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Ashtar via Beatrice Madsen, January 12th, 2019


January 12th, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

Those who wish to control you wish that you would never find out who you really are. They are pleased when you see reality as simply materialistic – then their will has prevailed. They want to arrange you in a system whereby your brains cannot think freely. They want to complicate most things so that you are fully occupied with managing the simplest everyday things. They want to poison you so that you do not have access to your great energy potential – so that you remain asleep and can obey their smallest nod.

Those who do not wish you well want you to see each other’s as enemies. They want you to focus on each other’s differences – not in a positive way, but they want that your ego will battle and fight against those that are not like you. They want you to rank each other and be pyramidal in your organization as they are. They want you to step on each other in order to try to be best, biggest and most beautiful. Separation is their agenda and not fellowship and belonging.

The evil forces want you to despise weakness in others and above all in yourselves

They are the most afraid of your light and want at all costs that you will not take hold of your power and force. If you do you are constitute lethal danger to them.

They now feel that they are in the process of losing even if they do not want to acknowledge to themselves. They are using all resources they have in order to keep you enslaved. They are completely desperate. Even if the darkness has diminished and thus the shadows their existing darkness has thickened and tries to focus on dividing, separate, destroy and get you to feel abandoned.

Lightbearers, lightbringers, lightwarriors and frequency holders be conscious and ask for help from the whole stab of light that surrounds you. It is an enormous task you are carrying out. Hold on, know that we are with you and that the battle is in full swing. Light up the atmosphere with your strong soul light. You choose this time to do it and it is now that it is happening.

Your ever present Ashtar Command and company.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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