Love is our new reality

Mother Helena via Beatrice Madsen, January 10, 2020  

Mother Helena via Beatrice Madsen, January 10, 2020


Nowadays I belong to the Pleiadian light fleet and have a higher perspective on the events on the surface of the earth.

Know that nothing happens by chance, but now, you Divine Souls, you must go through the process, step by step. Take one step at a time, integrate, one more step, integrate, act, just be, etc. It is called two steps forward and one backwards. It is indeed a wisdom, because, in order for the new energies to properly attach, you need to move forward, backward, forward again as well. So it goes on.

We here in the Pleiadian fleet see that many of you hesitate, are afraid and think that the world situation has never been worse.

In truth, I tell you that this is not the case. Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin sweep the course in the most pervasive way, dear. You need to understand that they have to play their pieces on both sides of power. Should any of them not understand the delusions of darkness and even to some extent accept it, they would never be able to help us in higher development. They would have been wiped out long, long ago. It takes intelligence, courage and strength to pull the locomotive on the political path for Gaia’s ascent. – Intelligence to play with when one has to and courage and strength to dare to stand for justice, freedom and brotherhood for humanity.

I have a name for them that I think fits them well. I baptize them the Lion Heart brothers – The Lion Heart brothers in a burning and winning world. Lion Heart wins, for it is only from the power of the heart that we can unite as the human beings we are.

Like each lion, they stand on each side of the planet and work for each of you. Send them your good thoughts. Pray for them to cope and gain power. They need the power to break illusion upon illusion. They do it in very different ways, one like March and the other like Venus.

They are good playwrights, in the service of the good, with patience and endurance and tirelessness. The Archangel Michael goes like a pillar of light through their spine sometimes, to move them forward.

It is no longer about east to west, as it belonged to the three-dimensional world. Now it is east with west my loved ones.

Sim sum, salabim among other things in these ways, by going through the light of my daughter, I contribute with clarity and wisdom. She’s a real miner worker, I’d say, hehe.

Pray for the good of my good fortune. Do not underestimate the power of prayer. Say Sim Sum Salabim, let the good forces prevail.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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