Mother/Father God via Ann Dahlberg, January 11th, 2019

Mother/Father God

January 11th, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Father/Mother God and I am with you, dear children on Earth. We are one and I love you all unconditionally. You are with me in your travels. You are with me in your joy and in your sorrows. Your experiences are my experiences and I understand you worries, your fear, but also your joy and your strong optimism. Everything is a part of the life that you have chosen to live. Experiences have been added to experiences and it has become a mountain of experiences packed closely together. Now it is time to synchronize these experiences with your consciousness – the higher consciousness of your selves who up till now has passively observed everything that has been going on.

It is time for you to consciously start to observe the world with your higher consciousness. You then take a step back from your feelings and thoughts and observe what is happening in your body. This does not mean that you should turn off anything. It just means that you become the observer of all that is happening within and outside of you. Impulses from the higher consciousness will then impact your body in the best possible way. A larger healing and cleansing can take place. You just need to let go and let the consciousness impregnate your body. It might feel as if some courage is needed, but no courage is needed as everything is exactly as it should be, as it always has been, you have just repressed it and stored away this memory in order to try your own wings.

Your wings have been tested enough, dear children on Earth, and it is now time to come home again – Home to the sphere that you always have belonged to – the sphere of higher consciousness. It is calling on you now. Earth has raised its consciousness and you are all on your way to becoming spiritual beings again. However, I would say the angels that you always have been – A light and good energy with limitless strength, courage and love.

I am now calling back the peoples of the Earth in order for them to again become One with the higher energy of consciousness with Gaia, our original Mother for this experiment. We are now lifting this solar system and this galaxy a step into the light and you are all welcome into this light Era. The energy that Earth is in now will help you to dissolve blockages that are tying you down in the solid material of lower density. It will feel a bit different – as if you are flowing together as a large river – a river that is wide and strong and carries you all the way home.

Listen carefully my children. Listen to yourself and all that is happening in your bodies. It is a time of change, a time to yet again bring in the holy spirit into your life and let it impregnate your actions. Your conscious higher self can restore everything and you become the wise and loving being that you always have been deep inside.

I am holding my hand over you now in order for you to more easily find your higher intuition and your higher intelligence that derive from your great consciousness – a consciousness that contains all that is and just is…

You are a part of me. I am a part of you in this great consciousness of light and unconditional love.

I embrace you all in the great consciousness that exist with you all. Nobody stands alone – everybody has a free choice to enter into this consciousness and become a part of the whole’s great light again.

It is time to come home now dear children… it is time to come home.

You will always be my beloved children of light and love. I will always show you the way home – home to yourself and the wonderfully beautiful beings that you really are.

My embrace is always open for you and my love will always embrace you.

I am calling on you now….



Father/Mother God



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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