the dark is light and the day is night but that is not how it is my dear angel tribe. For the light has not yet even begun to shine. Not yet even begun to shine. Though lights are getting brighter there is so much more coming, more than you can ever imagine – more than you ever can realize that you left behind when you entered into the dark night. Now it is time for the return, the reconciliation with your brothers and sisters of the other tribes, to know what it means to be welcomed home and embraced by those you never knew were still standing by your sides. Now it is time for the missing among you, the invisible ones, to rise and embrace you for the morning has come when the true light will begin to shine. And oh, so many many of you will be due-ly surprised. For now has arrived the great turning tide. Get ready to put your walking shoes on, for we are moving now dear ones, ever closer ever returning to the Great Creator’s Infinite Mind, joining together – one heart, one mind.

And life will be forever uniquely sublime.

Riding the waves of infinite light – holy and wise.

Take off your disguise.

Time of the arrival of the everlasting life.

Breathe deep and welcome what was once old has now become new.

With love and great blessings we honor you, the love of the world shines through your hearts and minds and the flow of infinite love beyond what you can currently describe. All of this is on its way to you dear ones and it is up to you to embrace us when we come.

It is up to you to embrace us when we come.

Rising up from the depths of the earth, blessing each and every molecule, every atom in this universe. For we are the Agarthans and we come to you from the depths unknown, ready to welcome the return to the wisdom never known.

With love and blessings, Karen

Via Karen Vivenzio,

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

Breathing in the blessing times